Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Mid week madness

OK I lie, its just midweek, the only madness occurring is the fact that I am up dressed and ready to head to Super Swanky Lady Lainey....................not a joyful thought.

I did however last night finally unravel the lights for the 'Cricmas' tree and wonder who I can get to flick the switch this year.

As I have been hoping for the last 5 years that Sir Sean of Bean would tip up and do the honours, and been bitterly disappointed that he hasn't, despite the offer of beer and a Fray Bentos pie or two. Well this year I have a very shortlist of hopefuls.

2.Jack Shantry
3. His Royal Ryanness
4.TLJL, Jack Shantry & His Royal Ryanness

And as you can tell I will be doing the switch on myself!
Oh well more wine and vegan chocolate cake for me!

And it looks as if I could be on the next flight to India to open the batting for England as the players continue to fall like flies.
Broad  crocked
Hameed  crocked
Finn  not crocked but another  decent holibob

And Captain Cook saying that the players need a rest................ I am not sure I agree with this,

1.they are supposed to be the elite of English cricket ( possible fail)

2. they have a backroom staff to keep them at the peak of physical fitness ( fail)

3. they need to get a grip and toughen up! ( fail)

Anyhoo as I always say these are my thoughts only.

Chatter in the office is centring around our Xmas 'do' in Londinium.

Yes we will all board the train on 16th December and head 'darn sarf'.
As the boys have no idea where the RAC Club is and I have arranged to sit in a different compartment to them,they had better be nice to me or else they will miss their lunch and probably end up in Cockfosters!

Well Wednesday awaits and all the joy that it holds.

have a brilliant day and remember it is now much closer to the weekend!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

will I be warm today?

more to the point will I be having a nap at lunchtime?

I toddled off to bed last night early as I was super tired and at midnight I was still awake so, as you do, I got up and iced 4 xmas cakes!

Then went back to bed fell asleep and woke up in time to listen to some terrible cricket.
I have to say that the 'Durham Diatriber' was not as successful with runs as with his mouth running away with him. And apart from Roots' 78 the scorecard looks a little woeful.
However England lead by 23 runs.

Yesterday saw Jonny B become the wicketkeeper with the mostest! What a little champ the ginger ninja is.
His mutterings from behind the stumps are equally legendary, top boy.

There is much muttering about whether Ashley Giles will return to Warwickshire.
It looks as if Giles is the new Gillespie in the 'will he, won't he ' game!.

And over in New Zealand, Pakistan appear to have done an 'England' and had a serious collapse in their test. they became the first side to lose nine wickets in the last session.

I am now trying to sort myself out for another day of full on busy in the office.

Tommy Gun is back from his long weekend and we are back to full capacity, well if you call the output form Trill boy 'full on work'.

Ans what else does today hold apart from work, well more cake icing and wrapping, I tell you all this being a Lady lark is not what  it is cracked up to be!.

Yes I know this is seriously short, but hey if we don't start getting some decent cricket  news I will have to start making it up!

Right off to earn a crust! and face the frost and ice!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Chilly morning

It's chilly here at The Chateau but luckily it's not frosty, however thermals will be in order of the day  for Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, as no doubt the landlord will have switched off the heating over the weekend meaning that the whole place will be colder than Siberia!

I had a busy day yesterday and managed to make 2 out of the 3 planned  curries, which has filled the freezer to bursting point.

I watched the cricket which was nearly over by the time I had got myself organised.

however this morning the radio has been playing to itself until I regained consciousness  at about 4.50am and it was not great listening for an England fan.I am hoping that there will be some seriously tumbling wickets  after lunch.

India are currently  358-7 leading by 75 runs, in reply to England's 283 all out.

As we head into December ( OK  I know there are 2 more days of November) The Chateau is turning into a hive of 'cricmas' activity.

Gifts are wrapped and those things that need to be posted are organised ready for the off.

This week will be busy in the evenings when I get home as I want to be able to sit back and relax  by mid December.

Whether this will happen will depend on my ability to prioritise this week and not come home and slump in front of the TV watching cheesy Christmas films.

If you saw the wonderful cricket bag that was made for me but the wonderful Catherine at 'The Cats Corset', then stay tuned as she is going to try to make me a very special bag in the next few weeks.
All top secret at the moment, but if she pulls it off it will be a stunner.

Well it's a short one today as I go to sort out the orange birdsnest and  listen to more of the cricket.

Big shout out to Rick Hartley, former groundsman at Headingley as he starts a new chapter of his life at Bradford Golf Club.
Good luck!

Right off to make myself presentable......................what ever that may look like!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

sleepy Sunday

Well I managed to wake up at about 8.20am!!! Yes you read that correctly. I  slept for more hours last night than I normally do in a week, and I only tuned into the cricket before tea!

What caused this monumental sleep-a-thon?

Well yesterday I have my birthday spa treats.
After a full body massage with lime and ginger oils I smelt as if I was ready to be stir fried but felt amazing.

The Indian Face massage was amazing ( as always) and throw in a bit of reflexology and some Reiki, I feel like a new woman.

Well maybe just an improved version of yesterdays Lainey!

I woke up refreshed, and then  remembered that it it two years today since the tragic death of Phillip Hughes.
It is hard to take in how quickly those two years have passed.

Quite fitting that Australia managed to win a test against South Africa to avoid the whitewash. I had to chuckle when Michael Vaughan commented on TMS about the heroic stand of Matt Renshaw, 'When Yorkshire's strong Australia's strong'

Over in India  England are taking wickets as 3 fall in 19 balls.

India are currently 173-5

It appears that one  of the England team has been reprimanded for language again. Not really much to say on this except that its not the first time and no matter how many times he if fined, repremanded he continues to do it.
He obviously  thinks it is acceptable.

I think that maybe the ECB should do something!

And the rest of my day?

Well I am batch cooking ( lentil dhal, pav bhaji, cauliflower korma) so as you can see it will be a full on curry week this week.

