Saturday, 31 December 2016

Review of 2016


Well January  started with I, Lady Lainey going 'dry' for a month to raise money and awareness for 'Cricket without Boundaries' and ' Yorkshire Cancer Research'. I thought that I might get through to lunch time on New Years Day but blow me if I didn't go the whole month and a bit more without any alcohol touching my lips!
The sad news of the month was the passing of David Bowie. Such sad news.
The cover of the album Diamond Dogs is one that used to terrify me as a child!


February saw me taking a tumble down the stairs at super swanky Lady Lainey office and suffering a very nasty coccyx injury which would last to nearly the end of the year.
we found a racing pigeon in the office car park, it had been blown off course by very high winds.
He was the cause of much merriment in the office a we found him a home ( in an archive box) and waited for the local 'pigeon man' to come and get him. he was from Scotland and finally got home. He was ( unknown to us them ) the first of the office pets of the year.
Dame Didi and I had a day out in Leeds and you just know that it would be a messy one!


We saw the passing of New Zealand cricketer Martin Crowe, more sad news.
Also one of my great school friends lost her Dad and within days her beautiful Rottweiler Zena passed away too. too much sadness.
I toddled along to The Riverside Ground to meet Dr Dean Allen the author of the fab book.

My injury to my coccyx was not getting any better and every day was a struggle to just get out of bed.
My boys were out in The UAE and we were treated to regular updates via 'TBTV'
the highlight had to be HRR having his toe 'operated' on!


Finally April arrived and the prospect of cricket. on the 1st I trundled off to Darlington CC to see Dizzy and Cally in action.
I made my prediction for the season and placed Middlesex 2nd to Yorkshire...........well it could have happened!
It was announced that Notts wonder boy James Taylor would be retiring forthwith because of a heart complaint, shocking  news.
I headed off to Headingley to see the boys take on Hampshire, and here were centuries a plenty.
coach celebrated his birthday and also the anniversary of his 201 knock.
I met up with El Presidenti and First Lady of Middlesex in Durham. and then match at Chester le street was hit by SNOW! yes really!!!


The Chairman of Yorkshire decided that to raise some money for charity he would face an over of Liam Plunketts bowling, and lived to tell the tale and get lots of money too!
I was working too hard at Super Swanky lady Lainey office and also driving to Headingley quite a lot.
his Royal Ryanness was injured and we were not getting any 'Yupdate' I was beside myself.
Rumours began circulating that Coach would be heading to Australia  for a job with the national team, I was not best pleased!

 'Carparkgate' at the Headingley Lodge was resolved  which meant that I no longer had no walk from Siberia to the Hotel.
T20 was in full swing and I hate to say it but I was enjoying it.
however back at Super Swanky Lady lainey office 'loorollgate' started, I turned into 'hercules' Robinson trying to discover the thief. The culprit remains at large still, but I keep the loo rolls under lock and key!
I went to watch Yorkshire take on Worcestershire.............the least said about that the better! I had my one and only wobble about the boys and broke my own heart putting it into print.

It was also a chance to meet up wit Sophie at Headingley where the weather spoilt cricket so we seemed to do the Otley run, me barefoot!


the first weekend of July saw me off to the seaside to meet up with POM & FLOM of Middlesex. We had 2 great evenings and 3 good days of cricket although sadly for us Middx came out on top.
I was 'sent' TLJL, but I had to return him to the pavilion. FLOM said 'what a lovely young man, what a lovely smile'. See it's not just me!
Work continued to be demanding as we took on more projects and I was drowning in paperwork.
I was once again struck down with tennis elbow and the list of injuries/illness continued to grow. 


Yorkshire made it to finals day at Edgbaston and Janey , Alan and I headed off. I screamed my support for the boys ( well TLJL) sadly it was to no  avail and we didn't make it to the final. Met up with Sophie and Terry there and also Susan, a really good if long day out.

Back home quick change around and a hideous infection in my nail, which was prodded and pierced and then I was given antibiotics to try to sort it out.
I was then  off to Scarbados, where I  met TLML, she had seen me at Finals Day. The shame of it!
 We were not looking too  good on the County Championship side of things but my faith never wavered.
I was gearing up for the final push.
met the lovely jack Russell again and as it had been his birthday we had cake to celebrate.
I was at Headingley over the bank holiday and on the Monday they announced that coach was leaving at the end of the season.
We had to win the championship!


Well September did not see me slowing down at all on the any  side of life. I started the month in partying as Dame Didi was having a big birthday,and ended it at Lords!
Didi had her bash at the cricket club ( where else) and all the family got together for what was a great evening.

I went off to Lords where I spent 2 amazing days with some great friends and where I acquired a very valuable teddy bear called Arthur.
I was also caught on Sky numerous times but mainly for crying when my boys lost!
Also had my last catch up for the season  with 'El Presidenti and the First Lady of Middlesex'

And as you can see managed to finally bagged a pic with HRR!!!

And then it was over,  we were without a coach and no silverware.


Much to my surprise I was asked to write a review on the marvellous book 'All wickets great and small' by John from 'Cricket Yorkshire'
This managed to fill a void.
Other than that October was cold and miserable as I went into my post season decline,
And I had to go to work !


Started with the very sad news that Pete Burns had sadly passed away. Pete was part of my 'youth' and I had seen him and Dead or Alive many times. love him or hate home, he was a great entertainer.

I headed off to 'HQ' for an out of season evening at The Lodge'. Where after drinks and nibbles, Clare, Olivia and I went to see the brilliant play 'When the eye is gone', about the brilliant and tragic life of Colin Milburn.

