Friday, 31 March 2017


let me just say, that my little ditty yesterday was meant in a tongue in cheek way. I had not been peering into my crystal ball, you all know that I am a purist where cricket is concerned, however let me say this...........

It is time to welcome change no matter how hard that may seem. it is time to embrace the new, but also hold true to the old.

I have to admit that over the last few years, I have headed off on balmy Friday evenings to enjoy a few hours of quick fire cricket, who will ever forget Jonny Bairstows  first T20 century against Durham in July 2014?
Not all the Durham cricket fans sat around me that's for sure as I was screaming my ginger head off!

Yes there may have been a lot of rain offs in the T20 competition over the years ( usually Yorkshire at Chester le street) , but after a hard week at work, what better way to unwind than a few hours of late evening cricket with friends.

I know I was heartbroken when HRR hung up his T20 shirt. although in reality he was being saved for the best form ( my opinion only)

I know that I was devastated when Yorkshire didn't make the  T20 final last season ( but did cheer Nothants on to their win, as I love Steeler the mascot,)

I know that I have muttered in depth about the new Franchise T20, which, I hasten to add, will not affect the domestic T20, but having listened at length to the pros and cons. We  have to accept that it is a no brainer.

In short, there are few clubs in England who can hold their hands up and say they don't need the money ( apart from Surrey I would guess).

No one wants to see another 'Durham' happen!

So time to embrace the fact that like it or not, change is coming, but not at the total expense of the County Championship.

And with that, I wish you a happy Friday .......................this time next week we will be into the cricket season at Yorkshire!!!

I am only a little bit excited................................

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Just a thought!


‘What was the County Championship Dad?’

asked the inquisitive little boy

‘Ah my son, it were right grand

Four days of total joy,

Watching the lads doing there stuff

Fast bowlers on full deploy.

‘What happened to the County Championship Dad?’

The little boy asked again,

‘Ah my son, back in 2020,

We knew it was under strain

                                                            And then finally it was put  to rest

As it had little financial gain,’

‘Was it like T20 Dad?

All dancing girls and beer,

Free Tshirts and furry mascots

And encouragement to cheer

With platics things to bang together

So that no one else can hear?’

‘No my son, not at all like that,

This was a proper day out,

With flask and blanket  and sandwiches

Friends to meet round about,

No better way to spend 4 days

That is with out a doubt.’

‘So will the County Championship ever return’

The little boy asked in hope,

‘No my son, never to return

It was on a slippery slope,

Sadly  you’ll never know the joy

Of a  wander over the boundary rope’

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Midweek already

Yes it is  midweek already and I cannot believe it!!!

I need to get a wriggle on with the sorting out in the chateau but as you have been hearing this for the last gazillion years, well I doubt it is going to happen before the weekend.

What I will say is that the 'upcycled' mirror matches beautifully with the new curtains so that is a result!

Now onto more important things.
After talking about the new franchise T20, I have to remain convinced that it is a lifeline for clubs in need,however the comment by Lord MacLarin that 'cricket may die without the new T20 tournament' makes me wonder what would have happened if the IPL had never materialised.

Would cricket have died in India?

I doubt that, India a place where children play on scrub land with a real stick and ball.

Cricket is dying in England because it is no longer taught in state schools. yes I know that 'quick cricket' was introduced to some, but hell!, even the name makes a mockery of the game. Cricket is anything but quick.
There are many other factors but my philosophy  is 'get them hooked young and you have a fan for life'

I still have to back what the Chairman at Yorkshire said about it being a way forward, but I will never really like it. I am and always will be a County Championship girl!

Talking about my beloved Yorkshire, as we were told at the AGM the weeks ahead were critical, well good news came through yesterday as it was announced that Leeds Council, has an investor prepared to invest£35m, which means that Headingley is able to move forward now with building work knowing that we will be able to retain Test Status.

It looks as if all that finger crossing worked a treat.

Right I am off to do what I have to do.

Bon journee

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Another busy day ahead

I have another bus day ahead, but I cannot help  but let my mind wander.......................the start of the season is very close.

So last night I was in full moving mode, as the chaise longue was dragged along the landing and finally placed in the newly refurbed home office/ bedroom(sort of). I wish I could say that all is now well with the chateau, but sadly there is still a lot of tidying/shredding/clearing to do, however the heavy work is over and I just have to work methodically through the mounds of unwanted paperwork, &clothes that  are being 'rehomed' and then a final run over with the hoover.

Yes that should take me the rest of the week!

Australia were in  deep poo ( official cricket term) yesterday against India with half the team with dodgy backs and only Glenn Maxwell making an impression and it was all to no avail as India won by 8 wickets.

All details of the city based Franchise T20 has been released and the one thing I notice is that they are looking to show the games on free to view TV.

It is said that it could rival the IPL and that there will be no over lap with the T20 Blast series.
Counties are guaranteed £1.3m which will be a life line for most.

They are wanting to use this format as the major driving force to bring more people to cricket, sadly as I have said before it will be at the cost of the County Championship, no matter what they say.

Bums on seats, money making on food and drink in the shortest possible time is the key, however money will have to be spent to bring in big names.

How will this affect the county T20 series?

Who knows?

It will be a 'suck it and see' situation.

I have to back this as it is important to all counties to stay afloat, we have already seen one county nearly go under ( and are they out of trouble?)

ah well that is all for 2020, us Yorkies have other things to worry about with Brooks and Sidebottom injured before the start of the season.
HRR is struggling with his hamstring which has blighted him over the years.

We can only hope for a quick recovery.

I have a big day today so best go and get myself sorted.

Until tomorrow.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Back to work

After a weekend of 'doing stuff', I am now getting organised for back to work.

