Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Time wasters beware

I, Lady Lainey  have been looking for another job, one where I do not have to put up with  uncouth office boys and where I can  work with 'grown ups'. However the one thing that I am sick, sick,sick of is the amount of recruitment agencies who are now wasting my time!

No matter how many times I tell them that I am only looking for a FULL TIME, PERMANENT  position, I am bombarded by some 'recruitment consultant' asking me if I would like to go and work on a 6 week project/ 2 month project/6 month project.
They tend to be very put out when I point out that I am not giving up a long standing position  for 6 weeks/2 months/6 months work!

How hard is it!!!!!????

To be honest I am beginning to think that I am destined to see my working life out in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and that is not a thought that I like!

However onto other things

Durham were relegated to Division 2 yesterday and straight away the 'born again' cricket mob were up in arms.

And then the 'I've known for months' brigade kicked in!

Followed by the 'I'm never going to....(add place/event).......again' section

For crying out loud!!!!!

All the long standing supporters/members of Durham, have known there has never been clarity about spending, especially on players wages, who will forget the contract given to Steve Harmison who then was injured for 3 years and then had a benefit, were he was fit to play golf but not cricket.
Paid a great wage and a no show most of the time.

Yes we don't forget the 'Beefy' days when in all seriousness they could not and should not have afforded him, or Wayne Larkins or Dean Jones but who they paid to give the County kudos..................like  that worked!

There has never been clarity about money in general and  they have paid some of the back room hangers on for over 20 years, well hopefully this harsh treatment will result in a total over haul ( if not a mass exodus).

The fact that Durham haven't really signed players since 2009, but brought players up from the Academy, points to the fact that they knew too well how bad their financial situation was.

An impressive HQ was built and test status was given,  plans for a hotel were scrapped, floodlights were installed.
When they 'crowdfunded' for a nursery ground, warning bells should have sounded. Where is that money now???

AND before some of you get onto me 'Durham' bashing, I am not, I am pointing out the fact that mismanagement and hubris have brought Durham to their knees, these are just a couple of the things  that I have observed over the last 25 seasons.   How many of you can truly say that you have been watching that closely and not just cheering when they win???!!!.........................

Some of the comments on Twitter made me laugh so much, some people full of their own importance and wrapping it up in Durham tweets.

 The club could well have  been dead and buried before we saw 2020.

The ECB are to blame for the demise in recent years,  but Durham  have to take some responsibility, racking up debts to be able to play with 'the big boys', they were the new boys on the block but wanted to be recognised as a mighty force on the Test front. Sadly this was not  helped by weather and and a half full stadium on most occasion

Durham need support and backing at this time. and as such have accepted a £3.8m  financial aid package from the ECB!!!

Players wages will be capped until 2020 which as I have highlighted above seems to be THE YEAR!

They have taken away Test status.

 I wouldn't be  surprised  if they don't  install water meters  in the players showers and make them bring their own butties for lunch and tea on match days!!!!

I may have had shocking treatment from some of their staff this season, forcing me to no longer want to  attend any matches there, but I would not have wished this on the County  at all.

If you want to read a sensible take on the whole debacle check out this piece, well written and not a knee jerk piece of writing.


So Hampshire are back in Division 1 and I may be having a little jolly down there next season when 'my boys' are playing!

Well there has to be a silver lining!

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