Wednesday, 31 May 2017

WOW it's Wednesday already!

half way through the week, and now not a Bank Holiday in sight until nearly the end of summer............... but lots of other things going on before then.

The  boiler was serviced and all OK there, the engineer was trying to get me sorted with a smart meter, but true to form the first date that they could come to fit it  was 22nd June .....the day that I start my new job!

Well that was a no no from the start then!!!

I managed to make a lot of headway in the house, although not much decorating was going on Glad to say that a suitcase full of 'stuff' headed to the charity shop and out of my life forever.Some of the things that went have been in my life for  years and had been kept for 'sentimental' reasons.

One thing I have learnt of late is that sometimes you hold onto things just to 'remind' yourself of happier times,  or a special person. This is not always productive to your life as you spend half your time in the past.
There are always new memories in the making.

So new broom and all that. I can't however manage to clear out all my cricket 'memories' ( ticket stubs, programmes, scorecards.......)

I have been continuing with my 'random acts of kindness', this is not something that I have talked about, but I try to do at least one a week, not to make me feel better but to try to make someone else feel that they are loved/appreciated or just in someone thoughts.

Try it, it doesn't have to be anything expensive, it could just be calling on someone you know with a small gift ( flowers are good). Just to see someone smile is the best thing in the world.

Now if I  can summon a smile as I head off to the office that would be wonderful and only 3 weeks more!!!.

Before I go though, I was just reading about England being the favourites in the Champions Trophy, well we will see whether this is true in the next few matches.

So sorry that there was more 'me' stuff today and less cricket.

Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

I have had another lie in

Well it is Tuesday, I have the gas boiler service today and I am also trying to get things  sorted in the house ( still).
I don't even want to think about the garden, as the rain has only  brought about grass growing of gigantic proportions.

However back to other things.

England took a complete beating by South Africa yesterday despite the heroic attempts of Jonny B and Toby Roland Jones.
It was fair to say that Jason Roy once again disappointed all but the Sky pundits who were still singing his praises, and talking about how he has been so good for the team!

It is totally obvious that they are all totally anti Jonny B who when he has been allowed back in the team has always played a blinder.
I am not saying that he is the only one, it took 'team Yorkshire' to steady the ship with David Willey  hitting  26 which managed to halt the wicket fall for a time.

When you go to hang washing out and are only gone 5 mins and come back to 20-6 you know there is something amiss.

I am sure that the post mortem of the match was interesting.

They may have won that series but were well and truly whipped in the last match.

 Onward now to the Champions Trophy and it was widely referred to on Sky yesterday that Roy is in and Bairstow will not be.

Are the pundits now the selectors?

We will just have to see how England fair.

And I am off to do 'stuff',  I have taken a days holiday today as I am  on countdown to moving to my new job.

Imagine no more 'office boys' and their antics?

Until tomorrow

Monday, 29 May 2017

Peace and quiet

Its Bank Holiday Monday and it is perfectly still and quiet outside.

Most of the folk in the road are still asleep and I've not even seen a dog walker this morning
Im up and about and getting ready to make a start on some of the decorating ( hopefully) as well as sorting out the washing and doing a spot of steam cleaning.

And then there is cricket on TV.

Ben Stokes is looking a doubt and the England camp have drafted in Toby Roland-Jones, Liam Dawson and...........................................Steve Finn!!!!

Oh my dog!!! The ultimate 'holiday' boy is back in the gang. Luckily it won't cost the ECB much to get his tube ticket to Lords, for him to sit on the balcony and sun himself, unless ( shock horror) he plays!

Its the last ODI and South Africa really need to look as if they mean business.

In the county championship,
Hampshire beat Somerset by 90 runs. Some brilliant bowling from Liam Dawson and Mason Crane in the match as well as a half century for the lovely Michael Carberry.

Somerset are bottom of the table at the moment. With Hampshire currently top!