I also celebrated my '21st' birthday although that very cheeky chappy the Chairman of Yorkshire was spreading scandalous rumours that I was 60!!!!
England has a hit and miss time in India and were dropping like flies.
I set to on 2 courses to steer me in a completely different direction work wise, but will not really start these until the first week of the new year.

This little man, Murphy  tipped up at our office on my birthday and was with us for 10 days. He was a delight and I cried when he finished all his work ( well his Daddy did) and went home for good.


The cricmas tree was up and the chateau was gearing up for the arrival of Pere Noel.

I developed pleurisy..................its been some year for illness.
My Etsy shop went into overdrive for Xmas so there was a lot of clicking of knitting needles.

The whole office headed off to London for our Christmas bash at The RAC club. The least said about the office boys behaviour the better!!!

We lost numerous famous people this month, George Michael being just one. Its been a terrible year for the music/showbiz world

Lastly if you have any Christmas money left over then and are a cricket lover, I would urge you to buy and read 3 books in the New Year

The Good Murungu  Alan Butcher
All wickets Great and Small  by John Fuller
Empire War and Cricket by Dr Dean Allen

And that's 2016 in a nutshell.

Here's to 2017!!!

Happy New Year

Friday, 30 December 2016

Welcome to the last F(ryan)day of 2016

It is the last f(ryan)day of 2016 and what better picture than of His Royal Ryanness about to perform the 'Sidebottom shuffle' as he sets off to bowl. This always makes me smile!

Well  Its all go here at The Chateau as the washing machine is on and  I am about to crack on an gt the house back into normal order, which involves taking down the tree and putting everything back into the garage. I have so missed knocking over the Christmas tree box every time I put the car away!

I have just checked the cricket news and blow me if Australia haven't gone and found amazing form. Beating Pakistan by an innings and 18 runs.
Have they found the perfect combination?
Well lets hope England find theirs soon!

Other news from  down under, that our former coach Jason Gillespie has been names as assistant T20 coach for the upcoming series.
He is currently coaching the Adelaide Strikers and mark my words it will not be long before he goes for total domination in Australia, fair to say that he is Australia national coach in waiting.

We are only days away from the New Year and I am looking to make some resolutions.

Firstly I am once again doing 'Dry January', not for charity this time but for the sake of my liver.

I am also going to make sure that I do 10,000 steps a day,  thanks to new watch/pedometer/heart rate monitor/ egg timer/chief cook and bottle washer gadget!

I also start the first of my new courses next week and that is going to be most of the year back in 'education'

And of course my main resolution is to see my beloved boys play as much cricket as work allows.

However back to today,

Washing, cooking and lots of napping is the main thing on the cards.

So I had best get on with it.

have a great day, the New Year is only hours away.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

A much needed break

After quite a busy weekend and bank holiday I am having a little break, just a quick recharge of batteries and getting myself ready for the weekend ( and New Year )to come.

I have no idea about any cricket news as I have cut myself off from all news ( I am sick of bad news filtering through)
It's been some year although that will be reviewed in Saturdays blog.

I am trying to surround myself with peace and tranquilty, to clear my head ready for the start of my new course next week.

Listen to me I sound like some lentil eating, hippy.......................oh forgot I am!!!

Anyhoo, what else has been happening, well Monday and Tuesday were full on house party with feeding frenzys every few hours.
If you have ever seen those films where sharks go mad when they throw fish guts in the sea, that was The Chateau when I put food on the table.I tell you, meat eaters made short work of vegan fare.

So after bed stripping and washing, several dishwasher loads, I think I deserved a mini holiday.

For some of you it is back to work inbetween the bank Holiday for others ( like me) it is a well deserved rest. And that includes getting up at stupid o' clock to watch/listen to cricket.

I will be back in full blog mode tomorrow and hope that you are all rested and refreshed after the excess of Christmas.

Heres to a peaceful new year.

until tomorrow.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Betwixt and between

Christmas is over
and the presents are given
The turkey is eaten
And the guests have driven

off to their homes
to sleep off  the excess
ready for new year
and the chance to dress

in all their  finery
to say goodbye
to the old year now ending
for the new one is nigh.

Today though we are
betwixt and between
Middle of the week
Back to work routine

For some until Friday
The weekend looming
2017 on the horizon 
New year blooming

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Another bank Holiday

Well its another Bank Holiday and  I am preparing for more guests today, it is beginning to be like party central here at The Chateau.
Yesterday the party kicked off with grapefruit martinis, which went down well.
After an early afternoon walk, I was the ultimate host.........................and fell asleep!!!

Granted it was only for 20 minutes but plenty of time for my guests to snap pictures and post on social media. Friends !

By the time we had reached 'round three' we were all very merry and having a great time, so great that we were all in bed by 10pm!

And today after an early morning walk, we are all lounging in bed for an extra few minutes lie in.

Now then is there any cricket news, well Australia are not having it their way with Pakistan in what has been a rain affected match in Melbourne. Pakistan are currently 310-6 with Azhar 139*.

Surrey have already announced that they have resigned Aaron Finch for the T20 Blast. Interesting that he turned his back on Yorkshire last season.

My thoughts are turning to 'my boys' and after reading that His Royal Ryanness is looking to possibly play another  year after next season ( body willing) this brightened things up for me.

It is however all in the future and now I am preparing to go and make our breakfast.

Have (another) great Bank Holiday and I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully around 'normal time' and not this lazy lying in bed too long time.