I ache in every part of my body from moving furniture and am still not finished so I foresee some busy evenings ahead!

It all seemed like a good plan  on paper, but I tell you, moving furniture back and forth along the landing was heavy going.

So lets see if there was any heavy work going on in the cricket?

Well the MCC were taking on Middlesex , and made 332 in their innings. Joe Clarke being top scorer on 89 followed by Ben Duckett on 69.
Captain Lees hit 41 before being stumped.
Middlesex were 9-1 in reply at stumps.

It is with a heavy heart that I report that 'wild thing' Shaun Tait has announced his retirement from all forms of cricket.
This is down to persistent elbow injuries.

Back in 2008 Tait took time out due to being emotionally and physically exhausted only to bounce back.

He has played for Adelaide Strikers and Essex  to name but two teams.

He states that he wanted to play a couple more years, but his elbow is too much of a problem.
Good luck Shaun.

Well this is super short today as I try to find a pair of shoes that will be comfortable with my bruised toe!

have a great Monday

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Up with the larks......

well actually not quite, I have only been up half an hour which makes it that I have had a mega lie in.

However, beds are stripped and the washing is on and it looks as if they will be on the line later.

I am trying to get out the door to take a card and some flowers to Auntie Norma before she goes to church. Just to say thank you for always remembering the dates in my life that are important, and always saying the right thing on those dates.

So cricket news in brief.

Jason Gillespie is expected in Kent this week.

George Bailey is to share captaincy at Hampshire with James Vince.

Yorkshire are taking on arch rivals Lancashire as we speak.

New Zealia  and South Africa are battling it out now in the 3rd test.

yesterday was busy despite me feeling rough as...

I managed to mow the lawns, keep lunch down. take down curtains and finish 'up cycling' the mirror.
Today I have furniture to move as I turn the 'office' back into more of a bedroom.
So it has to be emptied, the carpets steam cleaned and then all put back together.

Will I get it done?

Well who knows, but I will say that I need to get a wriggle on.

Happy Mothering Sunday to all the Mummies out there.

Until tomorrow

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Scrub-a-dub Saturday

Hark the sound of the washing machine as it enters into the spin cycle ( and outer space if the noises it is making are anything to go by).

Yes it is Saturday and I have the 2nd load of washing on, the dishwasher is doing its thing.
I am beginning the prep to 'upcycle' a cabinet as I finally got the paint that I needed. YEAY!!!! Finally!!!!

Yes its all going on at the chateau today.

Chickpea patties to prepare, cauliflower korma to make, and if the sun continues to shine there will be some lawn mowing too.

And all before 10am!

yes really!

After 10am the housework will commence with great gusto until this house is ship shape and Bristol fashion.

I am writing in this and hoping that it will happen, but with a banging head and nicely swollen and bruised toe i am thinking that I may just be fit to cross a couple of things of my 'to do ' list

Old enough to know better!!!

So lets see what had been happening

HMMMM I see the availability list for England players is out. Funny that none of the Yorkshire boys are available for the first match against Hampshire.
If some are available for the start of the season why not all???

Am I missing something?

What I am missing is the will to get on, so I am cutting this short and off to try to do 'stuff'.

Hope the sun is shining with you all today

Friday, 24 March 2017

I can smell the weekend .....

and it smells like champagne.......................and washing powder!!!!

However there are 7 hours to get through  first.

Yesterday was a full on construction fest in the 'orifice' as new projects came in and the need for more hands on deck became apparent.
This however brings with it the need to move to larger offices, if we do expand.

Ah well we will have to see how that goes down with H Q.

news also came through that Jason Gillespie is off to Kent, short term, to work as assistant coach.
That had to  be the worst kept secret ever!!!

Over in the UAE, Andrew Hodd hit a century for the boys in their match against Papua New Guinea, a brilliant knock!
He was the only man to hit over 50.

Meanwhile HRR was spotted in the nets doing a bit of bowling tuition with the lads from PNG, excellent stuff.

Adam Lyth has been called up by the MCC for the 2017 County Championship match, he will be joining his teammates Alex Lees and Liam Plunkett.

And then there was the tweet from 'Grumpy Geoffrey', no not the one from Rainbow, but our own Mr Boycott.

Ah yes it took him nearly a week to type it, but he is scathing of the decisions made by the committee re the debt situation.

I wonder what he would have said had he been voted onto the committee last year??

Surely at a time like this we need to have faith in the powers that be, they are the ones working on the clubs behalf.

'Back the board' is my motto.

They know what they have to do!

And with that call to arms, I am off to urge the office boys to get some work done.

Happy Friday

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Totally tired

Well this morning I am super tired, even though I had a fairly decent nights sleep. I did however come home from work yesterday feeling a little queasy, part, some bug which the boys are all suffering from and part the feeling of sheer hopelessness at the events which unfolded in London yesterday. I am not going into it, but will say that my thoughts and prayers are with all who were affected.

Fair to say any plans for last night and getting things done went out of the window instantly.

In The UAE my Yorkshire boys were in action against Papua New Guinea. Jack Brooks and HRR were the only bowlers not to take to the field and Matthew fisher was the only bowler not to bowl.

Day 2 will be starting shortly.

Derbyshire announced that they are doing their Pre Season training at home, a smart and financially astute move...............even if the weather is not great, The players will have more wind burn and frost bite than glowing tan!

Worcestershire have been boosted by the news that John Hastings is fit to play for them and is now ready to start training.

and now for a little thing I did a couple of years ago

On this day

1968 Mike Atherton as born

2002 Ben Hollioake was taken away form us too early

2011 Elizabeth Taylor,  left us, her films, beauty, wit and abundance of marriages ( not to mention her jewels) had everyone enthralled. She was a woman who lived her life to the full. A woman that I would have loved to have sat next to at dinner!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wednesday and half way through the week!