Notts are continuing their march back to Div 1 with an innings win over Gloucestershire.
They need to be back where they belong!

However Worcestershire are  keeping on the pressure after their win against Nothants' it was marred slightly when  Northants , Richard Levi was taken to hospital during their match after being struck on the head, he suffered a mild concussion but was later allowed home.
We wish him well.

I've now decided to head  out and collect some elderflowers whilst it is so peaceful, I feel a batch of elderflower 'champagne' coming on

have a relaxing Bank Holiday Monday.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

It was a bit of a day

Well I set off to Headingley bright and early and arrived as the sun was really heating up.
I checked   in at the lodge and then headed over to see Cally and give him some homemade chutney and have a chat.

Well just before play was due to start the heavens opened and I decided to have a walk intoHeadingley.

Play started at 11.30am and I got myself settled, Yorkshire took 2 very early wickets and the sun was  beating down.

Then Jim and his besty mate tipped up and we decided to have a 'tipple' which turned into 2 or 3 and then the heavens opened and the rain became torrential

We headed to the Long Room and  waited for the rain to stop, whilst watching the ODI on TV.

Sun back out and then the match was called off much to the annoyance of the South African team who were not at all best pleased.

I am guessing that Michael Gough was on the golf course by 4pm and in the bar before 7pm

We decided to head off to the Original Oak, I went to get changed and then disaster struck

In a frenzy of rain and lager, I had lost Pink Hippo............I text Jim and then rain downstairs, Jim was asking the stewards if they had seen him, I was beside myself, then  I found him on the floor by our seats,soaking wet and very dirty.

I took him over to the Lodge where Gemma one of the wonderful staff, looked after him.

We saw England win the One Day series, however my thoughts on this is that South Africa will be regrouping.

I got back to the lodge before 7pm, picked up Pink Hippo and put him on the bathroom towel heater.....where he still is looking very sorry for himself.

I am packed and ready to head home, where I have to call at  Kiki's house before going home and maybe hanging some wallpaper.

It was a great day with friends even though the weather was not kind

I am hoping for better weather next weekend.
 Right time to set off home

have a wonderful Sunday

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Bank Holiday weekend.

It has dawned another glorious morning but if the weather man is to be believed there are storm clouds a brewing for later!

Not the kind of news that I want to hear.

yesterday I took a half day and headed home to sit in the garden for a couple of hours.................well that was never going to happen,  instead, I managed to get the last of the furniture off to the people who are living in Ladylaineyville due to war in their own country.
I cooked and I did some tidying up.....................note that I did not do any washing though!

I am saving this for tomorrow!

Today sees the England v South Africa match down at the Ageas Bowl  and news is that Stokes is fit to play..........................until Monday when he will no doubt be sidelined for the rest of the summer.

South Africa A are at Headingley  taking on a Yorkshire side that looks like the 2nd XI. Why not bring out the big guns on a bank holiday weekend?

Essex made an amazing start in their game against Surrey yesterday reducing them to 31-5 in less than 10 overs.
However a cracking 177 by soon to be retired Kumar Sangakkara brought them to 334-7 at stumps.
that is some comeback. I will however be cheering the Essex boys on again today.

Kent meanwhile are taking on 'Suck eggs' and looked to be doing OK on day one.

I read that T20 Internationals could now include DRS!!!
Seriously, lets just do away with umpires altogether.

Right I am not goign to get off on a rant o n this lovely sunny Saturday.

So now I have quite a lot to do and then I am out the door to bask in what ever sunshine we get and hopefully not get too wet in the threatened thunder storms

Until tomorrow

Friday, 26 May 2017

End of the week already

Friday is here and the weekend is upon us, I have packed my bag this morning ready to head off to Headingley first thing in the morning. Wooohoooo cricket!

I tell you I need it after all that has gone on this week, I am ready for the weekend.

And so I have checked the cricket news and I don;t like to say #I told you so'., but I told you that there would be injuries in the England team especially those who had been out to the IPL!
Yes Ben Stokes is a doubt for the match tomorrow.


