Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Midweek and I am packing

Yes last night I was checking the things that I need to take to Southampton with me and to be honest for 3 days I have a lot of things set aside.

Oh for travelling light!

Those are words that I have yet to be able to adhere to.

Over in cricket the first shock of the season ( and its less than a week old) is that Leicestershire opening batsman has decided t leave the club and the game immediately!
He is off to do something else in cricket and will no longer be a part of the club.
he is off to do other things in the game although at present there is no indication of what that is.

The MCC have decided that there will be some rules changes from October this year, which will include sending offs and  and penalty runs.

Thirdman and batsman will remain ( and note not the word 'BATTER') however 'he' will be removed.

I am all for equality but do think that this is PC one mad!

Is this the way forward for the game?
I feel not but what do I know?

Well after all the 'hoohaa' about million pound boy in the IPL his team were thrashed by the Delhi Daredevils.
I feel an injury coming on!

I also feel work coming on so I am scooting out the door at warp speed.

Until tomorrow which for some is the last working day of the week!


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