Halfway through the week and there are still not enough hours in the day for me to cram everything into and manage a decent nights sleep.
That said, I did manage to get the mirror primed in my upcycling project. I also managed to get some knitting done as well as sorting out the last of the fruit in the freezer for my next 'chutney ' making session.

I suppose that after a full day in the office that is not bad going.

I was tuned into the North/South match on't wireless yesterday and to be honest the commentary was not that great, which was made worse by the fact that the north lost the match and the series.
oh well it wasn't a 'proper' game was it??!!

Captain Ballance has re signed for Yorkshire and will stay with the club until the end of 2019.. he will now have to show his strength  to bring the lads back to the forefront of the game.

The website is  coming along nicely, the domain name is still an issue and hopefully will be sorted out by next week when we can go 'fully live'.
There have been some new odds and ends added to the site, which include a recap of the AGM, some vegan eating news and the blog is on there daily.

It appears that hard work does pay off and although there have been times when I have wanted to throw the towel in with it, I am glad to say that I have persevered.

Over at Chateau Saltburn the grand move is being dealt with in a near military style operation.

Things are heading out of the door and to new homes at a rate of knots. The Dame is well and truly on her way home to France.

Here at Chateau de Champions ( in waiting) I am hoping that a weekend at home will see even more clearing going on. I am focusing on the 'office' and the 'dressing room' as there are 2 pieces of furniture that need to be listed on ebay and got rid of.

However that is latee in the week and now I have a lot of paperwork to wade through, a new project to set up and all the other gubbins that constitutes a day at the office.

Have a good one where ever you are.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Cricket Tuesday

Well its a full on cricket Tuesday as we have the North/South match on t'wireless, well we don't actually  have it on at the moment as it is raining and we are having to listen to what the groundsmen are up to, but hopefully the rain will clear up  and we will get some coverage.
They are hoping to get under way in about an hour.

This is the final match in the series and the North need to win, just to save face!.

Australia managed to hold India to a draw in the last day of the third test, after a heroic stand between soon to be 'Tykerised', Peter Hanscomb and Shaun Marsh.
Talking being 'Tykerised' The T20 at Headingley is also to be bolstered again this year with Travis Head. so I am feeling positive in short form long as Australia don't put restrictions in place.

Cricket news is full of the fact that Headingley may lose Test status unless a financial agreement is found  within weeks.
This is centred on the proposed development  of the Football stand end.
The council have  had more turnarounds than a learner driver, and  have withdrawn a £4m grant.
This was  all spoken about at the AGM. but the fact remains that it looks as f the ECB are doing their level best to kill Test cricket in the North.
Last year the tests were held early season when the weather was less than 'cricket like' both at Leeds and at Chester le Street ( who have had test status withdrawn).

I am sure that Yorkshire will find a solution, it is imperative to the clubs financial future.
Leeds Council should know that you have to speculate to accumulate.

In other cricket news, my fab friend Clare is still in Uganda with Cricket without Boundaries. Her updates are amazing and  it is great to see how well they have been received by all in Uganda.

Keep up the good work Care.

My 'to do' list for this week took a battering yesterday as the paint that I wanted for the 'cabinet upcycling' was not available and I will have to wait until the weekend.

However tonight I make a start on the mirror.

Now I am going to make a start on getting myself out of the door.
After a fitful nights sleep I could do with a 'duvet day'.

Have a great day

Monday, 20 March 2017

Girl Power

Not how I will be dressed for the Yorks v Hants match!

Well now this time last  year I was being encouraged to stand for the committee, however with everything else that I do, and logistics it was not really an option.
however I have to say a massive congratulations to Katherine Mathew for becoming the first lady to be voted onto the Yorkshire committee.

Absolutely brilliant news, now first job, better lighting in the ladies powder rooms so that I can see to put my slap on with out my specs!

More girl power in cricket!

And as today is the official first day of spring, Mother Nature doing her stuff and turning winter into the cricket season...................more girl power!

After a full on Saturday, I had a quick catch up yesterday with my mate, ex Aussie and Lancastrian bowler Joe Scuderi, he is now the proud owner of some 'little cricketers' who will be playing in his garden in Lancashire this season.

More girl sales power there!

Now I am thinking that the North need a bit of girl power as they lost another game against the South in the series being played in the UAE. Even though TLJL took 2 wickets and scored 27 it was a win for the South.

With virtually non existent  crowds, it should now be down to the ECB to realise that their jolly/idea for cricket in The UAE is not all that it is cracked up to be.
I feel for the players, it must be like playing 2nd XI in the  far flung corners of the county.
Surely the money spent getting the players there, putting them up in hotels etc, could be better used around the counties?
Am I the only person who thinks this?
I would like to see the bill for the 3 games out there.

More girl power needed at the top.

And now I am off to be 'Wonder woman' in the office and sort out this weeks 'stuff'.

Lots to do and get sorted as it is less than 3 weeks now until my first County match.

It's officially spring!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

So ....the AGM

So Saturday morning 9.10am I am at my beloved Headingley stadium........for the annual  general meeting.

After meeting cricket chum Gary, grabbing a coffee and having my amazing 'tie' handbag admired. I took my seat (see photo above).

Well, firstly let me say, after 20 years of AGM's at another place where things were skimmed over, ignored and generally hidden from members. It was refreshing to see the clarity of accounts, the honesty of information, which even converted me, the biggest anti T20 franchisit ever!!.

It is still touch and go for my beloved Yorkshire re the new stand with equals continued test status. We need this stand we need the money to build it. Let's do it!

