Sunday, 2 April 2017

Sunday with Sarah

Well it is Sunday morning , the beds are stripped and remade and I am about to start the hoovering.
I seem to be on  top of things so far, it could all go downhill later, which no doubt it will, as my friend Sarah is coming over to do a spot of 'wombling' around the charity shops  and then we are having lunch........which may* include wine

* will

Now yesterday I was super busy as washing, cooking, painting and a spot of 'cricket force' took place.

I put down a double layer of weed suppressing membrane , swept and cleaned the wicket ( according to the instructions of its maker 'Uncle'Rob). Then the 'little men' got a dust down and they were all in place in time for the arrival of Pete the pigeon who is still trying to figure out how he can get to the 'fat ball' hanging up.
As he is so fat that he can hardly fly, I hardly see him 'hovering' to eat said balls!

Today however is very important, it is really the start of cricket for us Yorkies. The boys are taking on Leeds/Bradford MCCU.

It is also time for the cricket mugs to come out, and I am now having my 'french ground' out of one of them.

It's finally here!!!! winter is really over.

All chatter on twitter seems to be cricket based, and everyone seems to be as excited as I am.

I am hoping that the weather picks up here, after a glorious morning yesterday we were then subjecting to torrential rain which managed to flood the toad out side the Chateau.It is still grey and over cast here but I am hoping that  I can get the washing out on the line.

to all those heading to Headingley, have a brilliant day.

To those staying at home I wish you the same.

have a peaceful Sunday.

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