I need to defrost the freezer whilst the cooking is on going so that could be the first job.

Then I am going to write my Christmas cards and wrap up some pressies, before having a nap.

I have a feeling some of the above may not happen ( freezer defrosting) and there may be more of some ( napping).

Hope that you all have a restful Sabbath

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Saturday sermon

Today I am not talking cricket but am talking about the brave men who made/make up The Guinea Pig Club.

These gentlemen were airman severely burned during World War II and became patients of Archibald McIndoe, who treated them at Queen Victoria hospital, East Grinstead.
This was pioneering surgery for severely burnt patients who may otherwise have died from their injuries.

The club was a 'social/drinking'club giving the men who may have remained at the hospital for many years more normality.

By the end of the war 80% of the club were made up of  crew from Bomber Command.

Some of the men resumed duties with  the RAF some as pilots, and those unable to serve were paid in full until the last operations were performed.
It is reported that McIndoe loaned money to some men to help them back into civilian life

The surgical procedures were in their infancy but as of this month their are still 17 of these brave men still with us. I think that it speaks volumes about the skill and determination of these surgeons.

Why am I telling you this?

Well as the niece of an RAF serviceman I wanted to bring this to your attention, and also, as many of you know I have a scar on my face the result not of burns but of glass and I truly believe that the advances that the surgeons made during the war got me to where I am today.

For this I will be eternally grateful.
A very brave group of men  and  not only English, but from many different countries.

This month The Duke of Edinbrough unveil a plaque dedicated to the club at The National Memorial  Arboretum. A fitting tribute.

And I know I said no cricket but England collapsed before lunch!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Hurrah for F(ryan)day

Thank  goodness for F(rayn)day it seems to have been a long week, it was rather a long evening last night, when after the excitement of the T20 fixtures being released at 6pm last night we had 6 hours to wait for the County Championship dates.

no worries though I had my hotel list made and was prepared.

The floodlit games are looking to be the talk of the next few days!

Good news is that 7th July is the 'great get together' at Headingley when Sophie is coming up form Nottingham and we are staying at the Lodge. Julie on reception sorted it all out quickly for me and that was that.

The rest of the hotels will be sorted over the weekend.

The fixtures always fill me with excitement as it means that Christmas is nearly here and the new season is just around the corner....................well sort of.

It's getting nearer.

Over in Australia, after the hosts seemed to be doing with the bat, the much talked about Faf du Plessis only went and got a century, I wonder how many sweeties he had to do that?

Australia in reply are currently 155-2.

Yesterday saw the last appearance of the lovely Murphy and there were lots of tears as he watched me go to the shops through our glass door........................just watching and watching.

he has been a top office dog over the last 10 days and I for one will miss him a lot!

And today?

Well I just have to get through 7 hours of office boys nonsense and then I am FREE!!!!

And a weekend of massage and chilling is in order with a splash of cricket for good measure.


It's beginning to look a lot like Cricmas!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Its 'F' Day

 Yes it is 'Fixture day', the day we get to know who is playing who, when and where.......................well we will starting at 6pm. and then have to wait until midnight for the CC info. Safe to say I will be fast asleep by then!

Before that I have to get through another day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, where yesterday the non appearance of Murphy left me to have to listen to the office boys ramblings.

True to form, Trill Boy was chirping along to the radio, to  non other than
'Every time you go away' by Paul Young.

Well you just knew that it would be a brilliant rendition!

oh yes!

Who knew that the words were,

'Every time you go away
You take a piece of meat with you'

Honestly I think that I have done something really terrible in a past life to be here, and at this rate I am going to do something terrible in this life too!!!!

I am seriously hoping that Murphy and his Daddy come in today just to save me from doing something that I might regret!

However, I was interested to read that Ricky Ponting has made it known that he is interested in the job of National coach or as a selector.
Well that is interesting, as Jason Gillespie's name has been  bandied about when ever these positions have been discussed.

I see a 'job off' on the horizon.

Jockstraps at dawn!!!!!

And talking Australia the 'new and improved' version are on the field as we speak, they have taken 4 of South Africa's wickets and currently the score is 107-4.
The villain of the hour,Faf du Plessis having a great knock currently joint highest scorer on 40.

Talk is turning to the 3rd test in India which starts this weekend. The batting coach Mark Ramprakash  says that England need to be 'proactive' in their batting approach.............and no doubt the bowling coach says they need to be proactive in their bowling, and the  S & C coach will say they need to be proactive in their  S & C..............

OMG!! stop with the 'buzzwords'.

They need a good kick up the backside and also  the coaches need to be less vocal and more 'proactive' in the coaching!

Just saying ! and it is only my view!

Right I am off to sort out the boys, and hope that old fuzzy chops appears today,

Until tomorrow when we will all know what we will be doing next summer.

It's a hard life being Murphy!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Midweek and I am getting excited!

OK it is all going off now!

Tomorrow at 6pm  Yorkshire are announcing the T20 dates and then the other dates will follow with CC dates at midnight, not sure that I will be awake for that however much I love Yorkshire..

I am SOOOOOOO excited!!

News filtered through that 'He who must not be named in the blog' and the former 'Mr Elizabeth Hurley' along with Michael Slater were fined for not wearing seat belts.
The trio were videoing themselves in a car, after the end of the 3rd test in Hobart
Towards the end of the video they decided to 'buckle up'.
Tasmanian Police were informed of the video and the three were fined.
Not much more to say about this, well actually there is but I will refrain.

Sussex have named former Rugby Union Director Rob Andrew as their new Chief Executive.

So there is hope for I.Lady Lainey to take over from Mark Arthur when he steps down. If  a former 'rugger bugger' can take over in cricket then I see a place for an orange haired ( but for how much longer???) knitting, coffee swilling lady at Yorkshire.

Is it correct that Faf Du Plessis is going to appeal against his fine for ball tampering?? I read this and now cannot see anything about it!!!