A minutes silence for members no longer with us and the loss of our much respected President, actually moved me to tears, I nearly had to wipe my nose of  Galeys back (he was in front of me).

What I will say is that I have total confidence in our Chairman.

 I believe that Martin Moxon has his finger on the pulse and that we are in the running this season. ( regardless of what Micheal Vaughan says).

With the news that Travis Head is coming over  we could be in short form running too.

In short I BELIEVE!!!!


COME ON 2017 SEASON I'M READY ( hope the rest are)

Oh and have a super Sunday

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Off on a 'city break'

By the time some of you read this I will (hopefully) already have arrived to start my 'city break'.

First stop is to check in and then let the 'festivities' commence.

I am itching to get away so I will be making this as brief as I possibly can.

I am also hoping to get some new 'stuff' on the website this weekend, it may/ may not have something to do with my city break.
I will see how much time I have later.

well in the North/South match yesterday TLJL was run out for out!!!! WHO WOULD DARE TO DO THIS TO TLJL!!!!

I tell you there could well be slapped legs and naughty step if I hear of this happening again!!!!

After that little incident it didn't get any better, Dawid Malan hit an unbeaten for the South and the North boys went back to their hotel in disgrace.................well they probably didn't but they maybe should have!

Hmmm I feel that maybe some of Lady Lainey's pep talks need to be brought out of hibernation!

Yesterday was a sad day for all Yorkshire fans, as we said goodbye to John Hampshire our President. John had only been in the post for a year, but was a wonderful and charming man who embodied all that is Yorkshire CCC.

Today however is the AGM and I am up dressed and ready to set off  to hear what is in store for us .

I am meeting up with Gary and the rest of the gang at HQ and popping in to see the ladies at The Lodge.

well less typing and more 'make upping' is in order.

have a wonderful weekend.

If you are off to the meeting I will see you there.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Last day of the working week.........sort of

Ah last working day in the office so I am declaring this 'Fuzzychops Friday'. Sadly old Murphy Fuzzy chops will not be appearing but hey he always brings a smile to my face.

I have to be 'on call' this weekend for early problem calls but I can cope with that having had the last couple of weekends off.

Today will be a case of clearing my desk and sorting out the most important things to be done next week. ( 2 more O & M's to get out the door!).

now strange things were occurring in the Chateau last night, the washing machine was on!!!

'During the week' I hear you all cry!

Well yes, as even though I am on 'early call' duties for  work I am away this weekend and I am really looking forward to it.

Also last night the hoover was out ( yes really!) and the steam cleaner as well as a batch of 'Laineys special coleslaw' being whipped up.
It was all stations go.

This morning I have to  sort out my bag for the weekend and then I can just chill out tonight.

Right, now to 'importanter' things

The North /South series is nearly upon us and Yorkshire's nemesis, Johann Andrew Strauss has told the players involved to stake their claim on a place in the Champions Trophy. Well, considering that we have players in that squad and a lot in the England line up he is looking to once again deprive Yorkshire of men. I think that this season we will show him that his 'master plan' for scuttling us Yorkies is not going to work.

On the flip side England have never won a global 50 over competition so 'Yorkland could go for 'world' domination in that case.

Virat Kohli sustained an injury to his shoulder  but scans show that there is no serious concern about it.

And that concludes my round up of the cricket for today.

I am now off to wash my orange(ish) afro, yes I am nearly back to normal on the hair front......................its the rest of me that is fighting the 'normal' thing!

Have a great Friday, its nearly the weekend!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

someone was sleepy this morning

yes I was struggling to get out of bed this morning despite the blackbirds best attempts.
it took an Oyster catcher somewhere local  to finally make me get up, they are noisy little blighters!

It is hard to believe that it is 10 years since the  sudden passing of Bob Woolmer. He was found in his hotel room in Jamaica and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Very sad in itself but a strange turn of events saw the death be turned into a murder enquiry.
An autopsy proved 'inconclusive' and the murder theory gained momentum, but three months after his death and with nothing further coming to light the police did a U-turn  and stated that the coach died of natural causes.

the investigation  into the whole time, is full of twists and turns and can be read on the BBC Cricket website.

A very sad loss to the world of cricket.

Shashank Manohar has stepped down as  the chairman of the ICC after eight months.........................ah I feel that I will be putting quill to paper today as I send out a letter of application for this role. Oh the jollys, oh the stirring up of  the masses, oh the cricket!!!!

In the warm up matches ahead of the North/South game it was good to see Durham's mark Wood back in the wickets. Lets just hope that he retains his form.

New Zealia and South Africa are at it again and New Zealia have posted  268 all out. South Africa in reply are  24-2!!!!
What on earth!!!!

And talking New Zealia, Leicestershire have signed Luke Ronchi for the T20 blast series this season.

I have finally finished the O & M that was cluttering my desk so I am back to  a little bit of normality today .........................however in that place normality is not a word that is in the vocabulary!

Well lets head off and see what today holds for me.

Have a great Thursday and remember to tends to unnerve people!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Welcome to Wednesday

Its odd to think that after all the cold dark days, we are so close to the cricket season now and its nearly time to change the clocks and get ready for summer.

I'm preparing in all ways, cleaning, clearing out, sorting out summer 'things' and giving my skin a hefty dose of UVA protection in preparation for the sun.....................................yes I am ever hopeful.
As such I am covering myself morning and night in an oil that prepares the skin for being blasted with UVA rays. Well we can but dream!

And talking cricket, some of my Yorkshire boys are in Dubai ahead of the 'North/ South' game on Friday, obviously they will be playing this match to s full stadium!
However more to the  point they are making my Yorky boys wear red!!!! RED!!!! I ask you!