Good news for the BBC as they will be showing highlights of the ICC trophy every night during the competition.
 It will be like the old days when I used to settle down with Dad to watch cricket on  the BBC.

Interesting read about Doug Bracewell the New Zealand cricketer and his drink driving offence. its on the BBC cricket website.
He seems to be in cahoots with the other 'enfant terrible' of New Zealand Jesse Ryder. Dougs  past misdemeanour's seem to feature Ryder a lot.

Today I  am going to be able to listen to Essex v Surrey on't wireless.
I never thought that I would be cheering for Essex ( well not these days, but did when Ronnie Irani played there).
So come on you Essex boys!!!

I have lots to sort out today so I feel that it will be full on busy, its 6.20am so I think that I need to hit the road and get an hour under my belt before the arrival of the office boys!

and talking about the office boys....................

......... Trill Boy has come out with his best 'version; of a song to date, yes indeed.  Who will ever forget the classic by Earth Wind and Fire.......................'Boogie Underground'!!!!!
I would like to say that I would like to forget this but....................I wont!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

oh what a beautiful morning

Its 5am and I am sitting here listening to the blackbirds singing, the sun is shining and everything is completely peaceful. It really is a lovely morning.

Yesterday was warm and sunny and we are basking in some early summer sun, which always makes you feel better.

I ran the gauntlet of questions from the office boys regarding my reason for leaving. To be honest their response to the news was quite overwhelming. However my decision is made and we are all about to move on to a new chapter. Four weeks today I will be getting ready to head to my new office.

At 11am yesterday I tuned into the commentary on the Durham match against Sussex, who after an outstanding innings of 668 sent  Durham back north being beaten by an innings and 177 runs.

I quickly nipped to Laura Ashley and got some more wallpaper ( yes there is going to be a lot of stripping and sticking going on) and then settled down to listen to the One Day  commentary.

I was receiving pictures of the lovely Abraham Benjamin from Clare and swooning!.

I commented to young Tommy Gun

'I am getting picture sent to me of Abraham Benjamin'

TG. 'Abraham Benjamin? is he that violinist, the one that we worked on  the school named after him?'

Me with a puzzled look, then a realising what he was talking about

'No Tom'

Abraham Benjamin the world famous violinist and conductor!

Yehudi Menuhin world famous South African cricketer!

Its going to be a long four weeks!

England were in good form for the match with Captain Morgan hitting a century and leading the boys to a 72 run victory.

It was lovely to see the crowd cheering and clapping Jonny B when he was running round the boundary on drinks duties.
Yes once again he was omitted from the team.

The teams now move on to Southampton for Saturday.

I am moving myself in the direction of the shower, got to get to work.

Have a good Thursday.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A new day dawns

Yes indeedy, the sun is up, the sky is blue and I am ready to head to the office...................when really I want to be at Headingley watching England take on South Africa, however as I am going to see them in test match action with Sophie and Terry, I am biding my time.

which is what I will be doing for the next month at the office. Yesterday I gave notice as I have been offered another job which I hope will take me over until I am sorted to move to France.

I am excited to say the least, mainly as I will have no more early morning calls!
I am doing the same as now but in a different construction sector, so it should make it more interesting.

However these will probably be the longest 4 weeks of my life.

crickety news.

The big unit that is Richard Levi has extended his contract with Northampton until the end of 2013.

Captain Morgan has been saying that the return of the England players from the IPL is a huge boost to the team..................... yes I guess so until the 'break down' from over playing and carrying their swag back from the subcontinent.

James Anderson is out of the South African one day match with the injury that he picked up last weekend in the game against my boys.

I will be tuned into the radio at 11am for the coverage of the match, this is something that may not be happening once I move jobs, but you have to make some sacrifices!

oh yes! forgot to say, I purchased more wallpaper yesterday from Laura Ashley, I think that I am going to be very busy in the next few weeks too.