Best go and have a sweetie whilst I try to find it.

And to finally, yesterday the lovely Murphy came back to the office and spent most of the day with us.

He is the best office dog in the world!

Today really is his last day, so there will be lots og hugging and kissing and treat giving goign on.

Right I have a storming headache, am very tired and not in the mood for naughty office boys, but needs must.

Until tomorrow

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Time to move on!

And so it is in lots of ways.

Firstly the England boys need to  move on now to Mohali and the 3rd test starting on Saturday morning, putting the last few days behind them.

South Africa and Australia need to move on from the ball tampering row, although you know that this will run and run. The 3rd test starts on Thursday at 3.30am so it would be rude not to get involved in this match, especially as we will see the new and improved Aussie team.........

And time for me to start the plan to move on as I began the first of 3 courses that I am taking between now and next year.
Will these have an impact on my final goal..................well I hope so.

More on this as it progresses.

There is a lot of work to do and lots to learn.

And we are all moving on closer to the new season as the first announcement of fixtures will be released on Thursday/Friday as Warwickshire let us all know where they will be next season and when.

Now this is exciting!

There will not be a lot of sleep going on oin the Chateau (again) however last night I toddled off up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire at 9pm, it was a wild and windy night and I am yet to see the damage done to the extensive grounds.

however that will all have to wait until the weekend as I go to work in the dark and come in the dark so no wandering around outside for me.

I am hoping that 'old fuzzy face' make an appearance today as promised by his daddy last week, I have some treats for him just in case.

Well its time to hit the road and head off for another day in the 'oriface'.

have a good one and hope that you didn't suffer too much last night from the wind and rain.

Monday, 21 November 2016

oh dear!

Well, I have been up since 3.45am and I am now listening to the England on the way out!

They may have held on yesterday but to be honest, they are not showing much resistance here.

There may have been hope at the start but with runs of  54,25,25,0,2,6, 24*, 0,4 it is looking like a cracking win for India and I am just waiting for the inevitable.

Now you all know that I have very little time for Geoffrey Boycott, but I have to admit that he spoke truth about 'He who must not be named in the blog', however the last 5 mornings have left me wanting to scream.
How has Boycs continued commentating when all he says is

 ' he is in the corridor'
' me and my Mum could have played that with a stick of rhubarb'
'Whwn I was playing you would have .......;

and his complaining and constant moaning, as well as interrupting and talking over the other commentators has really got on my nerves.

If I hear him say once more about in 'his day' or cricket in the 70's!

We all know he was a great player but the game has evolved and  is not the same as 40 years ago.

Here's  a mad idea, why not get him out in front of some of the bowlers on the circuit and see how he fairs.

A tad cruel?
No more cruel than some of his comments.

It is looking bad for Broad now as there is a review  of the Umpires decision.


Well I may be having quite a rubbish morning at work as my radio will not drown out the office boys singing.,

Shake up of the England team before the next test?

I would say so.

Oh dear!there goes Anderson who now has the first King Pair for over a century, probably not something that he wants to brag about!

Onwards and upwards.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

The big 1600

Flipping heck, who would have thought that I would have written 1600 blog entries, more to the point who would have thought that people would be reading my ramblings on a regular basis!.
And all because I kept waking up with a head full of nonsense, so thought that I had best write it down.
It's funny how things evolve.

Evolving is what is happening to the Australian team as new blood is brouught in to the team. A lot of reshuffling has taken place. They have even given a place to a Yorkshireman, yes they have!!!!!. Middlesborough born Matt Renshaw has been selected.

Matt could become the youngest specialist batsman to play in a test since Phillip Hughes in 2009.

Other 'ins' are Peter Hanscomb and  Nic Maddison, Jackson Bird, Chadd Sayers and Matthew Wade.

As I commented last week, was Jason Gillespie on the cards to take over from coach Lehhman?
Well at lunch at the 2nd test in India , Gillespie was asked this question and true to form he played it down.
Hmmmmmmm me think he does protest too much!

You may wonder why I am not mentioning the test?

Well I have been listening to since start of play and having bowed India out, England are now battling, but how long will they hang on?

WellI am not sure.
Injuries in last couple of days.

Sprained ankle
torn ligament in the toe
bruised knuckle

strange list of ailments apart from the sprained ankle, but it was the way that injury happened that made it so strange.

Well cakes are being mixed as I type and the oven is heating up.

Its going to be a coffee swilling, cake decorating , curry making, nap inducing type if Sunday.

I will also be on the final push of the year in the grand chateau clearout, and I will be putting the last lot of things on ebay this week.

Also the Christmas decorations are out of the garage, and will be getting put up very soon. can you believe this from the person that had no decs up for 5 years

Lots to do, so best to get on.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Saturday will be a long one!

So Saturday dawned at the unearthly hour of 2.45am and by the time the cricket was starting I already had one load of washing done.

I am now listening to the cricket.

Which was a worry before it even started as Jonny B injured himself on the run down to the field!

After being attended by anyone who  had a first aid badge from the Brownies, he was on his feet and hobbling out to the crease.

It didn't stop him getting his 50, but sadly he  didn't make a century, as he was bowled  LBW by Yadav.

Still a trooper in my eyes ( or ears as the case is).

It did mean that Jonny and Stokes had managed to stop the ship from sinking albeit  still many miles to sail but they got us back on course.

It was interesting to listen to Peter Trego  in the lunch interval and all that he has going on to hopefully prepare him for life after cricket.
Also interesting to hear him say that at 35, if he had his time again, he would not have had his 'sleeves' of tattoos done.

Yesterday was full of 'doggy' fun as Murphy returned to work and  had lots of fun with a tennis ball.

To say that this little bundle of fur had brought a sense of calm to the office is an understatement.

He seems to radiate quietness, and he is himself a very quiet little dog. He did not like it when the office boys raised their voices and as such everyone has been in a toned down mode since his arrival.

