Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Christmas is over

Well here we are on Boxing Day although it is not  called that here in France.
yesterday was a quiet one in Chateau Didi deux, we were up at 3am, drinking champagne at 5am and then asleep again at 10am!

After a fabulous lunch of chestnut and mushroom wellington, we had another sleep and then watched DVD's.

ah the joys of just lazing around.

As there is no BT sport here I decided to rely on social media for cricket news, and when I awoke from the most marvellous slumber I was aware that David Warner getting a century was not boding well for England.

We got dressed and headed out, I couldn't face any cricket info.

So we went on a champagne crawl around town.

Interesting it was too, at Champagne Rubaud, we learnt that they are 6th generation champagne producers and we were down in 'la cave' with all of his champgne.

Selling Brut, Sec, and demi Sec ( as you would expect) it was very interesting  to hear of his family coming to the area in  1821,staying in the hotel Pomme d'Or ( where the Dame stayed when she first arrived).
How the first child of this family nearly died of cholera and the fact that they named the champagne 'Comte de Bar' after the 'Comte who built the church of St Maclou, which is right in front of the Dames house as she is in Le Place St Maclou!

A great and intersting time.

We went up  also too Champagne Gilles Leseurre which is super swanky.

I have a lot more tasting to do I can tell you.

Then home for a late lunch and champagne natrually.

And what of the cricket?

Welll Australia closing on 244-3 makes it interesting for tomorrow.

right all off to eat, drink and go to the bar later.

happy Boxing Day 

Sunday, 24 December 2017

It's Christmas Eve

Greetings on Christmas Eve, I am late posting as I have been very busy this morning. I went out for a lovely stroll through the town and back to the Chateau. It was quiet and there were not many peope around.

The thing that I find really refreshing is that unlike Blighty, Xmas here in France is not so in your face. Yes there are decorations in the streets, but there is not the constant bombardment in every shop window.

Strange on Christmas eve not to see men running around in a full on frenzy looking for pressies for all their loved ones!

All is calm!

After breakfast the Dame and I decided to have another walk up.  we walked  around the town and then into the centre, where we headed into the bar to partake of some champers. Well come on it would have been very rude not to.

I have been catching up on all thing cricket  ( and prehaps wished I hadn't).

There is lots of 'fighting' talk going on, its all for show, llike peacocks strutting around flluffing up there tails to show who  look best!!!!

Mitchell Starc and Craig Overton are both out of the fourth test.

Much is being made of Joe Roots captaincy.

lots of talk about the  upcoming test.

and then there is a matter of T10!

What the Donald Duck?????!!!!!

I know what it is, but I cannot even begin to think of it as cricket, more like tip and run!

Best not to think too much on this until  am back in the UK.

We are now preparing to head into town for the arrival of Pere Noel, he willl be arrivng about 5pm.

Then it will be home, a spot of wine and TV and bed before the big day.

Which will involve going too church and posssibly the lake.

It is all go here I can tell you.

As I may not have time to blog tomorrow, I would like to wish all readers a Very Merry Christmas, and hope that you all have a  lovely day however you spend it.

I'll be back soon.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

we are here

Morninng all , no time for picture this morning as I am using the lapdog of the sister dame Didi.
we arrived in the Champagne Region last evenning and headed straight too the bar to sample the local fare.
Our journey went smoothly until we were put off the train one stop from the airport, due to an incident further along the line towards Paris.

However 30 mins later a train took us and I headed to the Gare du nord.

From there a pleasant walk throughh Paris to the Gare du L'est and meet up with the Dame, who was (sacre bleu) in Marks and Spencer!!!!!
She was buying (mon dieu) crunchy peanut butter and Marmite!!!!

then onto the Troyes train and arrived at chateau Didi deux as it got dark.

I have no cricket news as I  have not had time to check and we are about to head out to the shops,

I was very sad to hear that the beautiful Jess went over the rainbow bridge yesterday.
A beautifull dog she was and loved very much.
she is now ruunning free of pain.

I hope to be back on here before Pere Noel arrives

have a great day


Friday, 22 December 2017

Good morning all

good moring every bod,it is I Pink Hippo Robinson, I is doing de blog dis morning as  de Momma is wery busy.
She say she is getting checked in and sorting out de cases but I tell you de twuff, she in de swanky lounge  porwing fwee dwink down her neck and eating as many vegan delights as she can find!

Der now you know what weally goes on in de Chateau  most of de time.

she say I have to check de cwicket stuff and tell you what is happening.

So here goes,
Chwis Wead who wetired fwom Notts at de end of de season is coming back...........
......dis is only in de hollibobs as he is now working in a school ( jus like de Momma did). Dat means he will be working wif me favourite bowler ever, Big Lukey Fletcher.

New boy in de Englnd team Dawid Malan does say dat  dey are in good spiwits, well dey is in good company cos de momma is too (  spiwits is  fwee in de swanky lounge too). He say dat despite losing the Ashes to Austwalia, England is de best team he has played wif.

Dey want to win the next two tests to regain pride.

Well good on you lad, have a word wif  de uvers.

And den Jimmy Anderson has been picking holes in de Aussie team. Saying if you look past Starc, hazelwood and Cummins, dey have problems.
Hmmm I no watched de test but according to what I heared coming out of de Mommas mouf, it seem dat Jimmy should be looking at his own  team!!!

now I see how de momma get all ranty on a moning!!