Its all go.....................and short as this is, I must dash.

happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Hoping for a calmer week

Well I am hoping that things will be a little less hectic in the office this week, yesterday was relatively quiet.

I have upped the exercise to try to fill me full of endorphins which will in turn ( I hope ) help me to smile all week no matter what gets thrown at me.

I thought I was doing quite well when managing to 'plank' for 50 seconds ( after back injury and mumps I though not bad), then I read that Cher, at 71 can 'plank' for 5 minutes!


Oh well I'm on for a bit of pilates tonight  after cardio last night.

And as Rome wasn't built in a day I am guessing that it will be this time next year before the results show.

Yesterday was good in that I finally got the Laura Ashley wallpaper that I have been mulling over for the last year ( I do not usually procrastinate) and now there looks to be some serious changing of the bathroom and toilet in the next couple of weeks, which combined with the exercise will keep me out of mischief.

And that will be one more job ticked off the list for the future marketing of the house.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the county championship matches played out over the last 4 days.
I hope that the ECB are taking note of the amount of centuries scored in these matches

2 in  Som V Warks
4 in Sur v Middx
4 in Lancs v Yorks
2 in Essex v hants

and thats just Div 1!!!
There were 4 in the Glam v Notts match

Surely this is more proof that the CC is exciting and not past its sell by date

I know that I hardly slept on Saturday night waiting for Jack brooks to get his maiden century.

Yes the hard slogiging T20 may be a money spinner but I am CC through and through.

Please do not reduced the County matches again , they really are brilliant cricket.

It is 5 am and I am wide awake  having slept fitfully due to the awful events in Manchester last night.
our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all.

Monday, 22 May 2017

What a day!

I tell you, some days there is no cricket news and some days it is all cricket, which was just like yesterday.

I nipped to Tesco and was home with my vegan quorn chunks just in time for start of play.
I was julienning my carrots  when TLJL was bowled, I nearly  sliced through my nail!
However we still had Brooksy who was trying to get to his century.

I was just adding  my thai green curry paste to the pan when it happened, yes indeed, the headband warrior scored his maiden century.
I was whooping and crying, could the day get any better!

When yes it could.

Just as I was about to make a start on the nut roast, Brooksy took  the first wicket.

 and then HRR only took two more wickets to add to his FC haul.

It was turning out to be some day. Cooking and cricket wise!

Close saw Lancs on 264-6.

it looks like a draw but hey after the heroics of the middle and tail over the weekend , anything could happen today!

Hampshire are having a good try at making sure  that I don't get to see them play Div1 cricket again as they were thrashed by Essex in under 3 days.
Come on boys I really want another trip down to the lovely Ageas bowl next season, I am saving up my air miles!

Over in Div 2, Notts were held up in their victory charge against Glamorgan.

Worcestershire decided to take on the County Championship in the same way that they had taken on the One Day matches and had two centurions  and Commando Boy took 2-49.

It was all going off!

Its all going off here too, as I am having intermittent internet!!!

Which worries me slightly.

It has so far this morning taken me over an hour to log on so whilst I still have some signal. I will sign off.

Have a great Monday and come on Yorkshire

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Not a lot to report today.....

Old picture as Jack is still a 'Rosebud' in this one.

hahahahaha......................of course there is!!!!!

And it starts with TLJL getting a century!!!!!

What else can I say..................well you know me I can say a lot.

Firstly he made top billing on the BBC cricket website, and rightly so!

What a boy, however no one man makes a team, he was partnered by Hoddy who  sadly fell early in the match, which then was rained on , so the boys all went back to the dressing room to play with their 'Brut' freebies ( and yes this is true, there are videos to back this up)

Jack Brooks took to the crease and between the 'Jaybirds' they set about piling on the runs.

By stumps Yorkshire were 412-7  with TLJL on 118 and Brooksy on a career best of 94.

