Saturday, 18 March 2017

Off on a 'city break'

By the time some of you read this I will (hopefully) already have arrived to start my 'city break'.

First stop is to check in and then let the 'festivities' commence.

I am itching to get away so I will be making this as brief as I possibly can.

I am also hoping to get some new 'stuff' on the website this weekend, it may/ may not have something to do with my city break.
I will see how much time I have later.

well in the North/South match yesterday TLJL was run out for out!!!! WHO WOULD DARE TO DO THIS TO TLJL!!!!

I tell you there could well be slapped legs and naughty step if I hear of this happening again!!!!

After that little incident it didn't get any better, Dawid Malan hit an unbeaten for the South and the North boys went back to their hotel in disgrace.................well they probably didn't but they maybe should have!

Hmmm I feel that maybe some of Lady Lainey's pep talks need to be brought out of hibernation!

Yesterday was a sad day for all Yorkshire fans, as we said goodbye to John Hampshire our President. John had only been in the post for a year, but was a wonderful and charming man who embodied all that is Yorkshire CCC.

Today however is the AGM and I am up dressed and ready to set off  to hear what is in store for us .

I am meeting up with Gary and the rest of the gang at HQ and popping in to see the ladies at The Lodge.

well less typing and more 'make upping' is in order.

have a wonderful weekend.

If you are off to the meeting I will see you there.

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