So now it time for me to stop typing and jump into de bag and get on de plane.

I is going to Fwance you know, to see me cuz VB.

I wish you all a Wery Merry Chwistmas.

love from

Pink Hippo

Thursday, 21 December 2017

And that's it!

Four hours at work and then I am off.

Housesitter is sorted  with instruction list.
I just have to try to get everything into the limo!

I just had a check of the cricket news and sad to see that Mitchell Starc may be a doubt for the test!

You may think its odd that I seem to be backing an Aussie, but truth is I like to see him bowl.

Strange to see Mark Stoneman say that Australia were not the better side despite losing 3 test to them.

I think this is more reason for their to be an allocated spokesman for the team rather than everyone babbling on!
just my opinion.

All talk is about the Boxing Day test, I will be dipping out of this one, I will be catching bits on social media, but I am going to try to take a break from there too.

I seem to be forgetting that Christmas is only days away, I guess it is because I have so much to cram in before then,

The weather here has changed for the milder and  we are seeing some wonderful sunrises, this is something that I hope to be missing though over the next week, as I am hoping to have some proper lie ins.
Its been a strange and tiring last half of the year for me, not helped by a 'major incident' Tuesday evening in to Wednesday, things just never go as planned.

well super short and not sure if I will be here tomorrow, although like a bad penny I am bound to turn up.

wishing you a very happy Thursday.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017


yes indeed, I have only half a day after today and that's it for the year. Its been some year I can tell you, no wonder I am exhausted.

however one full day and a half day to go, so lets get them over and done with.

bits of crickety news, as it is announced that Ben Duckett will have no part in the Lions tour to the West Indies.

Craig Overton is a doubt for the Boxing Day test, due to a rib injury.

Eoin Morgan  extends his Middlesex stay

and the ECB has set about 'ground- breaking' changes to their governance. Its the using of the words 'ground-breaking' thats scares me!!!

whats it all about?

typical ECB babble, they are reducing the amount of the directors on the board ( more port for the rest!)  and this 'ground breaking' change in governance will change the face of English cricket, making the board  more representative of the whole game.
According to Colin Graves!

well now!!!

What trickery is this????

What plot does his Greveship thicken here.

I foresee 12 CC matches coming and a full season of T20 .

OK that is unkind, but I am not sure how ditching one director is groundbreaking, noticeably there will now be no County club representatives.....................

and there it is!

There we have it!

We all know how this is going to pan out.

you mark my words!

oh yes and apparently 30% of the board will be female too

Quill to paper as I apply for some of the 30%.

Ok off to do the full time thing now that I have had a mini rant

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

same old tired Tuesday

Ah I miss the early morning singing of the Blackbirds, it usually wakes me up in the summer, now however I am woken up by the fact that the electric blanket has switched off and it is cold!

I am tired and grumpy this morning but only 2 more getty ups for work and then I am off!

at least I won't be getting up at stupid o clock for the cricket!.

Yesterday saw me travelling to work catching up as the last wicket fell and Australia snatched the Ashes back.

I listened to the interview with Trevor Bayliss, and Joe Root, I listened to Geoff Boycotts view on the who thing.

No one can really explain why we lost. The staff and players say that they gave it their all, but are a loss to explain it.

most pundits say that they were poor.

I just think that after a couple of years in the wilderness, Australia have come back with a bang and I don;t think that we can deny that they were the better team across the board.

The matter is now closed. What's done is done and cannot be undone!

not great news for South Africa as Faf du Plessis is a worry for the test.

I am just waiting for the return of Dale ( The Stare) Steyn!!

In county news Worcestershire as looking for the ideal coach......................I'm putting quill to paper now!

right best off to coach my bunch. today we are having a chat about Weils Disease, now that made for great bedtime reading!!!

back tomorrow!

Monday, 18 December 2017

Monday again

well here we are again, the last Monday at work for a couple of weeks and I am shattered.

 I woke up to listen to the conclusion of the test, only to hear that rain and 'wet patches' had delayed the start, true to form, I could not get back to sleep until they went out to play at 5am, when I  could have given Sleeping Beauty a run for her money!!!

I got up to get ready for work, only to  come back and hear that Jonny B had gone!

Now we have lost Moeen and it is all looking a little bit as predicted.

Best to focus on positive things, like the fact I am checked in for the flight.....................but not packed to get on it!

I have car park and hotel booked at airport.....................but not sure I have the energy to drive there

I have insurance and Hotel booked in Paris ...................but no euros!

Ah well I am sure that I can sort that out easily enough, and sure that by Thursday I will be feeling more in the mood for everything.

I have just peeped tentatively at the score, 188-6 at the moment.

Totally  sure that by the time I get to the office it will be all over.

And talking office................I had best hot foot it and start the week.

I know this is short, it is to prepare you for intermittent ones over the Xmas period, as I will not be blogging everyday.
I genuinely need a holiday.

Happy Monday

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Got up early....went back to bed

I was up in the middle of the night to listen to the test........................... after Australia declared and we lost Stoneman, Cook & Root, I decided to go back to sleep, and I did until 10am.

Only to find that toaster has packed up!
How much more can one woman take!!!!

