Monday, 17 April 2017

Sunny Bank Holiday ( at the mo)

Its a lovely sunny morning and I  have just hung out the sheets on the line only to find Pink Hippo bundled up in the them!. He needed a wash , but not fully 'clothed'. well at least jumpy and Hippo are all clean for their trip to Southampton.

And talking about Southampton, well it is gearing up to be a great trip.

Lets talk cricket

yesterday my Yorkshire boys were on fire, or rather Ben Coad was (again).

They left Warwickshire 85-9 at stumps and need one wicket today to be on the coach home and getting sorted for their trip 'darn sarf'.

Ben has been amazing in their first 2 matches and with his 10 wicket match haul he is proving himself, well and truly. I think that HRR and Booksy may be wondering where they  fit in when they are fit to return to fitness.

I will be keeping a beady eye out for England selectors because they are not having Ben ( just yet).

The rain delay did nothing to affect this young man and Warwickshire could be in for a very heavy defeat.

Notts were affected by  the rain yesterday, today they need to get 'bambi Boy' out first ball and then finish then off.

Kent are looking good and they could be singing on the coach home at this rate.

And then there was Hampshire..............................the lovely Michael Carberry falling foul of Tim Murtagh and so close to another century. it could be a draw, but with the way this weekend has played out all over the CC anything could happen!

And I am off to work in the garden after being washed out yesterday, and then pack my case ( again) and prepare for another week at work (well 3 days).

have a relaxing Easter Monday

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