I would not be surprised to find a mass migration over the Pennines for start of play today.


Notts were showing amazing form yesterday  most especially Big Luke Fletcher who took 3-60.

The Division 2 leaders have put themselves into a strong position against Glamorgan, so I will be keeping an eye on this match.

Talking Nottingham, I am now on countdown until I go to stay with Sophie and El Tel for the South Africa test in July. To say that I am excited is an understatement , I have my bag packed already! ( although you know that I will re pack it at least 100 times before I go)

Today I have the horrible task of disposing of a dead 'Mrs Blackbird' who is currently lying between two of my hydrangeas and very close to the hydrangea 'nursery'.

I tried to do it yesterday but just couldn't, however I think I need to 'man up' and clear up.
This is probably the only time in 10 years that I wished I had a husband!

Right I have bedding to hang out as the beds are stripped and currently on the spin cycle.

Then Tesco for a quick shop and home for the start of the cricket.

Have a wonderful Sunday

Saturday, 20 May 2017

I had a 'lie in'

Well after the longest busiest week I decided that this morning I would have a lie in, so I am now in bed typing this on the laptop.

However as you would imagine, the washing machine is on and I am preparing to set to work clearing out the boot room. It has of late become a dumping ground and so I need to tackle it before it spills out in to the hall.

Ah yes, I may have had a lie in but my thoughts are still on the jobs in hand.

However  lets rewind to yesterday and the first day on a while, of County cricket.

I tuned in to the wireless ready for the start of the match only to hear the brilliant news that 'Hoddy' is back.

yes after leaving him out of the one day side and not hearing even a whiff of a mention of his name, he was back in the squad.

Now to say we got off to a flying start is an is actually a down right fib, as within 5 overs we were 9-2!!

Lyth and Lees both gone.

Handscomb and Ballance stepped up and steadied the ship, before TLJL came out.
I could only cross everything and hope for a brilliant innings.
After losing 'little' Timmy Bresnan  & Rafiq, in came HODDY!!!!

And together with TLJL they  took us to the close of play.
Hoddy 41, TLJL 54. 251-6

So now I will have every radio in the house blasting out at 11am.

Sadly during the course of play Jimmy Anderson sustained an injury and left the field.

South Africa were playing a warmup match in Sussex and beat them by 66 runs

And those Nottinghamshire boys are playing with real meaning, they want to be back in Div 1 were they should be.

I am now about to hot foot it to town and grab some provisions ( 12 tins of chick peas), and go to the post office.

Have a great Saturday, its good to have proper cricket back.

Friday, 19 May 2017

it's been some week

well it is finally Friday and what a week it's been, I can tell you this, I will be glad when  I close my office door today!

It is also back to 'proper' cricket ,as the County championship matches start again.


Interesting that Ian Botham is under fire already for none attendance at Durham ( a bit like when he was paid to play). He claims that  he is not there to hold the players hands and have a cup of tea with them.

Well yes, we all know that a Chairman is not there to do that!,  in fact the cricketers are not his responsibility, however a presence is always good.

He has been given the role to bring the county back from the brink.

He ought to take a leaf out of Yorkshire Chairman's book, he is in touch with the members and supporters, often seen walking around the ground,  and still doing what he is supposed to.( and holding down a full time job to boot).
 I am sure that the same can be said about other Chairmen.

I did say it would end in tears...........................

The pay dispute  with Australia rattles on however head coach Darren Lehmann says that although it will be a distraction during the champions trophy he does not think that it will affect the Ashes, well he should know!

And it is nearly time for South Africa to step into the limelight here in the UK, Abraham Benjamin will not be playing test cricket but he will be in the one day squad.

I am now cutting this short as I have a lot to sort out this morning and not a lot of time to do it in

Have a fab Friday

it is nearly the weekend

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Now we know!

Well it is all sorted for the play offs and we are facing Surrey at home.