Sadly he went home at 4pm  and I was inconsolable. However good news that he may return on Tuesday.

he knows where to come for treats and hugs and warmth.

When he arrived yesterday morning his little paws were freezing!! I know this first hand as he jumped straight up onto my knee.

Ah to have a little Murphy of my own!

Everyone seems to be heading off to live in France!

my friends Raye and Andy are in the process of buying a beautiful rural farmhouse in Lower Normandy complete with minstrals gallery.
It is only a few miles from the house that I went to look at a couple of years ago. We could have nearly been neighbours ( again).

Ah well a full on busy day today, so have a great Saturday whatever you are doing.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Flipping Freezing F(ryan)day

Flipping  heck, I have been up since well before even a glint of light and I can tell you it is  flipping freezing cold.

I can see the thermals coming out for Super Swanky Lady Lainey office today.

Unless my 'furry ' knee warmer pops in to snuggle up on my knee.

Over in India England are at lunch and India have passed 400 despite Moeen Ali taking 3-4 in 14 balls.
This match is looking should be quite interesting if England pull out the stops

South African stand in Captain has been charged with ball tampering!!!

Video footage shows the South African licking his finger to shine the ball whilst eating a sweet.

He has pleaded not guilty.

In 2013 he was charged with the same office which he did not contest.

It s all going off!.

Dogs have been very much on the Lady Lainey radar this week, with the arrival of Murphy in the office on my birthday. I really did think he was a present for me, and as such  have taken him as my own. You just know it will be tears tonight when he goes home with his Daddy.

However yesterday a dog made the headlines at the Test as it decided that he wanted to join the England team.
As no one seemed to be able to catch him, the Umpires called tea.
The dog obviously didn't think much of the England bowling and made his views felt by leaving his 'calling cars; on the field.

No sign of him today.

Well time to head off into the icy wastes of the North.

Happy F(ryan)day where ever you are.


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Back to early early starts

I am lying in bed listening to the radio whilst typing this, its been another early start as I am tuning in to the 2nd test.

India lost 2 wickets before rallying before lunch, They are currently 99-2

Its goign to be a long day today as I can hardly keep my eyes open!

distressing news has come in from Australia, as all eyes are n Sheffield Shield matched in light of the shake up needed in the Australian test team.
In the match  in Perth  ( yes Auntie molly's stomping ground) Adam Voges has taken a blow to the back og the head and retired hurt. no further news at this time.
In light of the tragedy two years ago, this is quite a worrying  situation.

And talking Perth, The man with no lips is set to go out and play for the scorchers this Big Bash season!  Oh the sight of the lipless smile sends shivers down my back.

Australia are looking at all players at the moment to see if they can get some new blood into the ranks and get back to some kind of form.

Yesterday in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office saw the return of Murphy the Border Terrier, who was in full on mischievous mode. After falling asleep under my desk ( I had already eaten my lunch so there was no food for him). He then decided that he light the top of my desk better and promptly fell asleep on the keyboard.

Well that's one way to get out of doing any work.

he is coming back today but i fear his days are numbered as his 'Daddy' is cracking on with the work downstairs.
you just know there will be tears!

I am keeping this short as I have a card to deliver on the way to the office, to one of my oldest school pals Lorraine.

best to get a wriggle on!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Nearly back to normality...........

Well apart from the upcoming weekend hoolie, that's my birthday done for another year. I just want to say thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes, I smiled all day ( yes even in the office) and it was really wonderful to hear from you all.

However now down to serious stuff..........................


Well yesterday Yorkshire gave us the first look of the new shirts for 2017.

The one day shirt is an absolute beauty and will look stunning on moi, setting off my eyes.

What do you mean is it red to match them?????

It is the most wonderful shade of blue and I loves it lots.

However the CC shirt is a different kettle of fish.

Think back to early season when I commented on other teams 'white', whites!

Well, The Headband warrior himself was modelling the shirt and it stood out like a sore thumb against his trousers!.
Now I appear to be stepping into 'Trinny and Susannah' mode, but have a look and tell me that the Yorkshire boys do need whiter trousers!

I am putting quill to parchment and offering my services to Yorks CCC in the hunt for whiter whites!

I do not want to see them heading out at Headingley in cream and white!

back to yesterday, just before lunch we had a gorgeous furry visitor on the office. There was a man working on one of the offices downstairs and he had brought his dog with him, Murphy the Border Terrier!

Oh my dog!!!! I was in seventh  heaven and so it seemed was Murphy as he sat on my knee helping me to finish my lunch!
 A bit of doggy love was just what I needed.

He was a beauty!!!

I got home and down to important things! The grand unwrapping or as it is known in the chateau the grand ripping of paper!
To say that I  was spoilt is an understatement. from a beautiful hand crafted 'cricket' apron ,a cricket charm for my bracelet and a cricket cushion, well you will see a theme here!
Yes it was a grand old day and that is only a few of the wonderful gifts that I received!

and now I am preparing for another year, of fun, friends and cricket.
oh and if you put your hands up yesterday you were right, I think that the Yorkshire team got lost on the A1 whilst trying to deliver my roses.

well luckily I know the way to Super Swanky Lady lainey office, so I had best head off in that direction.

happy hump day!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

It's my blinking Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday on my 21st
Even though the Chairman says I'm 60!!!

Oh yes it is the best day of the year in The Chateau, it is my birthday and to say that I am super excited is an understatement.


I may have to go to the office but that  makes no difference. I will ignore the uncouth and totally stupid office boys, I will wear my best tiara and  I will smile and be happy all day!

Well I may struggle in the  office with the last two!!!

I have had a super busy 'birthday' couple of weeks and this  will continue until this weekend, when it will culminate with a 'grand lie in'  eg get up at 6am rather than 5.30am,.............oh hang on  there is cricket on, so maybe not!