Monday, 26 December 2016

look who slept in

Well I have truly slept in today but not without good reason.

I have finally put in place the start of the big life clear out and believe me, it feels good.
As the new year sees me back on the education route with 2 course to get through next year, I have decided to declutter my life.

The thing I have realised is that people who have been in your life for years and that you considered as a friend, may be anything but!, likewise people who have come into your life recently and portray themselves in one way, may actually be putting you at risk of being tarred with their brush.( this was hilighted to me by a male friend)

All cryptic?
Well its all going off at the moment and I finally woke up  this morning feeling a lot better ( albeit with a thumping headache).

I have just prepared breakfast for BKOTF as he is off on his travels again. He is a true friend, we 'get' each other and  never ask anything of each other. We have an brilliant friendship and he knows that he can tip up here when he wants and its fine.
A fantastic friend to have.

So enough of all that.

Yesterday was a full on lovely day with lots of pressies, chatter and laughter.
Christmas has been a struggle over the last few years but I seem to have finally managed to put that all behind me.

Today is the Big Buffet day   and I need to get my act together and get it sorted out.  Getting in the shower and getting dressed would be a start! Yes I am still in my dressing gown.

I am also watching  the Big Bash on channel 5 and I tell you George Bailey is  going some. He is back at Hampshire next season. Might even get to see him play again!
Also fantastic to see the smile of Michael Carberry  on TV again. I LOVE him!!!
Right I need to get a wriggle on and get ready for the imvasion.
Have a fabulous day and I hope that there is no sleeping late tomorrow.

Sunday, 25 December 2016


Merry Cricmas to you all, I have been up since 4 am  and have now opened all my pressies and  am about to have some breakfast.

Its a cold day here in the icy wastes of the North, and it has been blowing a gale all night, hence being awake so early.

I am not going to bore you with a list of pressies, which are all wonderful and very 'me'.

I hope that you all got what you wanted and that no one got a lump of coal, I can't imagine any of you being naughty...................well maybe the odd one!

yesterday was a full on busy day with an early catch up with Dame Didi and some learning  about the connection between Douglas Bader and Thornaby, yes we don't do things by halves, everyday is a learning journey.

Then more drops of pressies and cards.

All the food is prepared for today and tomorrow and I can now just chill out and enjoy a lazy 'me' day.

Cricket news is sparse and I am steering away from the Dernbach debacle. But look out for more 'inkings' on his arms as he doodles on them in felt pen due to boredom ahead of the English season.

Silly boy!!!

Right, you all have better things to do than read this, so get yourselves a large tipple and enjoy Christmas.

This time next week it will be next year!!!

Have a peaceful day.

Merry Christmas from all at The Chateau

Saturday, 24 December 2016

It's Christmas Eve

Well it's Christmas Eve in The Chateau and it's chaos.

After dog sitting Lucky chops yesterday I had an unexpected visitor and am now in a total panic, trying to feed them and send them on their way, write the blog and then load up the car with pressies and go off to meet Dame Didi.

Luckily when I get back, I am putting on my best Yorkshire cricket shirt, a pair of thick fluffy socks and wrapping myself up in a blanky and watching rubbish TV. I'm exhausted.

News came in at 11am yesterday that Daniel Vettori had been signed as T20 coach for Middlesex. I was hoping that the breaking news was that they were keeping Harry on as President for another 2 years!!
 Vettori has signed a 3 year contract with the club. Interesting, I wonder if any more clubs willl follow suit.

Talking T20 Over in the Big bash , The Strikers got another beating and that is not good, despite some great efforts by the boys that I rate very highly 'Big' Billy Stanlake and Michael Neser. They need to get a win under theit belts.

And scary news in Melbourne as Police foiled a terror attack. This is not great news at Christmas or at any other time to be honest. With the Boxing day test on the horizon, even worse.

This time next week we will be getting ready to say goodbye to 2016!!!
I am getting my resolutons ready and sticking to them too.

One thing for sure next year, I will choose my 'friends' wisely, so as not to be tarred with the same brush

And I will get the new courses under my belt.

But thats for next week.

Now I have to fire up the Lady Lainey limo and head off to North Yorkshire.

Until tomorrow when you will either have presents or a lump of coal.

Merry Christmas

Friday, 23 December 2016

F(ryan)day & Christmas Eve eve

Today I am 'dog sitting', yes I am looking after Lucky, my besty friend Francesca's dog. I wonder how much mischief we get into?

The full ICC 'dream team' was named yesterday and they had Cook as Captain, I am thinking that they had been holed up in a bar without sky earlier this week. Jonny B and Little Joey Root were also in the team as well as Dale 'The stare' Steyn *swoons*.

I am keeping everything crossed that he is fit to play when I go to Trent Bridge next year, that will be an interesting match.

yesterday was full on busy from the moment that I finally got out of bed. I was visiting and dropping off cards and shopping and believe me with sprouts at 19p a bag at Aldi you would be wise to give the Chateau a miss for the next week or so.

The fridge is nearly full, I only have to get some vermouth for the Christmas morning martinis and then I think that I am set, however if I forget anything I have it on good advice that the Coop at New Shildon is open!!!
Now I do not approve of this at all, Christmas is Christmas and shops should be closed. I appreciate that services work ( I am from a family of Fire service and Police so know this well), but seriously a little Coop opening on Christmas day?????

After seeing how people were shopping yesterday I was sure that we were either

1. expecting 20feet of  snow

2. The apocalypse!

3. Everyone to tip up at your door on Xmas morning

I don't enter into the mad panic buying, I get what I need ( and believe me I need 5 bags of Brussel Sprouts).