Thankfully the washing machine is in fine fettle and is currently doing the holibobs stuff. The bedding is waiting to go in. although with the amount of rain that is falling at the moment, I can assure you it will not be seeing outdoors!

So to the test........................

I really don't want to kick a team when they are already on the floor, but what is going on?

The openers can hardly make double figures, the captain looks lost and bewildered when ever you see him.

If these are the cream of English cricket then the counties are in big trouble.

It looks like a bunch of lads on an 18-30's holiday.
the reports of high  jinx is also not boding well for the team, so where do they go from here?

Well I think that we are all now sure that the Australians will have the Ashes by this time tomorrow and only a continual  torrential downpour can save England from a defeat.

Time to regroup,  get Xmas over and done with and get on with the job properly, because it is a job, I'm not sure that they remember that!

Well nothing that we can do now but hope for the best, and the best being rain for the next month!

I need to refill my coffee cup and get on with the packing.

has anyone seen my battery charger for my camera????

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Its Saturday .....

Saturday, cold but very bright and sunny,. so I think that a jaunt to the town is the order of the day.

I am trying to get everything sorted today and then can get on with packing tomorrow, ahead of another full on 3 days at work.

yesterday saw the Office Xmas lunch, which took place in a country pub about 2 miles from the office, lovely food and a great afternoon, then I was in the car and off to deliver presents and cards locally, by the time I got home I was ready for bed.
I decided that although it was only 7.30pm I would head off and watch a DVD and then go to sleep., well that was the plan.

Fell asleep without a DVD and was  woken a couple of hours later, not  by 'eedjit' over the road with the car, but by  home delivery service of food, I am not sure if it was Tesco or who it was, but I was not best pleased, and got up to make a drink
 I was still awake when the cricket started.

However that was such a sorry affair for English cricket that I switched the electric blanket on and nodded off,. I woke up in time to hear  Mitchell Marsh get his century, and then Smith his double century.

England are currently getting a master class in batting with Smith on 217 and Marsh on 175.

One wicket fell today and that was Shaun Marsh.

are there any positives to come from this?

I am positive that the Urn is not coming home.

In other news, 'Nora' Batty has stood down as Surrey club captain and will be replaces by Rory Burns.
good luck Rory.
I am sure that this will not make 'Nora' any quieter, probably quite the opposite.

right I am off to the town, and then home to do washing and housework.

Happy Saturday

Friday, 15 December 2017

Friday and lots of cricket stuff

So  its Friday, its the day of the office Xmas lunch and there is a lot of cricket news to get through.

Firstly, the best news to hear, is that 'Big' Luke Fletcher has been given the all clear to come back 'to work' this season. I am sure that most cricket fans will be glad to hear this after last seasons horrific injury.
What a top bloke he is.

More news out of Worcestershire, after it was announced that former player, coach and Director of cricket Steve Rhodes has left the county with immediate effect.
Worcestershire were making no further comment on this matter.

And then there is the 3rd test, which yesterday took an unexpected turn when David Malan scored his maiden test century, followed today by Jonny B, between the two of them they steered the team into a good first innings score. sadly the tail was not wagging too much and England closed on  403.

Australia are 53-1 having lost David Warner who seems to be having a stinker of a time at the moment.

So we are looking to be making a fight of it.................................however these may be famous last words.

it is now only 3.5 working days until I  finish for my holibobs and cannot wait I can tell you,  the dark cold mornings are beginning to take their toll.

However this time next week we will be over the shortest day and it will nearly be SUMMER!!!!

we sort of !

Short one but time is not on my side, asbestos training talk to be done today and bacon butties for 40 to be organised before we all head out at 12.30pm for lunch.

until tomorrow, when I will no doubt be in a complete Christmas panic.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Sing-a-long Thursday

Ding dong, merrily on high
In Headingley the bells are ringing
Ding dong, The Swalec has a try,
At Lords the Taverners are singing

Gloria, the season nearly upon us
Gloria, which always is a bonus

From the Oval to  New Road
 Let steeple bells be swinging
And at The Ageas Bowl
Lets get those carols singing

Gloria, the season nearly upon us
Gloria, time to start the team bus

Let Old Trafford light up and shine
And so to down at Grace Road
Trent Bridge excel at Christmas time
With Edgbaston on overload

Gloria, the season nearly upon us
Gloria, and let it always be thus.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Midweek and moving on toward hols

Yes it is just over a week until I am finishing work and it cannot come quickly enough, the tiredness is now so bad that I am struggling to get out of bed at normal time.

it would also have been 2 weeks until I hit the magical 2000 blogs and wrapped it all up for good, as was the plan. However due to a rookie mistake by a couple of 'managers' at a County club, I have decided to keep going. Nothing like keeping up the notoriety.

I would make it public but would hate to show this club in an even more ridiculous  light.
I have to say that it gave me the best laugh of the day.

So sadly for the keyboard warriors and the haters, I am going to keep going.

However today any cricket news is just a rehash of the Duckett affair, with James Anderson saying that it was a 'non event'. He also said it was unfair to question the teams culture!.

I just think when all the things that keep being reported ( and yes I know the media love all of this), it is not showing the team in any other way than drunken louts. just my view.

The BBL in Australia is getting ready to start u, who will come to the fore?
Well I am one again putting my money on The Strikers, even though they have let me down the last few seasons.