So I am waiting in the home office above the front door, for the sound of the Yorkshire CCC team arriving with my 'humongous' bouquet of white roses, I leave for the work office at 7.30am so they need to get a wriggle on.

I have opened my cards, but thought that I would save  my pressies ( bar one) until tonight, when I get home, as tonight I am home alone and having special dinner and wine...............all to myself!!!!
I am saving myself for Friday when I will be on a mahoosive night out.

I already know what is in the small box that I was given 2 weeks ago and managed to refrain from opening.  Well worth it as it is a spectacular. This was the only pressie that I opened this morning as an early  call from Iceland ( the island not the store) told me to get it open!

So is there any other news today apart from the obvious birthday!?!?!?

Well yes! Yorkshire finally got to unveil Galey Lad as the new coach, which should have brightened any Yorkshire fans Monday, had The Guardian not blabbed it on Sunday, I will not be reading this paper again............ever!

Good luck to Andrew in his new role and I expect nothing less than the Trophy back home at the end of next season. So no pressure what so ever!

Can we also have some overseas  players who are not Antipodean? Lets really shake things up!

Talking Antipodean,  South Africa were  sort of giving the convicts a master class in Test cricket.
And by 'sort' of I mean they were thrashing them!
Australia were defeated by an innings and 80 runs.

not much more you can add to that!

The BBC sport held a poll to find out who we thought the best England Captain is/was.
I thought that Captain Cook would take the honour, but surprisingly ( or not) the winner was Mike Brearley.
A good choice me thinks.

Andrew Strauss came in 3rd, not very high on my list of anything ( see last Yorks match last season).

Anyhooooo less cricket more birthday!!!!

I am now in the entrance hall and still no sign of my boys with my bouquet, maybe they are outside Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, best dash off to check.........................

........................hands up if you think I am going to be very, very, very.very disappointed.

Oh well.

Joyeux anniversaire à moi

Bon Journee

A tout a l'heure

Monday, 14 November 2016

No one likes a leak!

Sorry Chairman I 'stole'your picture

Well Monday was supposed to be DDAY or CDay as we were reliably informed that our beloved Yorkshire would be unveiling the new coach.
That was until The Guardian went and announced it yesterday.
Yes they announced that Captain Gale would take over as the first team coach.
Well I hadn't seen that coming!
That leads the question of who will be Captain.
As stated in June when we suffered a terrible defeat in a white ball game, I personally don't think that Lees is ready to step up to the plate and take on the Captaincy , in fact I will go out on a limb and say that I don't feel that he should be short form Captain this year.
Please be advised that this is my own personal view and based on what I have seen over the last couple of seasons.

Back to Galey or Coach as he should be known if the paper is correct!
if he has the job then Yorkshire think that he will take us to the top  of the championship next season and I for one hope that they are right.
if he is the chosen one then I am right  behind him

But it still leaves the issue of the captaincy.The only contender that I can see is Little Timmy Bresnan, he could fit the role and be a great Captain.
Loyalty, amazing all rounder and mature enough to take on the mantel.

I would have liked to have seen His Royal Ryanness as coach, he is a loyal Yorkshireman, and yes he went south for a few seasons but it only made him stronger. He still delivers and although he has a couple of breakdowns ( and yes I will slap his legs if I see him near a football next season ) he is still The Rolls Royce of the team.
 Just don't get me started on a 2 month benefit!

Oh dear I am off on a rant.

So where does that place us now.

Well if the rumours are to be true we are now fully stocked, coach and all.

We have the winter to get sorted and I know that TLJL will be in cracking form next April and could be a Captain in waiting.

And lastly, was there a leak to the press?, well if so it is jolly well not on.
All us Yorkies were waiting patiently for the news to be announced this morning and then some snitch let the cat out of the bag.

'Winds' of change for our boys, a new era begins.

'Gale' force efforts expected.

Will we all be 'blown away' at the end of next season

only time will tell


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Lazy Sunday

Good morning, I know that I am late posting the blog this morning,  I have been up since 3.40am listening to cricket, but I am having a bit of a lazy morning.
ALTHOUGH there is washing in the machine and I have had breakfast in  bed.

England have declared and India just have to hang onto their wickets for a draw.

Australia have been saved any further cricket agony today as rain stopped any play. I thought this was just an English problem.

All cricket news is buzzing with the revelation that Alviro Peterson has been charged with match fixing.
The South Afican who has been playing at Lancashire has been accused of fixing  'Ram Slam' matches in South Africa.
My question is, with the high profile trial of Hansie Cronje all those years ago, do players really think that they can get away with it , there has already been players banned in S A this year!

I am not suggesting that Peterson is guilty, but is money really worth ruining your name and career for??

Now then, The Yorkshire Post announced yesterday that on Monday we would be all put out of our misery ( not literally) and find out who Yorkshire have chosen as their new 1st team coach.

I for one have already had my hopes dashed when Craig White was promoted at Hampshire.

Joe Scuderi prefers to bang drums now  as well as sorting out his beloved Italy at cricket.

His Royal Ryanness is going to play for another year ( or 2 if I have my way!!)

so we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out who it is.

If it's who I think it might be, the most indiscreet person I know will already have the information and be leaking it quicker than a rotten tin watering can.

Yesterday involved lots of fun and food and friends and was excellent especially having lots of furry kisses when Lucky called round ( with Francesca of course).

Today will involve no alcohol but a late lunch/early dinner with friends and then  early night in preparation for tomorrow.

Think I might just pull the duvet back over my head after that horrible thought.

Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

back in stormy Co Durham

I am under the duvet with the electric blanket on listening toTMS what better way to start a birthday weekend.

I had a fab day yesterday with lots of birthday treats for me, I had taken  some time out on the way home to stop off at various places and had a wonderful and enjoyable day. Just what I needed.

I am currently listening to the test and England are  trying to bowl out India, Vijay hot 126, Pujara ( Steve to his Yorkshire mates) hit 124 and they are currently  419-6

However the shock news is that Australia were bowled out by South Africa for 85...........yes that was 85.
What the Donald Duck is going on over there! I am considering getting on a flight an padding up!
Not sure I could do any worse!

