Friday, 28 April 2017

Yeah its Friday

Ah its Friday and to celebrate I have a picture of old 'Fuzzy Chops' Murphy, my favourite little man.

Today will be about calm and serenity, as I am getting myself into Bank Holiday mode. Also as my back is still giving me jip!

Tonight I am having a curry night with my brand new curry trays ( courtesy of the lovely Mark & Sharon ). If I am not too busy shovelling it down my wineshute, I may take a photo of these trays for you to see. They are the biz!

So what else has been happening.

well it is less than 3 weeks until The Dame is off to la Belle France for good, with any luck I will be 18-24 months behind her.
It is an exciting time and also stressful. I mean she has to pack clothes and things for a month or so...................................I am nearly having a coronary at the thought of trying to do that, seriously if I had one huge case for 2 nights.....................well it doesn't bear thinking about.

In cricket news,
Ireland were told that they must meet new criteria  if they are to get full test status, but they are confident that they can do this. This is to do with finance ( obviously!) and the  performance of the national team.
Good Luck to them I say.

We are only a month into the new season and the One Day matches kicked off yesterday.

Worcsetershire beat Notts, who take on my boys on Saturday.

Warwickshire  beat Northants.

Hampshire beat Kent

Durham and Middlesex's matches were thwarted by rain although the commentary from Lords was hilarious, as the ground was full of schoolchildren and the noise was not what the stuffy old MCC members were used to.

Well my boys will be on their way to Nottingham today ahead of tomorrows match.

So I had best head down the A1 to.........................only as far as Ladylaineyworkville though.

Have a great Friday

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