Sunday, 16 October 2016

A day of R & R

I am looking and feeling rather rough this morning and not just due to wine consumption. I have woken up with a sore throat and runny nose ( the office boys all had it last week but of course it was flu!). And so today I am goign to have a bit of R & R.

However the beds have already been stripped and the washing is on, only one more load and we are all done.

Now yesterday I was very busy, whipping up some vegan culinary delights. I knew that this could go very right or very wrong so was preparing for the latter.

First up ' dessert hummus'.

yes, after spending months whipping up batches of 'hummus' I suddenly decided to make a sweet version ( chickpeas are very bland).
So into the food processor went the ingredients and out came a very acceptable first effort.
And really you would have no idea that the base of it was chick peas.

Next I whipped ( literally) up a batch of vegan meringues........................

yes 'no egg' meringues.

Using the water drained from the chickpeas. I kid you not!

So all was going well and in the oven they went. Well it looked as if disaster had happened as the were slightly too brown and still way to soggy.
I left them and then 30 minutes later I was about to throw them out for Pete the fat Pigeon when I realised that they had hardened and were fine.

I used the dessert hummus as a filler and Francesca wolfed hers down in record time.
Big thumbs up there.

So another creative  culinary session worked.

Now I think that I may retire to the chaise longue and wrap my self up in blanky, and see if there is any cricket on.

A tout a l'heure

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