Thursday, 27 April 2017

Wow its Thursday already

Well it Is Thursday and nearly the end of  the week.

Just when I think that I have got over one hurdle, I see another one ahead, between that and the early morning calls (again) I will be glad when it is the weekend ( and another Bank Holiday).

I am contemplating heading to Leeds on Sunday and staying over............................but then again I could get things done at home if  I stay home until Monday.

Oh well that's all at the weekend and that's all to come.

So the city based T20 is happening, this despite Kent being slightly anxious about thing, they did not want to be at odds with the ECB, they felt that they cannot actively endorse the proposal.

As we know Essex and Middlesex have both voted against it, whilst Worcestershire have gone with it.

38 of the 41 ECB members voted for it too which along with the majority of counties means that we will be seeing the razzmatazz start  in 2020.

The names were released for the squad at The Champions Trophy and one thing that is puzzling me is why when someone misses a tour through injury and has only just got back to fitness they are selected to play for England again?

How can this be?

This to me is why half the squad break down.

It does sometimes appear to be a boys club, when you are in, you are in.

Today is the day that Ireland find out if they will be  closer to being awarded Test status. If this happens Ireland hope to play their first test as soon as 2018.

In other news I am hobbling around like my granny. Having been given some furniture for the family who arrived in England from a war zone, I decided that I could get it out of the car on my own..................well I did but not without injury.

Oh well  a couple of ibuprofen and I will be able to face the world.
maybe not skipping or jumping, but hopefully not shuffling as I am at the moment.

And with that I am off to try to get into the car

Until tomorrow.

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