Glad to see that most of the xmas pressies have been delivered. There were less going out this year due to lack of time with work and also with being ill. I have struggled to get on top of the usual mound of things sent out. I am still trying to get Xmas cards delivered!

well I had best hot foot it to work, it is still cold and icy outside so if the conditions are the same with you, take care out there.

Rightio gang, I am off!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

An icy blast

Well the weather is not improving any , it was -6  yesterday when I got to the office and it  was -20 inside, I jest you not!
we had been lucky enough to avoid snow, and then by the time I got home, there had a covering, which this morning is nicely crisp underfoot and will be not great to drive on, luckily once on the main roads, i follow a bus route, always handy.

the thing is, I wonder why we are not prepared here in the UK, yesterday schools closed, as teachers couldn't get in, trains couldn't run and  airports closed.

how on earth do Scandinavian countries and the like function once it is winter?

As we inch closer to the 3rd test,  everyone seems to be having something to say, this time Jonny B, who says that England need to rebuild trust after the off field antics.
Joe Root has been let down.

Well yes Jonny that is true, however Joe needs to stand up to you all and pull you into line, you all also need to act like men and remember that you are in Australia representing your country, not on your gap year.

The Ashes are inching closer to Australia and they know it.

Well at 6.30am it is time to head out the door and inch my way to the office.

I know its a short one today, but time is not on my side.

What is on my side though is the realisation that I have been totally correct about a decision I made a couple of years ago.


all will be revealed soon.

Keep and warm and safe out there today.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Monday again

Well here we are again, its Monday, however after today I only have one more Monday to work before I am on my holibobs!
 I am desperately trying to make a positive out of a cold frosty Monday morning.

And looking at the cricket news the blog is going to be incredibly short too.

Ben Duckett has been suspended from playing  and fined. I am wondering why he was on the first plane home!

Moeen Ali hit the nail on the head with his comments about the team being grown men who should know how to behave.

yes this is true, and of course they are old enough to drink, but this seems to be the curse of the team at the moment.

back here in blighty , lots of the country  is blanketed in snow, surprisingly, here in the North East we don't seem to have any at all.no doubt I have now put the kybosh on that and it will arrive just as I get to work.

This week will involve a lot of desk clearing and also case organising when I get home in the evenings.

I know that I cannot leave this to the last minute, but I am fearing that time will disappear this week.

We are having out office Christmas lunch on Friday which will be something to look forward to. This is not the same as past office outings in old job, mainly as everyone is driving and so no drinking will be involved. very civilised.

Right I said it would be short, hopefully some good news in the cricket world tomorrow,

stay warm  today

Sunday, 10 December 2017

So then.......

where to start................

1. had a lie in as I had a full on busy day yesterday, wonderful visit from friends Sam & Simon and there puppy Oscar. Wonderful day,

2. read the news about Ben Duckett and the drinking incident.

3. Read about the fact that IPL may rule the world by 2020.

so to no1.

Sam & Simon and the wonderful Oscar came to visit and we had a fabulous selection of vegan curries with all the trimmings.
It was great to get together, its nearly a year since we last met up, due to our work schedules.
We will not leave it so long next time.

no 2.
Ben Duckett and the drink incident.
Not sure what is going on with the team  down under.
they seem to be behaving like 14 year olds left home alone!
It seems that we won't win the Ashes but will win the 'p*** up' afterwards.
They are playing into the Aussies hands!

no 3
if rumours are to be believed , everything that I said about T20 cricket will be true. it seems that talks  are taking place to ensure that no international cricket takes place during the IPL in months of April and May from 2020.
Only the ECB are to yet agree to this.

I think this shows how cricket is about to go.
I fully appreciate the value of T20 but it now seems that it is going to be the major form of the game.

Not a great read for a cricket purist.

Right off to do washing!

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Sing-a -long -Saturday

Deck the halls with ball and wicket 
    fa la la la la la la la
Tis near the season full of cricket
        fa la la la la la la la
Don we now our white apparel    
        fa la la la la la la la
Time to really roll out the barrel
           fa la la la la la la la

See the batting and bowling before us
   fa la la la la la la la
Fill the boot and rev the team bus
       fa la la la la la la la
Follow Yorks where ever they travel
     fa la la la la la la la
Over cobbles, grass and gravel   
       fa la la la la la la la

Fast away the old year passes
               fa la la la la la la la
Hail the new season lads and lasses
     fa la la la la la la la
Sing we joyous  all together      
        fa la la la la la la la
Ready for the summer weather  
        fa la la la la la la la.

Have a wonderful weekend

Friday, 8 December 2017

Friday and half day

Well its half day Friday and time to think about the weekend, but before that lets recap yesterday.

I had a surprise phone call yesterday morning on my way to work, it was great to catch up with my friend. Laughing and chattering all the way to work as well as putting the cricket world to rights. Just what I needed as I was feeling a little jaded with the loss of the curls.

I tell you the cricket season cannot come quickly enough for me, and probably you too.

However first things first. We have the AGM at HQ to think about and the date is to be announced, but last night we got the great news that Kane Williamson is coming back for some of the CC matches and the T20. Just what I needed to hear.

Also fabulous news that the Matthew Waite has signed with the club until 2019.........................and so has TLJL!!!!

Well that was a great end to the day!

