Saturday, 22 April 2017

Good morning from Southampton

good morning from the Ageas Bowl,  and although I am not in the Hilton I am only 2 mins walk from the ground.

So after my great flight down to Southampton, I got myself seated and realised that I had missed the diamissal of the lovely Michael Carberry, I can't believe he didn't wait for me to arrive.

 Hampshire looked like they were not going to be moved.

Ben Coad tried his best (3-49) but after bad light brought the players off  stumps came just in time for me to catch up with the legend that is Terry the Hampshire attendant. and Mark the Yorkshire Chauffeur.

It had been a full on busy day and it didn't end there  as I went out to dinner with the 'voice' of Yorkshire cricket,Dave Callaghan and Mark.

By the time I hit the sack I had been on the go more hours than I care to think about and was exhausted.

So around the county  circuit yesterday this is what happened.

Warwickshire closed their day on 292-6 against Surrey. I am not a 'bears' fan but will be cheering htem on this weekend as I do not want 'Rockerfeller CCC' to win.  How very unsportsmanlike!!!!

At  Nottingham Rikki Wessels hit his maiden double century  against 'Suck Eggs'

Kent  were at home and  taking on Derbyshire, they resume the day on 238-8.

Its going to be a great cricket weekend all round.

And now I am going to walk down to the local Asda and do some shopping so that I have something to eat at the ground.

Have a super Saturday

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