Today will involve most of the morning lounging around in bed and then cake decorating, as well as sorting out the dining room, which was the scene of a near heart attack for me when I got home yesterday.

I walked in and first thing I noticed was a carrier bag on the sofa!
I had not left it there!
My heart started racing, I got all hot and bothered I checked that the TV and Sky box were still there, I ran upstairs to check that my jewellery was all there, I went to check that my washing powder was there ( yes when I was burgled in London they stole my washing powder too).
I came downstairs trying to calm down and then realised that Dame Didi had obviously been over and hidden my birthday presents!

Hmmmm she was not as stealthlike as she thought!

Flipping heck the rate my heart was going I was worried I would not see my 21st birthday!

India have just lost another wicket, and I wonder if they will take the lead against England. The TMS team are of the consensus that this game will end in a draw. probably.

I am now about to throw the duvet over my head, ignore the wind and rain and snuggle up and keep warm

many thanks to 'Uncle' Rob for keeping me company via text from 3.45am, I had just woken up and he hadn't been to bed!

Just to say the usual, immaculately turned out Lady Lainey is rocking the Marilyn Manson look this morning due to not removing her make up before going to bed!
Ah well at least there is only me seeing it!

Keep warm today, its is jolly chilly.

Friday, 11 November 2016

It's a Yorkshire F(ryan)day

Good morning from Headingley,I am sitting drinking my coffee and gazing out on to the hallowed turf....................just one problem, at 11am no cricketers will walk out to the crease.

I completely threw the girls in the Hotel when I tipped up, never known to be here 'out of season'.
There was a purpose to my winter arrival.

It was too be a fun evening out with my cricket chums and at 6pm Clare and Olivia arrived and we had early evening snacks and wine............................and lots and lots of cricket chat

we  had all donned our finery and hit The Long Room  for the play 'When the eye is gone' about Colin Milburn. For me this was very close to home ( literally) as it was based in the bar of my old 'local'.
If you have a chance to see this play, GO!!!!!

It will make you laugh, it will make you think about the  genius of Colin, and it will make you think about the  fact that he had no real support or back up after his life changing accident.

Dan Gaisford was brilliant as Colin and  a great evening was had by all.

The PCA are trying to highlight and educate about personal development and well being, in particular mental health.

There have been many instances  of tragedy  amongst cricketers, Mark Saxelby is the main one that comes to mind for me.
the PCA are trying to support and  help everyone to understand the issues faced.

Very thought provoking and a great evening with friends too.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Clare and Olivia for making  it a super start to my birthday weekend and for the gift which will not be opened until Tuesday.

And as I am sitting looking out on my favourite view, listening to  the events in India, I am just thinking what a fabulous F(ryan)day it is.

I will be heading off to Harrogate later for a spot of lunch and some retail therapy ( Christmas pressies) and then home to go out for dinner.

Have a great day.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

off on a jolly

Well it's finally here!

Today I am off on a little jolly to HQ, and a stay in the wonderful Headingley Lodge.

I am slightly late posting today as I had a bit of a lie in, having managed to have a fairly decent nights sleep.

I have been listening to the cricket which looks better than this time yesterday as Root had a cracking knock of 124.
That boy is a star.
Moeen also had a great couple of days at the crease with a brilliant 117.

Jonny B put on 46 and  I have just heard that Rashid has gone!!!

England are currently are now 8 down

After Jerseys' relegation to Division 5 , their captain of  6 years, Peter Gough has stepped down. The 31 year old thinks he has done his bit, although they are hoping that he will continue to play for them.

Refreshing to see a Captain step aside to make way for new blood.

Good luck to Jersey in the future.

Tension and tempers rose yesterday in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, and in some ways I am glad that  I am not in today although I feel that on Monday I may have quite a lot to say.

However back to today, I have a few things to do before I  head off to Leeds.

And I know this is a short one, but I want to get sorted and away as soon as possible,

Have a great day,

Come on England,

And I am looking forward to a great evening out with my cricket chums

See you tomorrow

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

One more sleep......................

and then I am off 'home' to Headingley.  I cannot wait, one reason being that I always have a good nights sleep when I am there, and I need it.

However that is tomorrow. back to today.

Yes we have snow here at the Chateau! would you believe it, well I would as it is so chuffing cold!

Luckily I have taken a half days holiday  tomorrow so that I can have a leisurely drive down to HQ and not have to fight through rush hour traffic.

I bet they were wishing for snow over in India as the first test is in full flow.
England lost 3 wickets before lunch!
Captain Cook fell on 21 and seems to be struggling with form.
Newby Hameed went on 31 and Duckett  managed 13
England are currently 102-3

Is it going to plan? well who knows what the plan is.

I have to pack my bag tonight and also sort out some dinner to pack up for tomorrow evening I think that soup may well be the order of the day.

I am heading off early to the office so that I can avoid the school traffic and also listen to the test.

We still have no news on a new coach at Yorkshire, perhaps they are saving it to announce on my birthday as they did 5 years ago........................

and the 'cold' is now back in full force and I feel yuk!

See you tomorrow when I will be super excited as I am off for a night out with my cricket chums.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Things I 'no likey'

Things that I,Lady Lainey 'no likey'

1. Dark mornings

2.Little sleep ( although I went to bed at 8pm)

3. woman with bitten nails, painting them red!

4. Work!

5.Fireworks ( before and after 5th November)

Yes I am in full on grumpy mode this morning due to the constant cold/chest infection which is making me very tired. it had better disappear or at least be on the way out before Thursday !!!
I also was kept awake until quite late ( read after 10pm) by someone letting off fireworks.
I just know that this will carry on until New Year.

Yesterday saw a brilliant win by South Africa over Australia, winning by 177 runs.

