Saturday, 29 April 2017

Super washing Saturday

Can you identify the posteriors?

Saturday morning and the first load of washing is done, it is going to be a busy weekend on the cleaning front.

Thanks to hideous weather this week, I have not been able to mow the lawns after work and so I am hoping that I can get them done over the next couple of days. Backache permitting.

It was another One Day cricket fest yesterday as Surrey and Somerset set too.
 was secretly willing Somerset on and yes I got my wish they beat 'Rockerfeller CCC'

Rain affected the match for Lancs and Leics and after the usual debacle that is the 'Jack & Vera' ( D/L to those not in the know}. it was decided that jack had 3 pints, Vera had 42 perm rollers in her hair at Audreys salon and then was divided by the amount of years Terry was in jail,

the result was that Leicestershire won by 3 wickets

Today sees my boys taking on Sophies boys at Trent Bridge,
Come on Yorkshire but good luck to Notts too ( somewhat splintering my derrière on the fence there,but you know where my heart is really)

The Dame is now in full moving mode and had her last day at work yesterday, she thought she might cry, but she didn't which I think is proof that she is ready to move onto the next stage of her life.

I am keeping this shot as I have to go to the sorting office to collect a parcel...................finally I have a replacement for my vintage Donald Duck cricketer charm, which lost its bat at Lords at the end of last season.
I have been searching all over for this charm, they are hard to come by.

I will be having it attached next week and will feel much better when I am off to cricket with my bracelet on.
Right its a short one but I have lots to do including cooking.

until tomorrow

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