There is some Big Bash cricket going on in Australia but as Sky are not showing it and Channel 5 are only showing certain matches (ones with HWMNBNITB by the look of it), i am short on cricket news and severely deprived of stick and ball.

Oh well best get the hoover out and finish of upstairs, make the beds for guest next week and then have a walk with lucky.

What better way to spend Christmas eve eve.

I know that there was not picture of HRR today, but here's another one of Lucky.

have a good one!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

I am on my holibobs!!!!

I am officially on my holibobs and boy did I start them with style, a near 10 hours sleep!!! unheard of in the Chateau.
I think I might have needed it!

What I  need now is the delivery man to redeliver the package I missed yesterday, head to the sorting office and then get out the Mr Sheen and the hoover and make the chateau fully Christmas ready.

I debated whether to rehash the abysmal end to the test on Tuesday but decided that this was old ground and we need to move on, regroup and rethink the team.

Interesting news ( but not if you are from Lancashire) that Alviro Peterson has been banned from cricket for 2 years after admitting trying to cover up match fixing. He was not charged with match fixing, but the list  of 'crimes' was pretty long.

Also on the South African front Faf du Plessis lost his ball tampering appeal.
its all going off!

Yesterday we had the annual office Xmas break up lunch, we all wore our Xmas jumpys apart from Tommy Gun the Office Junior who didn't have one, so a bit of quick thinking from him, saw him print off a reindeer picture attach it to his t shirt and we were away.

I had a spectacular vegan meal. Amazing!

Right i have lots to do and after a super long lie in,I am behind schedule.

I also have to sort out my reading list for the holidays and  prepare for the start of my new course in the New Year, holibobs or not there does not appear to be any sign of slowing down!

until tomorrow!

ohh forgot to say I found a book on 'How to lino cut' in the charity shop so you may all be getting hand printed cricket themed christmas paper next year!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Wednesday sing-a-long (again)

O Come Yorkshire Faithful
Joyful and triumphant,
O come ye, O come ye to Headingley.
Come and see Galey ,
In his new position ;
O come, let us applaud Him,
O come, let us applaud Him,
O come, let us applaud Him,
One and all

Sing Western Terrace

But drink in moderation ,
Sing all you members of Headingley .
Heres to Gary, our newest captain;
O come, let us applaud Him,
O come, let us applaud Him,
O come, let us applaud Him,
.One and all

All Hail! Boys we greet  you,
Ready for the season ,

Preparing  for the challenge that is ahead
hail to Martyn,guiding us so steadily;
O come, let us applaud Him,
O come, let us applaud Him,
O come, let us applaud Him,
One and all

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Tuesday and its getting better

Good morning Tuesday, and I am finally back in the land of the living, nothing to do with alcohol. I have to say that after  a very good nights sleep the world looks a lot rosier that it did this time yesterday.

However I bet the England team did not wake up with the same feeling after a complete pummelling yesterday at the hands of India and in particular Nair with his 303*.

Surprisingly after lunch  today,Captain Cook is still there and both he and Jennings have had lucky escapes.

An interesting discussion at lunch with Wisdens Lawrence Booth regarding the heritage of Keaton Jennings. mostly  regarding him captaining South Africa under 19's and now playing for England., his comment of he couldn't say  he always dreamt of playing for England rang very true.
It was an interesting topic and one that I very much enjoyed.
As he commented, every English born player does dream of playing for their country.

Also interesting that Trevor Bayliss says that the teams have 'good times ahead' despite the battering in India, I am thinking that he is talking about them coming home for Christmas.

And finally on the grumpy front, I am sick of seeing tweets about 'poor Cook', how hard it must have been for him to leave his wife and new baby and come out to India..................................................
It is a expected that husbands be with wives at this time today. It makes me wonder how the wives of players in the 50's & 60's ( and possibly 70's & 80's) managed.

Cook has gone and it is just for England to bat out the day now.

I am going to see out the day in the office and have great plans for this evening when I will be defrosting the freezer!

Have a great day, it;s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Monday, 19 December 2016

and it's Monday again

And Monday again. And I can feel that it is going to be a long one, especially after another night without any sleep,

Ah well I am close to shut down so will  be able to sleep to my hearts content.
Yesterday involved lots of visiting and dropping off cards and presents, before heading home and trying to get some things done.

I have been listening to the test and also to the updates on the day/night  match in Australia.
The new improved Australia team  got a bit of a shock when Pakistan edged towards what had been thought of an unachievable total. Sadly they did fall short but it must have been some great match.
Australia do look as if they are getting their act together.

In India, the hosts are trailing by 14 runs , and we are looking for a drawn match.

Listening to TMS  they are reviewing the season of 2016.Which got me thinking about what stood out for me.

I do think that the last over of the World T20 when Carlos Brathwaite smashed Ben Stokes bowling had to be a fabulous over of amazing shots. He was cool as a cucumber too.

However for me it was the 4 hit by HRR at Lords to take Yorkshire over the 350 mark giving them a chance of being in for the Championship.

We all know how it panned out and sadly not how us Yorkies wanted it.but the days I had a Lords are ones that I will never forget. Not just for the cricket but for the great time that I had with friends, both Yorkshire and Middlesex.

We are all waiting now for the start of the 2017 season.

However before anything close to that I have to get through today.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, 18 December 2016


Well I am sort of back in the land of the living , I am listening to the cricket and contemplating getting out of bed, I need to as I have a lot to do today.

Well after yesterday being a complete washout, I need to get into action today.