I am also not going to get started on the fact of playing in the UAE, but all those chumps at the ECB will be topping up their tans and enjoying their latest jolly. Maybe I should introduce them to the oil for their skin, save them looking all wrinkly!!

Hampshire have agreed to 'loan' out  Joe Weatherley for the season, well if rumours are to be believed he will get some coaching form Jason Gillespie.

Adam Voges will retire form Sheffield Shield cricket in Australia, he will still be turning out of the 'trophy keeper warmers' Middlesex, but the 37 year old has struggled in his homeland cricket and hence the decision.

All the prep for my weekend away is done ( apart from food which is the most important thing) and I'm hoping to be on the road by 8am on Saturday ( this is a warning that the blog may be super short).

Even shorter than today!

Well as Dame Didi goes into super sorting mode ahead of her end of May move to France, I am stepping up a gear in my attempts to get my 'dream' home/job over there.

Yes 'a mad English chutney making woman' is exactly what France needs.

Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Any news today?

well after a distinct lack of news yesterday lets hope that today is a little better.

firstly, the new website is finally taking shape and although a bit 'sparse' it will  hopefully fill out in the next few months.
If you want to have a peep at it here is the address, the domain name is yet to be agreed on!

In cricket news came through that Nottinghamshire are targeting Australian paceman James Pattinson. This is as a replacement for Peter Siddle who signed for them last season on a two year spell, however a back injury kept him out of the came and he has withdrawn from playing this season.

News continues to circulate about Jason Gillespie tipping up at Kent, however my spies at the ground ( the over 60's Kent team) tell me that he didn't show for nets on Sunday and they are very disappointed!!!!

The West Inidies seem to still be in turmoil after pay rows and coach replacement and then being whipped by England.
Darren Sammy says that he hopes that several key appointments will help to heal the bitter divide that is plaguing the team.

I am looking forward to seeing them at Headingley when I will be bringing my own Caribbean flair to the occasion ( I have no idea what that is I just threw it into the mix and now have to stand by it!).

Thoughts are turning to the upcoming season ( read as suitcase is now out of the garage and in the dressing room).

I need to get the house sorted before the start of the season  ( read as see carpet in at least one room).

Hotels booked, flights booked, food lists prepared ( not everywhere offers vegan fare), I just have train tickets to sort to go to the test at Trent Bridge and I thin that I am pretty much done.

Now all I have to do is sort out flights to Paris in September and  my summer is in the bag.

And now........................well O & M's to finish this week before i head off on a jolly this weekend.

happy Tuesday and enjoy!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Time for a new week

And we are off into the new week, birds singing at stupid o'clock, phone ringing at 'stupider o' clock' , lets take the bull by the horns and charge into this week like we own it.........................or crawl back under the duvet for 5 more minutes.

I know which one I want to do, but have chosen the former.

After a full on busy morning, yesterday, which spilled over into the afternoon, I was glad to crawl into bed last night, and decided that on Sunday evening, a visit to '24' world was not a good option.
 So quick read of book, lights out by 9.30pm and here I am this morning, bleary eyed and hair in rats tails!

Work is coming on with the website, I just need to add some extra bits and we can go 'live' which hopefully means that those of you who want to, can read this via the site.

I am currently sorting out recipes for one section.

Right now to cricket if there is any news, well quick scan says that there is nothing new, which is very disappointing, I was hoping that

1. HRR decided to cancel his retirement.

2.Captian Colleywobble announces his

Sadly neither of the above happened,

So this one is even shorter than normal.

However stay tuned later in the week when I hopefully will bore you with pictures of my latest mirror 'upcycling' project.

I bet you can hardly wait!!!!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Keeping the momentum going

Yes beds are stripped and washing machine is on, it is wet and miserable outside so I am glad that I got lawns mowed yesterday ( and weed and feed on them too).
There has been a lot going on here at the Chateau.

I never managed to venture into the garage yesterday ( apart from getting the lawn mower out) I think this morning is the time to do it.

After the chutney making exploits of the other night and the fact that I love to cook and bottle and make things I really want to get out to France asap, and do just that.
I always knew there was more to life than shouting at boys  all day.!

Well before I set the garden incinerator away I think that I need to check the cricket news.

Well records were broken in Galle as Sri Lankan bowler Rangana Herath became the most successful left arm bowler in Test history as he passed Daniel Vettori's record of  362.
That's some going and he doesn't look to be stopping yet either.

Reece Topley has signed to stay at Hampshire until the end of 2018. Lets hope he has a better time this season after missing out on nearly all the cricket last year through injury.

The match between New Zealia and South Africa was drawn.

I know this is short but I have some celeriac shouting to be made into something ( although what I have no idea at the moment).
I have a mirror to be 'upcycled' and a garage to investigate.
I also have my bag to pack for next is getting closer.

have a peaceful Sunday one and all.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Super Busy Saturday

Bienvenue a Samedi

 Je vais a la  dechetterie.

Yes the limo is full and I am going there first before I head to the charity shop.

Washing is done and the kitchen floor has been steam cleaned already, and I am preparing to 'muck out' the garage when I get back.

There are various things in there that need to be listed on eBay and the sooner that is done the sooner they will be winging their way to a new home.

I am even thinking of listing one of my beloved cricket sweaters, which is way too big for me and could do with a better fitting home.

Dame Didi and I are in total 'move mode' and  things are finally getting done.

I am wondering if I can 'crowdfund' my way there quicker? I really want to get my bar/restaurant up and running.

Today is also the day that Clare sets off on her fabulous African adventure.
We all wish her a brilliant time and I cannot wait to hear all about it.

Cricket news  will be brief as I need to get myself moving.

Australia have lost Mitch Starc due to an injury to his foot.

