Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Cricket Tuesday

Well its a full on cricket Tuesday as we have the North/South match on t'wireless, well we don't actually  have it on at the moment as it is raining and we are having to listen to what the groundsmen are up to, but hopefully the rain will clear up  and we will get some coverage.
They are hoping to get under way in about an hour.

This is the final match in the series and the North need to win, just to save face!.

Australia managed to hold India to a draw in the last day of the third test, after a heroic stand between soon to be 'Tykerised', Peter Hanscomb and Shaun Marsh.
Talking being 'Tykerised' The T20 at Headingley is also to be bolstered again this year with Travis Head. so I am feeling positive in short form too........................as long as Australia don't put restrictions in place.

Cricket news is full of the fact that Headingley may lose Test status unless a financial agreement is found  within weeks.
This is centred on the proposed development  of the Football stand end.
The council have  had more turnarounds than a learner driver, and  have withdrawn a £4m grant.
This was  all spoken about at the AGM. but the fact remains that it looks as f the ECB are doing their level best to kill Test cricket in the North.
Last year the tests were held early season when the weather was less than 'cricket like' both at Leeds and at Chester le Street ( who have had test status withdrawn).

I am sure that Yorkshire will find a solution, it is imperative to the clubs financial future.
Leeds Council should know that you have to speculate to accumulate.

In other cricket news, my fab friend Clare is still in Uganda with Cricket without Boundaries. Her updates are amazing and  it is great to see how well they have been received by all in Uganda.

Keep up the good work Care.

My 'to do' list for this week took a battering yesterday as the paint that I wanted for the 'cabinet upcycling' was not available and I will have to wait until the weekend.

However tonight I make a start on the mirror.

Now I am going to make a start on getting myself out of the door.
After a fitful nights sleep I could do with a 'duvet day'.

Have a great day

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