Monday, 10 April 2017

back down to earth with a bump

Well it is back to work today after a full on cricket weekend.

But sadly not the end result we were wanting!.

The morning started hot and sunny and with some very tired looking people milling around in reception after the antics of the wedding party.
U headed out to have a walk and blow away the cobwebs, ready to head to watch my boys.

it was tough going and w e were trying everything to egg on a wicket, 'walking a wicket', 'moving seat for a wicket'  and 'praying or a wicket' it took a good  while before  the lovely Michael  Carberry was bowled 931.1 overs to be precise).
we had to pull out some stops here!

We sat through lunch and tea and it became more worrying. the initial total of 320 runs to win was ticking down.

The sun disappeared and a chill wind arrived. Donning jackets we were all still hopeful.

At 5pm, I decided to head off home never imaging  that by the time I got there thee it would all be over, and not in our favour.

Yes the boys of former best team in the south had done it!

a win for Hampshire!

Well it is early days!

Down in the 2nd Div, Kent had an amazing win over Gloucestershire, as they bowled hem out for 61 and are this morning all having a lie in.

Notts too are enjoying a free day after their win against Leicestershire.

Oh well no time to be downhearted, cricket is here, we have to take the losses and learn from them.

We are Yorkshire, we will bounce back.

And now time for me to bounce into the office and start the week.

Have a cracking one where ever you are.

and thank you to my wonderful cricket chums, Clare, 'Olivia',Mark and Gary for making the weekend such great fun

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