News from the IPL is that after 9 years with the Mumbai Indians, Jonty Rhodes had left. he is apparently off to build his personal business ventures.

I'm keeping a little eye on Aussie Mitchell Marsh, in case he is selected for the third test, the brother of Shaun Marsh  is keen to play. He is wying for a place with Peter Hanscomb.
Could be interesting.

Ireland beat Afghanistan in Sharjah, which will lead us to Sunday and the deciding match in their series.

Tomorrow and Sunday England are playing a match against Australia XI ahead of the Perth test.

I am sure that we will be looking out for news on this one and hoping for a positive.

well off I go, as I have no assistant today ( she is off Christmas shopping) it looks as if I will be going on the bacon butty run for the boys.

its all go I tell you!

Have a fabulous Friday, keep warm, its blowing a gale here!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Lets do Thursday

So its Thursday  and we are now in the clutches of the post mortem  of the test.

I just couldn't write about it yesterday, it was too painful, having been awake since stupid o'clock!, however news is that Ben Stokes has been called up for the first ODI but is unlikely to play due to the ongoing Police investigation.
So the question is, why call him up?

So we march forlornly onwards  to the next clash.

There was a lovely gesture made to Jonny B as a gentleman in Adelaide gave him a pair of his dads wicket keeping gloves.

Lovely to see the spirit of cricket in action.

Over in the world of work, I am finally seeing some light in the O & M tunnel ( actually it is a pinprick of light but better than nothing). I am now trying not to focus too much on the work to be completed before I head off for R & R in the Champagne region and living it up in Paris.
I know what has to be done, I just hope that the team are up to the challenge.

I am on countdown to the shortest day,
'Why?' I hear you ask.

Well obviously after that has gone it is nearly the cricket season !!!

In other news the orange afro has gone straight again, yes over the last week the curl has been dropping out of my hair,
I am putting this down to being ill and I am hoping that I will be in full bounciness again soon.

typical woman, hate curls when I have them, hate it when they are gone!

And now I am gone.

have a great Thursday, although in truth when I woke up this morning I was convinced that it was Saturday!

Wishful thinking

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Sing-a-long Wednesday

We the fans of Headingley
( to the tune of ' We three Kings')

We the fans  of Headingley  are
Watching cricket  travelling far
Field and thicket, moor and wicket
Following on, no ta!

Born to play on Headingley  plain

Champagne we have to toast them again
Champs forever, no losing ever 
Division one to reign 

O Rose of Yorkshire , rose of white

Rose that keeps us smiling bright
Wins a needing , Hoddy succeeding  
CC Trophy the perfect sight.

Cricnic tea to offer have I
Plant based goodies for all to try
welcome grazing, martini raising
Cocktail time is nigh 

O Rose of Yorkshire , rose of white

Rose that keeps us smiling bright
Wins a needing , Bressy speeding 
CC Trophy the perfect sight.

2018 the rose must bloom
Breathing new  life after 2017’s gloom
Sorrowing, sighing, swearing and crying
Swept away  with the new  broom

O Rose of Yorkshire , rose of white

Rose that keeps us smiling bright
Wins a needing , Brooksy pleading
CC Trophy the perfect sight.

Glorious now the team will rise
heartened by the members cries
Yorkshire endeavour  Yorkshire forever 
Aiming for the ultimate prize 

O Rose of Yorkshire , rose of white

Rose that keeps us smiling bright
Wins a needing , and Jack Leaning 
CC Trophy the perfect sight.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

well now!!

Well this time yesterday we were reeling over an England collapse.....................and the we saw the team skittle the Aussies for 138. Anderson and Woakes being the key bowlers in this.
Now though England face an uphill battle to score 354.
Cook and Stoneman are at the crease.

there was a bit of high drama at Adelaide yesterday, as my all time favourite Aussie bowler Glenn Mcgrath, got trapped in a lift for over half an hour.
This meant that he missed a spell of commentating.
luckily all was well in the end.

having been stuck in a lift for over an hour with only a packet of Opal fruits, I can tell you it is not something that I wish to repeat.
especially when the the two men who were trying to get the lift moving, radioed  to ask someone 'which lever is the brake?'.

I had an 'Omen' moment!!!

In other cricket news it has been announced that Alex Hales will face no further police investigation over the 'Stokes' incident.
And that he is now available for selection.
However, has this event blotted his copy book for good?

Essex batsman Tom Westley will be out for 3 months after having finger surgery. hopefulyy this will put in in good fettle for the start of the county championship.

Well it is time to go and England are currently 45-0 so only just over 300 runs to win.

have a good day

Monday, 4 December 2017

here we go again

well here we go again another week, the 1st week in December and its very chilly outside, luckily the snow has gone, but for how long?

Hopefully long enough to see me settled in France!

yesterday was busy, as I prepared to pack up all the remaining presents to get out to the Post Office at the end of the week. I thought that I was so organised!,  but maybe I am not quite as organised as I at first thought!.

I had t'wireless on but managed to sleep through what is a terrible innings for England, and since tea its got worse, we are now 143-7.

What can you say?

Well there is a lot you could say , but my theory is 'least said, soonest mended'.

BBC cricket headline, England Collapse sort of says it all.

after smog stopped play in Delhi, England can only dream about this happening to them now!

