Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Another busy day ahead

I have another bus day ahead, but I cannot help  but let my mind wander.......................the start of the season is very close.

So last night I was in full moving mode, as the chaise longue was dragged along the landing and finally placed in the newly refurbed home office/ bedroom(sort of). I wish I could say that all is now well with the chateau, but sadly there is still a lot of tidying/shredding/clearing to do, however the heavy work is over and I just have to work methodically through the mounds of unwanted paperwork, &clothes that  are being 'rehomed' and then a final run over with the hoover.

Yes that should take me the rest of the week!

Australia were in  deep poo ( official cricket term) yesterday against India with half the team with dodgy backs and only Glenn Maxwell making an impression and it was all to no avail as India won by 8 wickets.

All details of the city based Franchise T20 has been released and the one thing I notice is that they are looking to show the games on free to view TV.

It is said that it could rival the IPL and that there will be no over lap with the T20 Blast series.
Counties are guaranteed £1.3m which will be a life line for most.

They are wanting to use this format as the major driving force to bring more people to cricket, sadly as I have said before it will be at the cost of the County Championship, no matter what they say.

Bums on seats, money making on food and drink in the shortest possible time is the key, however money will have to be spent to bring in big names.

How will this affect the county T20 series?

Who knows?

It will be a 'suck it and see' situation.

I have to back this as it is important to all counties to stay afloat, we have already seen one county nearly go under ( and are they out of trouble?)

ah well that is all for 2020, us Yorkies have other things to worry about with Brooks and Sidebottom injured before the start of the season.
HRR is struggling with his hamstring which has blighted him over the years.

We can only hope for a quick recovery.

I have a big day today so best go and get myself sorted.

Until tomorrow.

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