I did manage to catch cricket yesterday in between being visited by the eldest sister.

Best not to rehash Fridays antics in London, but needless to say I may not be drinking for a while.

A bright spot yesterday was the announcement ot the North/South teams for the games in the UAE in March.

Flipping brilliant news TLJL was named along with Little Timmy Bresnan in the North side.

In the South side  Steve Finn has been selected. I tell you he is on the ECB holiday list that boy.  Nice job if you can get it.

Mark Wood has been called up for the North side, although having had 3 ankle operations in 12 months you wonder if he will  really be playing.

Over in India, England are having a difficult time in Chennai, the only surprise is that Kholi fell very cheaply, they are now at tea and on  256-3

I have to get out of bed and get on with things,

However after 2 very late nights which both involved long phone conversations after midnight, I need to get  the last of my cards and presents delivered and  then get onto the sofa for a nap.

I hope that I will be feeling much better tomorrow.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

hangover forces sing-a-long Saturday

Deck the halls with ball and wicket         fa la la la la la la la
Tis near the season full of cricket            fa la la la la la la la
Don we now our white apparel                fa la la la la la la la
Time to really roll out the barrel              fa la la la la la la la

See the batting and bowling before us     fa la la la la la la la
Fill the boot and rev the team bus           fa la la la la la la la
Follow Yorks where ever they travel      fa la la la la la la la
Over cobbles, grass and gravel               fa la la la la la la la

Fast away the old year passes                 fa la la la la la la la
Hail the new season lads and lasses       fa la la la la la la la
Sing we joyous  all together                  fa la la la la la la la
Ready for the summer weather              fa la la la la la la la

Friday, 16 December 2016

F(ryan)day and I am off to London

Yes it's F(ryan)day and I am up dressed, got my mini DAB radio sorted and I am off to London for the Company Xmas bash.

I am pleased to say that I am not sat with the office boys, I have made sure that they are all sitting together leaving me on my own! I can listen to the cricket and chill out.

However before that the breaking news at 7am yesterday was that Gary Ballance had been named Club Captain.
He will lead the team over all formats of the game which I feel is right.
As you know I have been vocal since early last season about the previous one day Captain, well now I can shut up and let Gary do his thing.

And of course today is the start of the Test. And believe me if this goes the full stretch I am will be surprised.  The openers both went cheaply and this needs to be looked at.
Cook made 10 and has passed 11000 test runs, which on current form should have taken him about 100 years!
You just know that the hacks will be on his back again about stepping down!

Little Joey Root is currently being partnered by Moeen Ali who was dropped on 0.

Joey and Jonny B are both looking to over take Michael Vaughans record of  1481 runs in a calendar year. Its now or never.

And now its lunch and I have to say that I am loving listening to Chris Cowdrey who is brilliantly entertaining.

Just a quick word about a tweet yesterday by +BournemouthEcho    
 This was about a letter written by a little boy and attached to a balloon
The letter was to his Daddy, who had passed away, and is in Heaven( OK I am in tears again now),
The letter gives his Dad news, his dreams and his Xmas list. I passed the tweet on to the lovely people at 'crazy catch' as on he list was a rebounder net.
If you get the chance to see this tweet, please retweet it and lets see if we can find this little boy who is at this moment in Foster care.

Right time to blow my nose, sort out my make up and get out the door

Hope fully I will be in a fit state to post the blog tomorrow.

Happy F(ryan)day

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Last working day of the week

Wooohooooo!!!! Major celebration when I woke up this morning as I remembered that it is my last day in the office this week!!!!


However that is all to come, back to yesterday.

It appears that 'sing-a-long Wednesday' is a huge hit,so watch out for next weeks thrilling pre Xmas tune.
( I may need to up my game!).

On the cricket front, England's 'enfant terrible' has said that he wants Cook to stay as Captain, well since Cook said that this player was 'uncaptainable', my guess is 'l'enfant' is going with the 'rather the push over you know' school of thought.

Over in Australia, the home team are playing Pakistan  and are 159-3, with a Tyke born opener scoring a very respectable 71.
Warner looks to have slightly run out of steam as he was out for 32.

Tomorrow sees the start of the final test in India. I will be tuned in for that one.Anything to drown out the office boys on our journey 'darn sarf'.

Sadly the current run in sporting circles regarding historic child abuse, has filtered through to cricket as the ECB contacted counties.
The good news is though that Counties, ECB or PCA have not been notified of any  allegations in the sport.
Sport should be a safe and fun environment for all those who play in whatever form.

Righio, its time for me to head off now and try to get through the last 7 hours of the working week.

Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


O little town of Headingley

How still you seem to lie

Off season lull, no longer full

The winter months go by

Yet in St Micheals Lane shineth

The everlasting rose

The emblem of our Yorkshire boys

That keeps them on their toes

As Galey takes the mantel

With hopes of silverware

While Middx sleep , Yorkshire  doth creep

To regain their crown with flair

O great  white rose of Yorkshire

Watch over all the team

Keep them faithful, fit and well

And focussed on the dream

How silently, how silently

The months are passing by

Winter is here with xmas cheer

 New year and spring is nigh.

No words can quell the feeling

Of joy as it does rise

No cold or snow or fog or sleet

Can dull the gleaming prize

 O Yorkshiremen of Headingley

Prepare to fight the foe

The season new is nearly due

All systems ready to go

We hear the western terrace singing

Songs both new and old

Lets win again, be champs again

Our team of boys so bold

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Tired old Tuesday

The gorgeous Murphy Fuzzy Chops

This morning I am tired, tired, tired. I am putting this down to still fighting off pleurisy, although in reality it is just 'that time of year'. Its nearly the end of the year and I am fully worn out and ready for a break.