I am putting this test to bed I think, the best outcome is a draw.

this week is going to be full on busy as I finish the cakes,  and hopefully the bathroom. I have visitors at the weekend so need to get ready for them too.

I am not putting up the 'cricmas' tree this year ( this could change in the next couple of days) but will put up the 'christmas curtains' and strategically place some Christmassy items around the house.

I don't see any point as I wont be here and will just have to put them all away when I get back from my holidays.

If you wonder why I am bleating on about Christmas, its to stop me saying what I really feel like saying about the state of the cricket!!

and with that I am heading out the door and to work.

Stay warm and have a good week.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Another chilly morning

Well after heading off to bed last night looking like Nanook of the North, I woke at usual time put on the wireless and then switched it off and went back to sleep, Judging by what I am now reading this was the best thing to do!

Beds are now stripped and in the washing machine and I am preparing for a full on busy day.

Yesterday involved a tentative toddle to the town along with some  knitting and general things in the house, the temperature dropped very quickly, and it turned into a cold afternoon and evening.

Now back to cricket, Australia have declared on 442 hit Shaun Marsh 126.

were we right to bowl first?

all talk of us needing Stokes was blown out of the window as he was out for 2 playing for Canterbury against Otago, and failed to take any wickets.

So where are we falling down?

the question that most people are asking

To be honest I just dont know.

What I do know is that  we need to get our acts together, or the Aussies will be romping all over us.

Time to  move hastily on.

It is gone 9am here and is very quiet which is unusual for a Sunday.

I think that I may just put some clothes on and head out for a walk. That way I can put the cricket world to rights in my head.

Have a peaceful Sunday.

lets hope we pull a rabbit out of the hat over night!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

It's a cricket morning

It's Saturday and I  had a little lie in whilst listening to the wireless and now the dishwasher is going, the washing machine is on and I have a 'vegan' sausage casserole in the slow cooker. Hopefully it will be yummy for my dinner tonight.

I am still not eating in the quantities that I would normally,  but I am getting there, what is apparent is that those rolls of blubber which laid over the waistband of my skirt, actually were hiding my rib cage! Who knew?, I now have ribs and hipbones! I am turning into the 20th century version of myself!

Joking apart, I have lost a dreadful amount of weight in a short space of time which is neither healthy or flattering. Hopefully I will be in full troughing mode again soon.

So to cricket, lets see what is happening  Australia are in batting and are currently 138-2. David Warner was on a good run until he was halted on 47. I bet he was saying some choice words on his way back to the pavilion.

In other cricket news , Lancashire have signed James Faulkner on a 2 year T20 deal ( its the magical 2 year thing again). Still wondering who Yorkshire will choose.

Jonathan Trott has been named U19 batting coach for the World Cup series. Jon Lewis will take over as coach.

I have lots to do today which will include going to the Post office to send knitting patterns to the Dame who is now getting impatient.

The new TV is here so that is to set up, and I got my fabulous print back from the framers yesterday. It looks outstanding. As the 2017 Hampshire team very kindly signed it for me, the worry was that I would lose some signatures.
Not so, the brilliant framer has done a tremendous job and it will be getting hung on the wall this afternoon.


Yes hopefully there will be some of that too.

Well best throw some clothes on the skeleton and shuffle down to the town.

Have a great Saturday, keep warm, its a bit chilly outside, and icy too as I can attest. My impersonation of Jayne Torvill, whilst taking out the recycling deserved a medal!

Friday, 1 December 2017

It's Friday and it's December!

Yes it s is Friday, the pine cones are not only closed, they have their coats on as it is snowy outside.
yesterday afternoon we were gifted a thick covering of snow, which kindly turned into a blizzard just in time to go home.
 Now funny thing is it takes me about an hour to get home in the evening, however I was factoring in snow so guessed I would be home 6.15-6.30pm.
NOPE! I was home at 5.35pm, I am guessing that a lot of people left work early and the roads were relatively clear.
I fear that the same will not be said about this morning.

Winter is here I am sorry to say.

Talk is turning to the second test which starts this weekend, with the usual  'we can win' 'we are better than you' talk.

It's all to play for.

Moeen Ali is a bit of a doubt with a finger injury which could put the youngster, Mason Crane in the spotlight.

In the County Championship Liam Livingstone will replace Steven Croft as the club captain for 2018, all change for the red rose county.

Its the 1st of December, 3 weeks until in head of to France and leave BNOTF  house sitting...............I am writing a 'not to do' list for him!
Thoughts are turning to packing and trying to finish at least one of the rooms left to decorate. it will be a full on 3 weeks.

Does anyone sit down and wonder, like me, just where the year has gone?

I am now into my 6th month in my new job, which is hard to believe, Dame Didi is nearly into her 6th month in France, it is all going very quickly!

Oh well as the last month of the year is here. lets make the most of it.

have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

It's all getting more real

So the fixtures were released yesterday and the three 'mustgetbeers' managed to arrange to meet up. A swift call to the Headingley Lodge got the bookings sorted and now I can just sit back and wait..............something that I am not very good at I can tell you.

I was sad to see that the Festival week at Scarbados is not with Nottinghamshire, it is with  second best, Worcestershire. I was swiftly rumbled by Gary as to my delight at this fixture.
As there is no HRR this season to photograph I have to find myself another subject for goodness sake!

