Thursday, 30 March 2017

Just a thought!


‘What was the County Championship Dad?’

asked the inquisitive little boy

‘Ah my son, it were right grand

Four days of total joy,

Watching the lads doing there stuff

Fast bowlers on full deploy.

‘What happened to the County Championship Dad?’

The little boy asked again,

‘Ah my son, back in 2020,

We knew it was under strain

                                                            And then finally it was put  to rest

As it had little financial gain,’

‘Was it like T20 Dad?

All dancing girls and beer,

Free Tshirts and furry mascots

And encouragement to cheer

With platics things to bang together

So that no one else can hear?’

‘No my son, not at all like that,

This was a proper day out,

With flask and blanket  and sandwiches

Friends to meet round about,

No better way to spend 4 days

That is with out a doubt.’

‘So will the County Championship ever return’

The little boy asked in hope,

‘No my son, never to return

It was on a slippery slope,

Sadly  you’ll never know the joy

Of a  wander over the boundary rope’

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