It cannot come soon enough. believe me.

However the debate as to whether Captain Cook should stand down continues. Cook himself has said that he has 'questions' about his role..............................but does he have the answers??

Little Joey Root has been boosted up to replace said Cook, and to be honest after he put himself on to bowl the other day and took wickets  I may have to say yes.....................but I am worried that it may affect his game. Its a double edged sword, would he get the best out of the team and himself if he stepped up.

Well it is all hypothetical  at the moment and we will all hear when we hear.

What we did hear yesterday was that the lovely Abraham Benjamin has stood down as South Africa's Test captain in favour of Francois, his Huguenot 'brother'. AB had to sit out the Australian tour due to an elbow injury and hoped to be back with the team for the upcoming tour to Sri Lanka, however he is not fit and has put the team first and stepped down.
He is still ODI captain and is hoping to return in the New Year.
It is refreshing to have him say that ' The  interests of the team must outweigh the interest of any individual, including me'
If only our one day Captain had this strength of character.

And finally on the cricket front it has been announced that the next years Ashes clash will include day/night matches.
Interesting !!!!

As to the picture of Murphy Fuzzy Chops, well I just think he is wonderful and wanted to post another picture of him.

Have a great Tuesday

Monday, 12 December 2016

Not a great start to the week

so I woke up at about 4.15am and put the radio on. I dozed off and woke up again to find that we had lost by an innings and 36 runs!

Well that wasn't as planned.
So even the new blood in the team couldn't really make a difference.
Yesterday it took the Yorkshire pair Root and Bairstow to steady the ship ( again).

The debate for Cook to stand down as Captain rattles on.
I for one,after yesterday, do not want Joe Root made Captain as he is playing well and does not need any distraction.

Lets leave this here

Yesterday involved lots of work, as the final touches  to the Christmas Hampers was the order of the day
Lots of jars of pickles and chutney were packed up as well as lots of other homemade goodies.
These just have to be delivered now.

Then I put up the 'Christmas' curtains.
Not curtains with anything Christmassy on you understand just ones that I put up in the lounge at Christmas.

And then there was  a flurry of frantic selling on my Ebay, and  I  had to sort out packing things up to post out today.

Well it turned out to be very,very busy.

And I have managed to get shot of more 'stuff' out of the Chateau.

Maybe this time next year I will be able to see the dressing room floor again!

Now I am ready to head off to the office for the first of only 4 days this week. Friday sees us decamping to London and all the fun that will entail

In fact I have only 6.5 working days now until my holibobs, and it can't come quickly enough..........................lots of napping will be taking place,

However that is all to come so now best get set for the week ahead.

Happy Monday where ever you are

Sunday, 11 December 2016

busy in The Chateau

I am up, the beds are stripped and the washing machine is on. I am watching cricket, although this won't be for long as  I have lots to do in the kitchen today,
I have nut roast to make and put into the freezer as well as a shopping list  for Christmas food. Yes I know it is 2 weeks away but next weekend can be written off after the works xmas bash at The RAC Club!
 Over at Chateau Saltburn Dame Didi had the royal visit as t'other sister Kiki tipped up wanting feeding and pressies. She did however go home with a flea in her ear after an altercation with the eldest monster child nephew ( who is not really a child).
He has gone right up in my estimation, as normally we all tip toe around the elder sibling.

She's not speaking to me as I forgot to say thank you for my birthday present!!!
She had been down under for 4 weeks over my birthday so it was a genuine error from me


I am watching the cricket............................not really sure what to say!

England are 2 down.

The 'golden boy' from the first innings is now the on first English batsman to score 100 on his debut and the a golden duck  in his 2nd innings.

I am sure that the press will be having a field day

India are smelling blood.

Oh dear there goes Ali..............................and I am off too.

This could be over before I boil the kettle!!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Ahhhhhh!!! Saturday

Ahh yes it is Saturday and  I have already been out for a very long walk. And now I am  reclining on the chaise longue  typing this and watching cricket.

I was lying in bed listening to cricket when I decided to go for a walk, so at 5.45am with TMS in my ears I set off. I got back only about 13 minutes ago, over two hours walking part way to LadyLaineyworkville getting a black coffee at Mac D's on the way back and then through the industrial estate and back home.

And to top it all I passed numerous post boxes and had forgotten my cards to post!

I have lots of chores to do today so I will not be lying around for long.

Well I am watching Little Joey Root doing  a spot of fabulous bowling. There is not much more that you can say about it.

Those Yorkshire boys.

Over in Australia David Warner hit his 7th one day century of the year, that is some achievement. And they beat New Zealand 3-0 in the One Day series so that should fill them with confidence ( not that they need it as most have over inflated egos).

I am keeping this very short, as Coach is on at tea time and I want to have some breakfast before then,

India are currently 345-6 tailing by 55.

Right off to do 'stuff; ( housework, soup making, bake some bread and have a nap)

Until tomorrow when hopefully I will have lots of exciting things  to report ( I suggest that you don't hold your breath for that).

Friday, 9 December 2016

F(ryan)day frenzy

Flipping heck, its F(ryan)day already and I  have lots of orders to fill from my Etsy shop. It's all go this weekend.
The planned new 'cricknits' brainstorming session for new items for next season seem to be on hold until the Christmas holibobs and then we can crack on with new ideas.

In the meantime the knitting needles will be clicking furiously.