Craig White was named as Hampshire Coach yesterday, I wonder if his name had been in the mix for the Yorkshire job?
I had thought one of my friends would be up for the Hampshire job but he told me he was quite happy where he was. Shame I think he would have been brilliant.

I will be watching the Hampshire boys with interest this coming season.

Good news for Sophie and Terry as Harry Gurney signed a new contract at Nottinghamshire.He will stay with the club until 2019.

Well I only have 2.5 working days to go until I have a ( much needed) long weekend. The way I feel this morning it could be spent lounging about in bed instead of partying the night away!.

Work is still full on with more jobs being sent up from the South due to illness in the office there.
I am not sure how we will fit it all in, but I guess we will somehow.

Now I think that it is time to wend my weary way down the A1 and see what delights today brings.

Monday, 7 November 2016

another week begins

and I am more tired than a tired old thing, due to a very disturbed nights sleep.

however it is only a 4 day week for me this week so that is a plus.

no work on Friday as the birthday celebrations begin in earnest.

However back to cricket news.
Australia are currently 8 men down and still need  229 runs to win, it is looking fairly good for the South Africans.

England begin their tour in India on Wednesday with the First test, so all in all its a full on cricket week, what with my trip to Headingley on Thursdays evening!

Arthur the Very Valuable teddy will be making his first ( of many ) trip to HQ with me.

I read and listened with interest to the reports about the verbal abuse of umpires.
It is claimed that the number of umpires at recreational  level are dwindling and with good cause, having heard some of the stories.

They face abuse   from players on a regular basis!

It is not contained to grassroots, as I am sure that we have seen it at county level and on TV at international level ( last week.being springs to mind)

Umpires have said that not only have they been sworn out ( unnecessary) one said that he was spat out ( DISGUSTING).

There needs to be something in place to stop this abuse. Umpires are there to do a job.

What ever happened to the game of Gentlemen.

Well gentlemen are not what I will be dealing with today, as I head off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office.

Sadly it will be 'kiddies corner' and as they regale each other with tales of the weekend I can foresee that no work will be done!

Right off to sort it all out!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

I had a lie in

Mainly because during the night someone inserted razor blades into my throat! Well it feels as if they have.
I think today may just involve lying around and  trying to feel somewhat better. I want all this cold nonsense to disappear!

Over in Australia, South Africa had something of a run fest as they declared on 540-8.
As it stands at the moment Australia are trailing by 402 runs and are two wickets down.
This should be interesting.

Its been announced that Jimmy Anderson will join the England team in India , he is going to 'boost the morale'!
he is not going to be playing in the first Test but MAY play in the second!!! Anderson was sidelined for Bangladesh after picking up a shoulder injury, he is now supposed to be ready to play and is going out to acclimatise ( and have a little holiday by the sound of it).

Hmmm well we will see.

This could be a super 'Finny' vacation all over again!

Steve Eskinazi has signed a new contract with Middlesex to keep him with them until 2019.

Over in the ICC World cricket league, Jersey's run has come to an end as they have been relegated to Division 5. They managed a one run win over USA but  due to Bermuda having a better run rate ( even though they were beaten by Italy), the 'short wearers' stayed in Division 4.

I am now going to strip the beds put the bedding in the washing machine and then go and curl up on the chaise longue.

Everything else can wait to be done!

Until tomorrow

Saturday, 5 November 2016

busy old weekend

well I have been up since stupid o'clock  to watch the cricket and I have also managed two loads of washing and got the next batch of Christmas cakes mixed and the tins lined, all that  before 7am.

Yes a usual Saturday, however as I have not turned over my 'Yorkshire CCC' calendar it is more like 'Jackurday'!!!!

I have lots to do today and cricket or not I intend to get it done.

The Horsechestnut is dropping its leaves so they need to be gathered up and dumped in the garden incinerator ready for tonight. Yes it's bonfire night so I can set the incinerator going and have a proper old burning session.

I may even have a bit more of a hacking session at the bushes and get all that burnt.

There is now cherry and grapefruit vodka in production  and I can tell you there are going to be some jolly fruity martinis over the Christmas season.

I had news from besty work chum Rob in Dubai, he is only coming back to the UK, like end of the month, like that's my jaunt to the hell hole of Arabia is now out of the picture.  Never mind, it means more pennies for other things like, tiaras and handbags...........oh I forgot I am not allowed any more handbags!

Right back to the cricket,

Very distressing news for I,Lady Lainey as 'The Stare' himself has gone and gotten himself injured!. Yes Dale Steyn is out of  cricket for at least 6 months with what seems to be a fractured shoulder.

I tell you he had better get himself fit and back in the squad before I go to Trent Bridge to see him next year!.

However in their 2nd innings South Africa are 295-3. Duminy hit a tremendous 141 and Elgar is on 114 not out.

I have everything crossed for them.

Right.............3rd load of washing done and I am about to pop to Tesco.

Lots to do.

have a safe Bonfire night

Friday, 4 November 2016

I've got that F(ryan)day feeling

and here is the boy himself, he is obviously reading through my birthday wish list!!!!

Yes it is Friday and I have been up since super early so that I could watch Australia and South Africa. it's ticking along nicely. As I left yesterday South Africa were 5 down and then were all out for 242, with de Kock hitting 84.

Australia are now  243-8, with Warner hitting 97 and just missing out on his century, bowled  by none other than 'The Stare' himself, Dale Steyn. *heart goes all fluttery*

The inquest into Philip Hughes death  was finally put to rest, as the coroner said that no one was to blame for his death. He did however make recommendations to make the sport safer,  Cricket Australia said that they would make the changes as soon as possible.

The Durham debacle continues, what with petitions for the removal of the points  given to them over the 'money' issue.
Now Beefy Botham has been appointed Chairman of the club!

I will make no comments on his previous time with Durham but hope that this stint makes the club profitable.

