Sunday, 23 April 2017

what a strange day

well yesterday was sunny but with a chill wind, which was not made any better by Hampshire refusing to be out.
Berg the scurge of the bowlers, we all know you need to get him out early or he is there for the duration, and sure enough he was!  The innings finished with him on 99*.

I was struggling with the after effects of wine from the night before, but was cheered up when Terry popped round to see me.
I had bought a beautiful print of Northlands Road  from the club shop and Terry had it signed by all the Hampshire boys.
I was over the moon.

However I may have been happy about the picture, but when Yorkshire were on 16-4 I was ready to hit the bottle again!

What on earth was going on?
Well to be honest the bowling was brilliant from the hosts and they had Yorkshire in a bit of a spot, it took Captain Ballance  to really steady the ship and we closed on 128-6 with Gary on 68*.
Its going to be a tough day today as we need to really fight back.

Meanwhile over in Nottingham, the boys were making very short work of 'Suck eggs' and now have 2 days off.
Suck Eggs are not having the best of times.

Meanwhile the 'trophy keeper warmers' are hosting Essex, having declared on over 500, they have the guests at 120-4.
Hmmm they seem to be in the same boat as us!

Kent are motoring along well.

I am now about to head off for some breakfast and the maybe have another hour of sleep.
I would also like to say that my hotel is one of the best I have been in for a while, and the food is exceptional.
I will be writing a reveiw on my website later this week.

Well as my stomach is rumbling very loudly, I am off to eat,

Oh and just to day a huge thank you to Dave Callaghan and Mark Boyle who have been looking after me whilst I have been here.
Its made for a wonderful weekend.

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