Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Midweek madness! not really but it is midweek and that means for me that I am closer to my first weekend of cricket this year. I can hardly contain myself.

However there are still a few on going things that I need to get sorted out before I head off down the A1 on Saturday morning.

Hopefully they will all be resolved by then.

So last night, my old school chum Nev, called round to collect some furniture and other bits and pieces for a family that have been brought to our town to live in safety.

I really do know what it is like to go into a house with nothing but a few clothes and your handbag, to be fair mine was not through war, although at times it felt like it!.  It makes it even more important to me to help out, just as people helped me.

Sometimes you need to walk a mile in their shoes.

Now onto other things, like cricket!

Yorkshire thrashed Leeds/Bradford MCU, all out for 182 just before 3pm.

Well that gives the lads a bit of time to get themselves together before they take on Hampshire on Friday

Just as most of us were coming round to the franchise T20 thing, Alec Stewart goes and throws a spanner in the works by saying that  he has concerns for the plans. well as he is the  Director of Cricket at 'Rockafeller CCC' I am not sure that the money is the worry for them although  he says the money will not be enough to get other clubs out of debt.
Well how are they going to get some money if not by going with this?.
£1.3m a year guaranteed is a big incentive and a good start on the accounts pages. of these clubs.

he is also concerned at how it will affect the other forms of the game.
As are we all Alec, but we won't know until we try it.

For once it is not me that is rattling the cage!!! now there's a first!

As the IPL prepares to take off with dancing girls and screaming crowds, I wonder if the corset of Britishness will be unlaced to mimic the enthusiasm that they show.
Will we 'let it all hang out'?

Well only time will tell.

Happy Wednesday and remember.......

Throw kindness around like confetti.

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