Friday, 14 April 2017


YEAY!!!! it is start of 4 days holibobs and I am super excited, I was still awake at stupid o'clock as normal but I have had a little lie in too.( and a hangover)

Today is all about getting the lawns cuts and edged and then if time is on my side I may also paint a couple of railings, ( will still have over 20 to do after that ). They look lovely but are a pain in the backside to maintain.

I have also prepared lunch for myself or at least know what I am having...............................and it is 'fishless' fingers, mushy peas and chips! Well it is Good Friday.

My boys start there match against Warwickshire today, whist Kent are in Sussex.

I will be keeping up to date with how my Yorkies are getting on, and my 'spy' in the camp has promised to give me updates.

I will also be keeping an eye on the Nottingham score and willing those boys onto great things, they need to hit the ground running and get themselves back into Division 1 next season...............where they belong!

Middlesex have  become the first county to vote against the T20 rule change, not quite sure what the implications will be, but it does look as if they are concerned that they won't get the London based side playing at Lords, and probably right as Rockerfeller CCC will get it. Hope they change there strip brown is so boring!

BKOTF is back and I am still to glean where he has been in between 'aurora hunting ' and now. Sadly too much rhubarb gin last night meant that I have no idea what was said.!
He is well and looking very relaxed which was more than I was when he tipped up as I had washing strewn all over the dining room and was slightly the worse for 'breaking up for holidays'!

So without further ado, I am off to put more washing in and get myself motivated....................which means that I may go back to bed for an hour!

Have a relaxed and peaceful Good Friday

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