India withdrew their complaint against Australia.

Ireland collapsed in their match against Afghanistan, and lost the series.

The Yorkshire boys are off to the UAE for pre season training.

 And just in case any readers have an old bat ( no rude replies please) that they would like to donate to the bench appeal I will be eternally grateful.

Bon Samedi

Friday, 10 March 2017

Cricket getting closer

Well not only is it nearly the weekend it is also nearer to cricket...............and that is not a bad thing.

I have  been asked to go and see how a cricket bat is made, which  I am very excited about.
It is something that I have always wanted to see, and although at Tests they usually have various stages set up to show the process, it will be interesting to go to a 'bat factory.

When I can get this set up and slotted into my (already) full diary, you will be the first to hear about it.

Thanks to Paul for very kindly offering me the  chance to see this in action.

Hard to believe that it is the 10th of March already, just over two weeks and the clocks 'spring' forward.


I am getting my bikinis out already! ( I am joking!!! Greenpeace will be sending their latest  vessel out to the North Sea very hurriedly).

However in cricket England won the series against the West indies in outstanding fashion with  our own little joey root making 101 with Liam Plunkett showing why he is still a force to re reckoned with.

Is this the start of good things?

well we will have to wait and see.
new Zealia are in action against South Africa and although a fire alarm caused a bit of a scare, SA are  38-1 in their second innings.

I am currently doing a top 10 tats of cricketers.

to be honest the 'sleeves' that are on show are pretty awful and yes relevant to the person, but still not my cup of tea.

Although I have a couple myself I have never been tempted to go for the full arm look.

In the lead at the moment is Peter Trego but this could all change as the season goes on.

Well time and cricket wait for no lady, so it is off to the 'oriface' for the last working day of the week .

have a great Friday and a cracking weekend.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Back to normality ( whatever that is?)

So after a lot of travelling yesterday for what should have been a 1 hour meeting ( which lasted 25minutes) , I managed to have a mooch around Bond Street, get my eyebrows threaded and grab some lunch before heading back to the icy wastes of the North.......................... which, whilst I had been dodging showers in the South, had been basking in glorious sunshine!

I was so tired when I got home that my bed and '24' series 5 were calling me.

And now its Thursday!!!

Ah well it is closer to the weekend and that's the main thing....................and no telephone calls to take this weekend either.

So what did I miss yesterday.

Well I apparently missed a few frayed tempers in the Australian game. It seems that Steve Smith looked to the Australian dressing room whilst considering a review on his LBW.

Smith said it was a error and said it was 'brain-fade.

However Virat Kohli says this is not the first time this has happened.

It has caused an even  very larger rift now between the two teams who  are one a piece in the series with the last test starting on 16th of this month

There is a lot to be said for all the new electronic wizardry. If it had just been the Umpires call....................

Wonderful news on what was 'International Women's Day' the ICC has decided that there will be an annual award for the best  female cricketer, named after Rachael Heyhoe Flint.
A very fitting tribute to an amazing force in women's cricket.

Well done the ICC, finally doing something right.

And now I need to get a wriggle on and see what mess my desk is in this morning!!!

And then if the day remains dry I am considering giving the lawns the first cut this year when I get home tonight, and a hefty dose of weed and feed!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A day out in former home town

Well today I am off on a jolly, as I head of on the train to London. After talking about my home town yesterday I am off to a former home town today.

I have meetings and things to do but I have an half an hour  to kill when I arrive so I will be soaking up all the things that I miss about my former home.
 Like exhaust fumes and  noise and people running into you and trying to avoid having someones armpit close to your nose on the tube.
Not to bad now but in the summer................................

Ah yes I miss it all, I really do.

However I have a 3hr train & tube  journey there and back..It  gives me some time on the train to do some work on the new website which seems to be getting 'there' every day.

Hopefully launching won't be too long.

I am still in full clear out mode here at the Chateau as I streamline my belongings ready for when I head off to France, which may be over a year away but I will need all the time I can get to clear all my junk out.

Will this turn me into a none hoarding, tidier person?

I doubt that very much it will just mean that I can start afresh over there!

In cricket we were given the news that 'HWMNBMITB' is returning to Surrey to play T20, oh the excitement, oh the expectation, oh the media coverage surrounding it all!

And the MCC have approved 'sending offs', oh the shame of it! Before long we will be having penalty bowl outs, and swapping of shirts at the end of the game.....................maybe not a bad idea!
Is this really the way forward? Is this really how cricket wants to evolve.?
Maybe we should send the MCC to the sin bin for a rethink!

And in light of 'International Women's Day' I am donning a frock and a pair of heels as I head a out the door.

Have a a wonderful Wednesday.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Old and new

I live in a town that was one of the first built under 'The New Towns act'. It was a beautifully thought out town, with lots of green spaces and the houses set out around small parades of shops making them have a 'village' feel.

During World war II  it had been an area of munition factories employing woman from all over the area ( forever known as 'The Aycliffe Angels' of which my Mum was one). When we first moved to the town the now industrial estate, still had 'mounds' where the factories had been.

In the late 1960's the town council decide to expand the town and it continued until the 1980's when they pedestrianised the town centre and built huge concrete and red brick monstrosities which swamped the focal point of the town, the clock.

In the years since there has been much discussion about knocking this down!

 over the past couple of years the clock lost its chimes and then looked as if it was going to be made into  a rubble heap.

However after some 'thought' the local council decided to remove the buildings around it and keep the clock.

The clock faces were taken out ( there are 4) revamped and a couple of weeks ago where back in situ.