And talking Worcestershire, there is some terrible news coming from the club regarding a young player.

back in next season, there are more day/night matches going on , which means that I can get into my jimjams early and watch from the warmth of my room, always a bonus.

And after all the flurry of fixture action we can now settle down and await the arrival of Pere Noel, and this year I will apparently be meeting him in person in the local bar in Damedididomain.

Lots to look forward to.

Like ships in the night BNOTF and I will be passing each other at Yuletide, however I have agreed to let him come and stay  at the chateau for the festive season and look after things for me. I visualise a mound of washing up that never made the dishwasher on my return!

Thoughts are also turning to case packing, and I think that I may have to make a start soon.

However the new TV arrives on Friday so I may just have figured out how to set that up by the time I leave for France.

New dining room light fitting goes up next week after having to cancel it because of being ill.

Yes its all going on, and I am now going off line and up the A167. another hour to go 8 miles. The joy of the road system.

have a splendid Thursday.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

It's the big one!

well today is the 'biggy',the day of the County Championship fixtures, I will get to see how many matches I will be able to see over next season.

This is a sure sign that spring is on the way, its all go now for the new season.

yesterday the T20 fixtures were released and I was straight on the phone to The Headingley Lodge to book a room for August 17th. The Annual get together, although it appears that one of the trio is going to let us down! Oh Jim! our partner in hi jinx!!!

We have however asked him to send a replacement and put in a special request.

If that falls through then I am sure that Sophie and I can make up for him!

I never really had a look at the others, I will have a good look tonight after hanging some wallpaper.

In other news Travis Head has been named captain of The Strikers for the forthcoming BBL.

The ECB are still denying rumours that Ben Stokes will join up with the team  after flying to New Zealia. As I never believe anything that the ECB say it could be that he is just inching closer to a place.
if not then he certainly picked his time to go on holiday to see family! Any publicity and all that!!

I am well on the mend from the lurgy ( touch wood ). Upside is that I have found my hip bones which have been missing in action since 1999, at first, when I was laid in bed the other night I though that I had developed some other malady, then the realisation dawned on me that I have lost so much weight that my padding had decreased.

Hopefully the rear end decreases too, I am beginning to look like Kim Kardashian, and that is not a pleasant thought.

so onward and upward.

The fixtures are so close I can smell them, and my sense of smell is on over drive at the moment, I still cannot bear the smell of coffee or toast or any food really, so plain spaghetti for me again today.

Hopefully I will have my appetite back soon. Not wanting to eat is the most alien thing to me.

Now I am off to do battle with a mound of paper work and brave the cold and wet that is Wednesday.

Have a great fixtures day.

Its Wednesday, its mid week, smile!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

T20 Tuesday

So today we see some of our 'fanxiety, put to rest. If I am correct in the understanding that today will be the day that the T20 fixtures are released and the CC will come later this week

This means that the 'cete of badgers' will be able to organise their yearly meet up and get the hotel booked!! YEAY!!!!

It also means that I can see which Fridays I can head down to Headingley after half day at work, that is such a great thing with the new job!

It's good to look forward to the new season.

I need it, I  think we are going to have a long tour down under!

The  press and rumour mill are having the time of their lives with the 'Jonny B' headbutting  incident. It has taken over from the Stokes incident which in turn took over from..................................well you get the drift.
There does however seem to be a common theme in all the threads, bars and drink.
Of course we are constantly being told there is no drinking culture in the England dressing room. maybe its time to drop the champers in celebrations for Perrier water and see what happens on  night out.

Just a thought.

So back to today, off to the office, watch out for fixtures at 11am, book hotel at 11.05am. Have some plain spaghetti for lunch ( yes I am still on plain food and still no coffee). Take Northlands Road print to the framers to be transformed and then at 5pm sit in traffic for an hour swearing at everyone as I want to get home and go to bed!

Full on day if you factor in the 14 O & M manuals to be done like yesterday!

Ah the joy of work.

however it is a means to an end.

And with that I must end the blog and head off for another 'happy hour' in the car as I fight my way to work.

Have a great Tuesday, smile its fixture day.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Nearly back to normal ( whatever that is)

well, new day, new week, and I am standing upright finally.
after succumbing to the 'winter vomiting bug' according to the NHS helpline, I am now 1/2 stone lighter, have a total dislike of coffee (WHHHHATTTT!!!!???) and  am about to head back to work.

I have managed in past years to avoid this complaint and believe me after having it I am going to do my best never to get it again. The upside ( if there was an upside) is that I managed to sleep through the first test which  many of you may have wished you had too.

I struggled to work for my meeting on Friday, somehow managed to drive myself home. Crawled in the front door, and that is not an exaggeration, my neighbours must have been into total curtain twitching mode to see that. got into bed fully clothed due to being so cold that even the electric blanket on both sides didn't penetrate, and slept on and off for 17 hours ( of which 16 was probably full on sleep).
Saturday was  much the same apart from drinking litres of water, juice, dioralyte  ( I am considering buying shares) and Andrews.

By yesterday I was feeling well enough to put the washing in ( some things never change) and got showered and hairwashed ( although that made no impression on the fact that I was a white as the sheets I had just washed).

I have managed to eat 3 pieces of dry toast in the last 2 days, but the smell of food is still leaving me a little queasy.