Last night I put the icing on the last cakes  and packaged them up.
That is one mammoth job done and finished.

I also went to get the results from my blood test which was a huge thumbs up to it being viral and probably a by product of the   hideous cold that I had a few weeks ago.

Well that is good to know and I now have to take it easy for a couple more weeks.
Hahahahaha how I laughed!!!!
Me take it easy????
Considering that this weekend I have cards and presents to deliver as next weekend I am 'darn sarf'' and the weekend after sees the arrival of Pere Noel, well it just ain't going to happen.

The dining room is the only room in the Chateau that is ready for Xmas so also have to crack on with the rest.
I think I really need staff.

However back to cricket yesterday, well it was all going off, as the Umpire was taken off the field after being hit on the head by a cricket ball.
The former South African  U19 captain hit a century on his England debut.
England racked up some runs before end of play.

They are ,as I type , 8 wickets down.

Interesting news from Down under, Justin Langer will coach the Australian T20 team  in their internationals against Sri Lanka in February.

and talking Oz they are in action against New Zealand in their last ODI  in Melbourne.

And finally I have just had to turn off TMS as Boycott came on air. Yesterday he was argumentative and annoying and to be honest his 'script' is wearing a bit thin.
I know what I would like to do with his stick of rhubarb!!!

Right off to the office for 7 hours and then freedom!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Thought for Thursday

I suddenly realised that in just under 2 weeks time ,as of today, we will have seen the shortest day come and go and will now be on the way back to Spring. The days will gradually get longer  and I for one cannot wait!
Yes I know its a way off, but hey its a great thought for Thursday.

I need something to get me through the day today, which did not have too early a start.

Although cricket started at 4am (ish) I decided that as I am still only at 45% health wise I would just wake up when I woke up, and so it was the usual 5.15am 

I am now listening to the thoughts and decisions on 'red cards' and bat sizes.

Firstly a card system for discipline?

1. Some players have no respect for an umpire so imagine them accepting a card from them;

2. Some players are total thugs with foul mouths and need to be carded as fines don't seem to work.

3 The Umpires in tests cant even make a decision without it being reviewed, I think the card system will not work in Internationals ( but should be used here more so).

I can see a player being carded in a test and then being surrounded by the whole team just like football,

And this is not football this is cricket.

No to cards in my books


Size of bats?

Why not colour of bat grips?

Oh my goodness this committee wanted to have a little jolly to Mumbai, bit of chat, bit of cricket and some made up ideas to make it look as if they were really having a meeting.

Am I right?

Oh and by the way Captain Cook was out before lunch.
Short one today I am on need of extra caffeine and need to be in the office slightly earlier this morning.

Have a good Thursday, the weekend is close


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

back to normal ( whatever normal is)

So back to some sort of normality in the blog today after the mayhem of yesterdays 'Cricmas song'.

Today ' The Gentlemen of Tykeshire' are modelling their Christmas hats with the exception of Ryan Gnome who can't get his on for his hair!

Right enough of that, lets get to some cricket news.
So after some shaky cricket and an over haul of the Australian team, they managed to win the series over New Zealand with David Warner hitting his 6th one day international century of the year.
The 116 run win, will hopefully have helped the team get their mojo back after some terrible cricket against South Africa.
Warner hit119, 100 more than Finch, he just doesn't rate on my scale at all.
'Teeny temporary Tyke' Travis Head hit 57, whilst the diminutive but lovely George Bailey saw the boys to the end ( without score).
Are we seeing a change in the Australian team? We will have to wait and see.

South African, Keaton Jennings has been talking about being selected to play for England. He says he feels 'very English'.
Sadly I have heard this from a South African before and he turned into the biggest cricket  whore mercenary  in the world.
Good luck to Jennings, hopefully he will get a chance to play, or he can play cards with the perpetual ECB holiday maker Finny.

News from Somerset that much tattooed,all rounder Peter Trego, has signed with the club until the end of season 2018.

And back to today.
 I am feeling slightly better which is good
I am on my way to the office, which is not good.
I have only 9 working days after today until I am on my holibobs, which is flipping amazing.
I also have 5 cakes to ice this evening when I get home.
I need to order my new hoover and TV and then I can get down to some (more) knitting.

I tell you the Chateau is a hive of activity at the moment,

Happy Wednesday, have a great day.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Twelve Days of 'Cricmas'

 On the first day of Cricmas
my true love sent to me:
A new coach in Galey

On the second day of Cricmas
my true love sent to me:
2 Hoddy's gloves
and a  new coach in Galey

On the third day of Cricmas
my true love sent to me:
3 Yorkshire Chairmens
2 Hoddy's gloves
and a  new coach in Galey

On the fourth day of Cricmas
my true love sent to me:
4 Jemima Birds
3 Yorkshire Chairmens
2 Hoddy's gloves
and a  new coach in Galey

On the fifth day of Cricmas
my true love sent to me:
5 Jack Leanings
4 Jemima Birds
3 Yorkshire Chairmens
2 Hoddy's gloves
and a  new coach in Galey

On the sixth day of Cricmas
my true love sent to me:
6 Plunketts playing
5 Jack Leanings
4 Jemima Birds
3 Yorkshire Chairmens
2 Hoddy's gloves
and a  new coach in Galey

On the seventh day of Cricmas
my true love sent to me:
7 Brooks a brimming
6 Plunketts playing
5 Jack Leanings
4 Jemima Birds
3 Yorkshire Chairmens
2 Hoddy's gloves
and a  new coach in Galey