Word to the Yorkshire Chairman, get yourself to Chester le Street, they are bound to have cracking wine with lunch now!
No Pinot Grigio  or Lambrini for Beefy!

Big Boss Simon headed up from London yesterday for our annual appraisals.

nothing exciting to report, I still am stuck with an office full of 'eedjits'  and no doubt today they will be unbearable.

The Christmas shopping has started in the Pony Paul household, every lunchtime sees another pile of boxes appear as he goes for broke again.

Have people forgotten the true meaning of Christmas?

Is it really not about going into bankruptcy to make sure that you have more presents under your tree than your neighbours?

Ah a stocking with a tangerine and some nuts..............................

I can see that going down a storm in the Pony household.

but just for the record, if the Yorkshire team or parts of it fancy tipping up for Xmas nut roast at The chateau they are more than welcome.

Well dreaming aside, off for the last 7 hours of the working week and then .............................FREEEEDDOOMMM!!!!!

happy Friday.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Nearly the weekend.............

 and it's going to be a busy one, we are all in full on 'cricmas' mode here at The Chateau and the preparations continue.

I know that with my lack of 'Cricmas' spirit  over the last few years  you may be surprised by my over enthusiasm for it now.

I have put a lot of things into perspective lately and am making the most of everything. I am not putting the tree or the decorations up just yet but believe me I may even trump office boy Pony Paul who normally gets his house sorted in mid November.
I don't go with the lights outside and the plastic snowmen on the lawn, its not really my thing, but 'The Gentlemen of Tykeshire' ( see above)  get their wicket  decorated for the Yuletide season.

however that is all to come, so what has been happening elsewhere?

Well very early this morning saw the start of the Australia v South Africa match. I did stay in bed as I am still struggling to get to grips with losing an hour.
Dale 'The Stare' Steyn is playing (youpi)  but at the moment South Africa are on 132-5!

I will be keeping an eye on this during the morning.

Having reported on Michael Vaughan comments on Gary Ballance yesterday I see that quite a few of you are in agreement with me that he needs to come home for the winter and get  down to some work. The boy looks tired and a little 'lost'. He needs to have a bit of a break and then come back fully charged.

It is now a week until I head off to Headingley to see 'When the eye is gone' and meet up with my besty cricket chums. To say that I am excited is an understatement!!! it is part of the ongoing birthday celebrations.

So today I am off to the office and await the arrival of the Simon the big boss from London.
Now this should be interesting!

I am guessing there will be no singing or swearing today so that will be  a welcome change.

until tomorrow..................

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

It's hump day...........

.................and we have had our first frost, I heard car scraping going on this morning at about 5am, however it is not looking too bad as I peep out of the blinds.

The Lady Lainey limo is safely tucked up in the garage so no scraping for me!

I am about to put the Hunters in the boot of the car as it is now THAT time of year. yes I only drive 8 miles to work but you have to be prepared.

Yesterday saw the usual 'fun'; in the office and today  I am considering removing the radio, the singing is appalling but the depth of musical knowledge never fails to astound me.
We were all merrily singing along to 'I'm out of love' when Trill Boy announces that he really likes the lady that sings this song.........................  his words.

' I really like that Fantasia bird, she is a brilliant singer'.

I rest my case!

Over  in Los Angeles ( yes the USof A) Italy were taking on Jersey in the ICC World Cricket League Div 4.
I was backing the pasta boys, as their technical manager is none other than my old mate Joe Scuderi.

This was a 'have to win' match for the lads.

After losing an early wicket they settled in. They were motoring along and put on  235 before they were all  out in less than their allotted 50 overs.

I was hoping that their bowling was going to be on the mark but sadly for Italy, Joe and I, they lost.

The important thing about this competition though is seeing the upcoming nations giving their all.

Well done Jersey, hard luck Italy and on to the next challenge.

Michael Vaughan has gone on record saying what a lot of us felt, that Gary Ballance should be dropped from the England team. Ballance is not playing well and to be honest he did not play well last season. Time for him to come home, and get some serious work done over the winter.

Well on that note.

I am off to do some serious work in the office, its not all shouting at boys, filing my nails, drinking copious amounts of coffee and looking pretty you know!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

It November................and my birthday month!

White rabbits, pinch  punch and all that stuff, it is November even closer to April and cricket, but better still it is  only 2 weeks until mon anniversaire! OMG! I am soooooo excited.

You may wonder why a 21 year old gets so excited about her birthday? Well I love it, every year I look forward to 'my' day and this year is no exception.

However it is Tuesday and I have to go to work, where the conversation regarding 'grammar' continues. TLML told me that her pet hate was 'think' and Fink' over 'thing' and think'.
I have to agree, as 'think' is a word that is used regularly in the office. 'Somethink' is used too often by office boys and usually on the phone to Architects. When I correct them they look at me open mouthed. It is my belief that they

1. do not know that they say it

2. They genuinely 'fink' that it is the correct word ( yes they use fink too).

3 they are 'fick' as two short planks

I will go with the latter!

Sometimes I think that they would be better to waste their evenings reading the Oxford dictionary than  playing X Box.

Pakistan and The West Indies are currently playing out the 3rd test. Pakistan were all out for 281 and WI are currently 277-7.

 I just had a quick peep at the score as there is very little cricket news.

yes it might be November but is is going to remain 'October' on the Yorkshire CCC calendar. What with dark days now, I need a beaming smile to brighten them up.

I travelled home in darkness last night and that is not good, because this means that my early bedtime now becomes earlier ( take that as the minute I walk through the door). 'Thankfully' the 'eedjit' over the road decided last night to rev his car engine for 15 minutes close to midnight and wake me up and make me have a few extra hours of wakefulness!!!!, I can see this ending badly, believe me he doesn't want me heading over the road in my dressing gown to give him a tongue lashing!!!!!

Right I am off to make my weary way down the A1

It's November folks and that means it is nearly Christmas, nearly new year and a lot nearer to April.

have a great day!