Monday, 10 October 2016

Cold, dark and Monday!

Yes I fear that it time to get the wooly pullies out and  start wrapping up warm. It is cold and dark this morning and the temperature is 'freezy monkey' .

I can see that the electric meters at  Super Swanky Lady Lainey office are going to be whizzing round very quickly today, as heaters are kept on to fight off the chill from a weekend of no heating. ( I am sure that the landlord comes in on Fridays and switches it off).

However cold is not something that the England boys are suffering from, in fact they are boiling in their little skins over in Bangladesh, and tempers boiled over too as Jos butler moaned about the way that celebrations went when he was out.

Seriously, man up and just take it. Its all part of the psychology of the game and they now know his weakness.

of course it wasn't going to end there as Stokes decided to have a go at the end of the match.

not showing England in a very good light, but showing them as a bunch of whinging boys who are up for a fight.
is this how we want to see our players behave???

You can see that this is not going to end well.
England lost, and the score speaks for itself.

Australia also lost to South Africa and they also could not gain any momentum. in their match.

Well they all move onto the next game when hopefully for England they will be able to hold their tempers and play well.

I'm off to see how well the boys can play this morning and if past form is anything to go by it will not be a good day.

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...
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Lady Lainey said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh dear - "ruffled feather" have I. As the saying goes - the truth hurts.
What has "been" a woman got to do with this? Had you been male I would have said exactly the same.

Lady Lainey said...

No dear you haven't ruffled feathers although obviously I did.
The truth hurts???

Which truth was that?
I made a statement where the words moaning and whinging were used, rather than the words 'obscene or offensive'

You've had your little rant now because you didn't like what I had written.
As I said if you don't like it don't read it.

Yes I am sure you would have said the same to a man.

To be honest I have wasted way too much time in this.