On the eighth day of Cricmas
my true love sent to me:
8 Captains thinking
7 Brooks a brimming
6 Plunketts playing
5 Jack Leanings
4 Jemima Birds
3 Yorkshire Chairmens
2 Hoddy's gloves
and a  new coach in Galey

On the ninth day of Cricmas
my true love sent to me:
9 Lady Laineys glancing
8 Captains thinking
7 Brooks a brimming
6 Plunketts playing
5 Jack Leanings
4 Jemima Birds
3 Yorkshire Chairmens
2 Hoddy's gloves
and a  new coach in Galey

On the tenth day of Cricmas
my true love sent to me:
10 Bairstows keeping
9 Lady Laineys glancing
8 Captains thinking
7 Brooks a brimming
6 Plunketts playing
5 Jack Leanings
4 Jemima Birds
3 Yorkshire Chairmens
2 Hoddy's gloves
and a  new coach in Galey

On the eleventh day of Cricmas
my true love sent to me:
11 Lythys swiping
10 Bairstows keeping
9 Lady Laineys glancing
8 Captains thinking
7 Brooks a brimming
6 Plunketts playing
5 Jack Leanings
4 Jemima Birds
3 Yorkshire Chairmens
2 Hoddy's gloves
and a  new coach in Galey

On the twelfth day of Cricmas
my true love sent to me:
12 Siddys incoming
11 Lythys swiping
10 Bairstows keeping
9 Lady Laineys glancing
8 Captains thinking
7 Brooks a brimming
6 Plunketts playing
5 Jack Leanings
4 Jemima Birds
3 Yorkshire Chairmens
2 Hoddy's gloves
and a  new coach in Galey

Monday, 5 December 2016

5th December

Well I am up and dressed and getting myself sorted to head out to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office for this week.

The best thought is that after today there will only be two more Mondays to get up  until I am on my holibobs. Now that is something to look forward to. And the way that I feel this morning it can't come round quickly enough.

Today is also the birthday of my wonderful Dad who sadly is no longer with us. I am sure he is having a cracking birthday bash with Mum and all the rest of the Wilko/Robbo/Gibbo gang.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Well if yesterday was supposed to be the day of rest ( especially for me) it turned into quite a busy one.
I used up the last of the ingredients that I had in the pantry and managed to knock out more xmas cakes. Having produced 30 this year I have set an all time record and I am sure that I have no intention of doing it again, especially with icing then all!!!

I stripped the beds as I do every Sunday and then set too and boxed up pressies etc that will be posted off today. Once that job is done I can relax a little.
I still have some more cards to write and over the next two weeks I can also get down  to extra cleaning and de cluttering. ( I am getting good at this and the Charity Shop love it when I pull up outside_

Over in cricket Australia pulled off a blinder beating New Zealand.
Steve Smith hitting 164 from 157 balls, had to be the hero of the hour.
Especially after the much hyped Aaron Finch was out first ball.
Glenn Maxwell however  took a cracking catch when he was on the field as substitute, dismissing Martin Guptill who hit 114.
For the Aussies this was a major boost as they ended a run of successive  one day defeats.

England are in action later this week, but as reported I will not be knocking myself out to get up at stupid o'clock, I need to get back to full fitness..........................and intend to.

Well all this chatter is not straightening my fringe ( thing 'there was a little girl and she had a little curl.........)  and then I am off to see what mayhem occurred on Friday afternoon after I left.

And just to remind you it is only 20 days until Pere Noel arrives.


Sunday, 4 December 2016

another lazy day

Well not really lazy, more like recuperating!

I feel about 10% better than yesterday which was a marked improvement on Friday so I think that I am heading in the right direction.

Thank you for all your get well wishes. I really want to put this year behind me, what with tennis elbow ( well as long as I knit I will have that ) injured coccyx, seriously swollen finger ( paronychia) and numerous coughs and colds. I am a walking disaster!
Well 2017 is going to be much more healthy I am determined about that.

I notice that there is very little cricket news and I have made a big decision regarding cricket this week. I am not getting up at 3.30am to watch/listen to it . I am too poorly and this is not going to help me be fit for 'cricmas'.

I doubt the boys will miss me.

What I have been reading about this morning which filled me with a warm glow, was about a man named Shiv Krishan. Mr Krishan is a community  cricket coach in Bradford, and has been involved as a volunteer  in the sport for over 30 years.

He is currently working with Great Horton Church Junior Cricket Club, spending on average 10 hours a week with them.

As a result of this Mr Krishan has been named  Yorkshire BBC 's Unsung Hero of 2016.

Very well deserved.

Australia and New Zealand are currently  playing another ODI, New Zealand need  287 more runs to win.

I am in need of a cup of hot blackcurrant and some (vegan) cheesy beans on toast, before I snuggle down for another day on the sofa.

Have a great Sunday, and don't so anything too exhausting. I won't be!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Thought for us Yorkies

The days are short and dark and cold
The trees are skeletal and bare
 fog and frost  hang around each morning
With the smell of wintery air
Fires burn for warmth and comfort
Blankets swaddling our forms
Snow and sleet a fact of life
As we ‘batten down’ against the storms
Is there a  tiny chink of light?
In this tunnel of wintery doom
Is here a chance of sun and fun?
To chase away the gloom?
As I open the blinds this dark cold morn
And yawn and stretch and shiver
I see the dawn breaking through
A tiny pale silver sliver
A thought of Headingley comes to mind
Like an itch that needs a scratch,
I smile and look at the calendar
125 days to our 1st  County Championship  match