This weekend saw the  chimes return.

work in progress to save the clock

As I am sitting here typing it is wonderful to here the clock ringing out.
I have read with interest the comments on the local town forum. most new comers to the town hate the whole thing.
It was, however, the heart of the original town scheme and as such I think that it was worth saving. A tiny piece of the old town planning retained.

And taking saving, are India going to be able to save their test match against Australia?
Well they are currently  213-4 and have a 126 run lead over their visitors.
Who knows?

England Lions lost their roar as they lost their series against Sri Lanka A, best to get them home for some R & R  before the County Championship starts.

And Graeme Swann has challenged Hugh Jackman to a net session!!!???????
Yeah, Wolverine against a 'has been'. That should be good.

Just for the record I am challenging Sean Bean to a game of Twister...............................should be fun!!!!

clock is chiming so time to go.

Monday, 6 March 2017

another week begins

Another week starts and after two mornings of sleeping late (later then 4an that ) is I am back to early duties.
However all part of the package I guess.

Yesterday was a full on busy day with an unexpected  call from Dame Didi as she went to visit Kiki and then called in at the Chateau.I meanwhile went to Narnia( under the stairs) and also in the garage ( like Narnia but with cobwebs and spiders). I also managed to get more of my junk treasures on ebay and packed up the lot that I had sold and need to post today.

Yes its all going off ( or on......... ebay as the case is!)

I watched the cricket and even had a nap during it. England won and clinched the series, I always loved to watch the West Indies, they were flash and brash and all mega gold chains and bracelets.  ( How they ran with those chunks of gold is beyond me).

However today they do not appear to have the 'swagger' apart from Chris Gayle and that isn't in a good way.
I really hope that they find some of that old flare, they were always a joy to watch.

Over in India,Australia finished their first innings on 276. India are 41-1.
Matt Renshasw and Shaun Marsh helping to steer Australia into a first innings lead.

The season is getting ever nearer and I am  putting the final touches to my season itinerary, which for me will end at the end of August as I intend going to my sisters in France in September ( whether she wants me to or not!).
I have made a few changes to the original cricket schedule, but will still have lots of time to catch up with friends.

So now time to hot foot it to work.

Have a great week.

Thought for the day.

If you cannot do  great things,
Do small things in  a great way

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sunny Sunday

The sun is shining, the washing machine is on and I am thinking about cricket (well that's on TV too). However I am still in clearing mode here at the chateau as I try to empty out my life here in Blighty to make way for the next move that I make back home to France ( still a long way off but need to be perpared)

The Dame is on the way,as Chateau Saltburn  is sold and she is off to Chateau Didi trois in a matter of months ( saying it in weeks is scary).

She highlighted yesterday that I have a real 'aholic' thing about lots of things.
I had checked out the 'glasses' situation ( drinking not reading although I have lots of those too) and sadly I think that I am beyond the help of 'Glasses Anonymous',  there is also the little matter of being 'flaskholic', which is not a bad thing with the cricket season nearly upon us.

It is actually quite frightening to see the things that I have accumulated  and never used, 5 champagne buckets!  ( seriously the champagne never gets a chance to get warm), enough oven ware to start a restaurant (which may come in handy).
Don't make me state the number of 'freezer block' I have , I could single handed halt the melting of the poles!

How much junk do we accumulate in our lives?

As you can tell, I do not live a minimalist lifestyle and to be honest would hate that, but there is a lot of work to do here to bring this to 'normal' levels.

So I will crack on with this today and will be busy on ebay too.

There is also food to make for the week ahead and then time I hope for a nap.

Australia are currently batting against India and this afternoon England are in action against the West Indies.

I think that I need to get a wriggle on to get myself sorted for that.
And get the first load of washing  hanging out on the line.

Have a wonderful Sunday where ever you are.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

A wonderful adventure

As you may  be aware ( unless you are not on twitter/ face book or have been holidaying on the moon), my great cricket chum Clare is off on a splendid adventure.

I decided  to devote today's blog to her and her upcoming exploits, so armed with (hopefully) interesting questions, I set to, to get the low down.

Clare you are about to embark on a fantastic adventure, doing fabulous things, educating about HIV/AIDS and FGM, using cricket to bring this all together

What sparked your interest  in working with Cricket without Boundaries?

I came across the charity on Twitter- it may have been one of your tweets Lainey!. As soon as I started reading about CWB I knew that this was something that I wanted to do. My sister and my niece have both  volunteered abroad and it has always appealed to me, however as cricket is my favourite thing in the world- I knew this was for me.

What is the thing that you are looking forward to most?

I am looking forward to the cricket the most. I am a cricket lover through and through, however I have not played since I was knee high to a grasshopper. At the training weekend I had the opportunity to bat and bowl a little and I  just loved it?

I'm looking forward to meeting new people  and working with young people, and the weather and the wildlife as well............but mainly the cricket.

And least?

Hmmmmmmm - that's a toughie..........possibly the mosquitoes, I hate getting bitten and I am worried about malaria  ( a little bit).

What has the preparation for your adventure been like.

I first found out that I was going in September last year and started preparations immediately, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram - grand plans for fund raising and it was all I talked about for weeks.
Momentum waned as the season changed, making lists, raising funds and getting very nervous. At one point I thought I was going to have a nervous implosion!!!!
Then I chatted to my Mum - and to you,  and that helped to ground me and calm me down about the whole thing.
I got to the stage where I was waiting for the training weekend  to come along. I didn't do much else but wait, hoping that all the little questions  would be  answered, and I was right.

Were you apprehensive or excited when you found out that you were going to Uganda?