Due to past problems with the temperature spiking, heart palpitating lurgy, I had been advised  that I couldn't fight this and had to let it take its course, which resulted in 2 missed blogs, something that I have rarely done in 5.5 years of blogging.

I'd like to say thank you for all your good wishes, I managed to reply to most when I was lucid, and some when I wasn't!!!

What can we say about England though, well lets just move onto the next test I think!

Meanwhile I am moving onto another week and lets hope it passes without any unnecessary drama.

Thoughts also today with the family of Phillip Hughes.

wishing you all a happy and healthy week.

I can now continue with the decorating!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

I'm back ( sort of)

An urn no larger than a flea
Is known to cause such rivalry 
as fans in both countries would agree
these are the matches they waited for patiently.

Families in both hemispheres
Make the boundary lines very clear
they make it known to relations dear
Which team it is, that they will cheer.

'A matter of pride' is the communal cry
as each hold their national team on high
'lets hang those boys out to dry'
A common chant when the test is nigh.

A war of words on paper and screen
What the out come is, is yet to be seen
As players, bowl and bat and preen
And try to keep their sledging clean.

Seven weeks of serious tongue lashes
Seven weeks of cricket matches
Seven weeks of odd looking Aussies 'taches'
Sevens weeks of cricket, that is the Ashes

Thursday, 23 November 2017

It's cricket

Yes it is all going  on as I type, the first test has started.
I toddled off to bed with the intention of just seeing what had happened this morning, but due to a wild raging storm I was woken up just after midnight and decided to put the radio on, to hear Tuffers bleating away, I was back to sleep  in no time and woke up refreshed at 5.15am as normal.
And before the keyboard warriors hone up their 2 finger typing skills to say 'call yourself a cricket fan?',
I had already made the decision not to listen based on a day of meetings. I love cricket, I just have a very busy couple of days ahead.

So here is how it stands ( although all of you will already know this)

Cook went for 2 bowled by Mitch Starc
Stoneman was gone for 53 and  the Vince was run out for 83.

Root and Malan are at the crease

score is 143-3

In other news Glamorgan have signed Shaun Marsh for two seasons which seems to be the way that it is going at the moment. Yorkshire have been lucky to sign an overseas player for 2 weeks let alone 2 years.
We are still waiting on news of a new arrival. I fear the great niece will be here before we get that news.

Much speculation about whether will take on a Kolpak player. Even though we all know that it is much talked about that we won't

I. just hope that we get a player that is not Australian,as I feel that they have let us down somewhat in the last few seasons.
Just my opinion.

Current score 148-3 and I am off out the door.

Places to go and people to meet and all that stuff.

I will be listening on the drive into work and then checking what happened up to close of play on twitter at lunchtime.

have a fabulous day, luckily the storm has passed here.

And remember we are less than a month from the shortest day...................and then it is nearly the cricket season.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Well not long now to wait for the fixtures and then everything can settle down in the chateau and I can get organised for 'le grand tour' to the Champagne region. I have lots to do in the next week.

Last night I was busy sorting out some things as my friend from the Rotary Club is trying to help a young family who have been re homed and have  to start from scratch. its been heart warming to see the amount of help he has received from everyone and hopefully it will give the family a start to make a home before Xmas.

After the news yesterday of the injury scare to David Warner, I see that the little the  'work experience Tyke' from a couple of seasons ago, Glenn Maxwell has been called into the side as cover.
Warner is sure that he will be fit for the game starting tomorrow but precautions are being taken.

There still seems to be unrest in the IPL, and we are only months away. Its all very complicated and is along the lines of retention of players and being able to buy players back. They should make this into a board game, it would be a great play on a cold evening.

Former Captain Cook says he is unfazed by the 'verbals' that are being reported in the build up to the first test, I personally am bored with it all. Let the game commence is what I say.

Well this isn't helping me to get out the door this morning, and traffic at the moment is worse than ever, so I think it is time to stop typing and start the engine.

Have a super Wednesday, we are midweek, and by the weekend I should have a new light fitting in the dining room.

How rock n roll!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Positive Tuesday

Yes we have woken to rain, and cold and another 'fabulous' hair do courtesy of  my pillow, I think that I may soon find myself looking like Ena Sharples as I head to bed as I am now convinced that a hair net is the only way to have halfway decent hair in the morning................either that or don a wig!

I had forgotten how much my hair hates winter.

Over in cricket world, the talk is in full flow in the build up to the first test. To be honest I think that they should just let the bat and ball do the talking.

News from the  County champions, that they have appointed 'our own' Anthony Mcgrath as their new head coach, he has moved up from assistant to take the role.
He has obviously brought a bit of Yorkshire sparkle to the team who managed to sneak up on everyone unawares last season to take the title.
I wish him all the luck in the world in his new position he deserves it.

News from down under, David Warner has left the nets this morning with a suspected neck injury................maybe he should wind it in a bit!

just saying!

and Tim Paine, who has caused many furrowed brows in Australia with his selection, has said that the intends to make the most of the opportunity.

Well we are only a couple of days away from the start of the showdown and  after having a few nights of full sleep I  am beginning to wonder if I really should break the cycle by having the radio on all night. Its a  big decision with sleep being something that I  am needing badly.

I think that you all know how it will turn out.

Well turn out I must now, into the dark.

have a great Tuesday..................the start of cricket is nearly upon us.