This is a really goof question.
So CWB works in Botswana, Kenya,  Rwanda, Cameroon and Uganda. Out of the five countries my first choice was Kenya, I know people who have been there and obviously they have the Masai Warriors ( who I follow on Twitter). Then I went through the list on my head and  for one reason or another Uganda was the last on my list ( which I had made in my head).
At the interview I found out that in Spring 2017  trips were to Cameroon and Uganda, and I asked the team to place me where they thought my skills  would be most effective.
So Uganda came to me! On reflection I am really happy about that. It kind of means  that the whole trip is how it is meant to be.

It is nearly time for you to fly out, what is the best piece of advice that you have been given?

Pack light and then take some of that out of your case!!!!!

How much do you think that this will change your life ( I will also ask you this when you get back)

 I think that this is going to open my eyes to the real world. It will make me appreciate all the things that I take for granted at home

I know that we share the same passion for cricket, if you could meet any cricketer past or present who would it be?

Hmmmmmm, is 'any' an acceptable answer? I think Sir Viv Richards......I would love to know how he thinks the great Windies of the 80's would fare against current players.

Who's shirt do you wear ( County or Country)?

India, I have a been a massive fan since the Little master graced us with his presence as a teenager...............although I wear my Yorkshire shirt with most pride 

Who do you tip for the top in cricket at  the moment

As a massive batting fan, I am really looking forward to seeing how the 'fab 4' get on at the top of their game.........that is Virat kohli, Joe Root, Kane Williamson and Steve Smith. Yep I  know that is more than one,but I think the respect these 4 have for each other and the way that they play means that I will be watching them all grow and develop.

All excellent batter and of a similar age, all at the top of their game, all captaining their countries, I admire them all and look forward to seeing the develop their own game and their teams performances.
I wish Joe root the best of luck with his new mission and honour and yes I will be watching all these boys keenly to see who makes it to 'the top'.

Clare, I am so excited for you on this great thing that you are doing, I wish you a safe and exhilarating trip, and I cannot wait to find  out all about it in a few weeks

And I am sure that you all echo my sentiments.

Clare leaves for Uganda in less than 2 weeks with  'Cricket without Boundaries'

more information can be found here

Friday, 3 March 2017


Well this is the 1702nd blog that I have written, and to be honest I hardly thought it would go past 7.

I am trying to get a new blog/website up  and running, the problem that we are having is that we cannot transfer the 1702 ( to date) blogs over and I may lose them forever.

'Not a bad thing' I here you all saying, luckily I have kept hard copies and am currently storing them electronically, but it will be sad that when the switch over ( and 'if' as it is at the moment) happens they will disappear in to the ether for ever.

Ahh 5 years of inane ramblings!

I had ( and am still considering if I can't get the blog/website sorted)  to go to 2000 blogs and then just add to it as and when, instead of hauling my bilk out of bed every morning and waking the neighbours with nails banging on the keyboard.

I wonder how many people would have done this (nearly  depending on WiFi) everyday for nearly 5 years, I know that I never expected to.

To be honest you must be sick of the moaning, and cooking and washing.........................

cricket news then it is.

and rumours abound ( and as we say there is no smoke without fire) that Jason Gillespie is in talks with Kent over a possible assistant coaches role.

Well we never saw that coming.

England start there charge ( back to the pavilion?) against the West Indies today so the radio is ready for after lunch.

Sussex announced that hey are in profit  it may only be £1000, but having run at a loss in 2015 it is huge steps forward.

 I have a full on day of it today, I am already 4 calls into my day so best be off to sort out the rest of the 'stuff'

I also have washing on already!

have a great Friday its nearly the weekend.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

The saddest news


I know that you will all be aware of the horribly sad news that came to us yesterday, that our President John Hampshire  had passed away.

To many he was the cricketer who became the first batsman to score a century on his test debut.

To many he was the Yorkshire captain  ( 1979-1980) a time in Yorkshire cricket history that is well documented

To others he was an umpire, Domestic, Test and International

To me, (and probably all that had contact with him) he was not only the above, but the loveliest man to boot.

I feel very privileged to have been in company with him and his wife last season ( usually with President of Middlesex and the First lady). A nicer couple you could not have wanted  to meet.

He often wandered over to talk to me and said he could always spot me in a ground!

That little way of making you feel known. and not just a face in the crowd!!!

To take the time to speak to me always made me feel very honoured and I will always remember this.

I watched him as he posed for pictures, talked to everyone and signed autographs, no matter that he was not well  himself, he took his duties very seriously.

To me he embodied everything that was Yorkshire.

All the  more reason now to make this a great season.

I really am very saddened by the news and will keep this short.

Thoughts and prayers are with all of the  family.

RIP John, it was great honour to have met you.


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

White rabbits

Happy St David's day too if you are reading in Wales.

Today is the start of a new month and would also have been the birthday of my lovely Mummy ( as well as my Auntie and my cousin!). It is also closer to the cricket season which is a great prospect.

Yesterday saw the announcement that Jack Brooks has signed for Yorkshire for another year and hopefully this year there will be no 'odd' facial hair.
Brooks has been with Yorkshire since the year of their 'reinvention' ( 2012 to the uninitiated) and has made his mark on the squad ( as well as the sky commentary team).
lets see him excel this year!

It looks as if Abraham Benjamin is right back on form as he hit an unbeaten half century ( 72*) in the game against New Zealia. South Africa closed their innings on 279-8.
The boy is back!

Over in the PSL 'HWMNBNITB' has pulled out of the final along with Luke Wright and Tymal Mills.
Strange goings on?

Well its a full on busy day today, I am going to take some flowers for Mum and also the rest of the 'gang' ( Grandad, Dad, Auntie Miriam, Uncle Frank and Auntie Betty Boop), at lunchtime.

I am 3 phone calls down already and a big day in the office today too.

So I will keep this short as I need to head off.

Happy 1st march.......................the season is ever closer