Ah I bet the 'angry little man' from down south is gutted that they didn't get Somerset! He could have renewed his 'friendship' with Peter Trego!

The winners of this match go to Worcester.

Notts are away to Somerset and the winner plays Essex.

Well its hotting up and so early in the season.

Sensibility returns tomorrow as we are back in County Championship action.

Proper cricket!

I am back to reality in the office as another project has 'plopped'  on my desk, by the looks of what I am juggling at the minute, we appear to be rebuilding London.

Yesterday however saw the opening of one of our new projects by none other that the Earl of Wessex.
yes, it was all go down at The Worshipful Company.
This was a difficult job as there was an old church 'in the way' and the building was not allowed to touch it in any way, well I guess a 3in gap was enough.................I joke!

However onward and upward and by upward I mean another BIG build.

The sun is shining again and hopefully we have seen the last of the rain, I might even make some cricket before the end of the week.

Now I have to get a wriggle on as I have a 'secret mission' later today, so time to get myself prepared.

more tomorrow

Happy Thursday

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Cricket news

After waiting all winter to be able to get out to cricket I have suddenly realised how little I do actually get to see, not that it matters as any is better than none in my books.

I missed a very brilliant game at Headingley yesterday, which dispute being rain affected still went to the wire and also had a lot of Notts fans on the edge of their rain sodden seats, after their match against Northants was washed out.

Back in Leeds, captain Ballance continued his run of form and hit a brilliant 71 which took him over the 1000 runs mark, so early in the season too!
They made a respectable 258-7 in their 45 overs
after taking a Leicestershire wicket  in the opening over Leicestershire steadied and Notts fans were beginning to worry ( well El Tel was by all accounts).

However my boys did good and saw the Foxes all out  for 238.

Worcestershire continued their run of great cricket which means that the North group are sorted for the knock out round and will feature,
Worcestershire ( top of the board)

Well played boys, you are doing  brilliantly.

The South group will be decided today.

End of this week sees us back in County Championship mode as we head 'over the hill' to  face Lancashire.

strange to be back to 4 day cricket.

I am back to trying to sort out my desk and get things in order, which  really is easier said than done.

And we have had some much needed rain, which has revived all the hydrangeas here at the chateau, and talking hydrangeas, they have multiplied after I took in some soon to be orphans from Dame Didi.

I am busy feeding them coffee grounds as apparently they are ..........................PINK!!!!
I may have to put up with that for this year.

Right enough of the 'Percy Thrower' , time to turn into 'Wonder Woman'

See you tomorrow

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Busy, busy

Ah it is now very stupid o'clock and I am up and running, I have a lot to complete today before I head home.

Why does everything seem to come at once?

I can have a few months of relative calm and peace  ( at work) when I get things sorted, arrange for archiving to be sent 'darn sarf', have the O & M's started and get through the daily work in no time, and then there are times like now when you need to be in 4 places at once and don't seem to be making any progress on any of your work.

I know that it will ease off.....................well I think it will but  looking at the programmes for the next 6 months................actually it doesn't bear looking at!.

right on to other things.

It seems that it is not only me that is dissatisfied with my work lot,

It looks as if the Aussie cricketers are prepared to go on strike!!!

'What the Donald Duck?' I hear you all shouting,

Firstly let me just say that 'HWMNBNITB' got his two penneth worth in on Twitter, he is obviously hoping that he can qualify to play for them now as he'll be there for any old money.

Right got that dig out of the way and now onto the how's, what's and why's.


In March cricket Australia announced wage increases for men and woman, but it would mean that players no longer got a percentage of CA revenue.
This offer was rejected, and CA said that they would not pay cricketers after 30th June.
There is still a stand off on this and it is unknown if Australia will have a team to play in any matches after that.


This could have direct impact on the Ashes as the end of the year ( although knowing how competitive the Aussies are I cannot see this happening)


I am guessing that as always money is the root of all evil, but it pays the bills and is a necessary evil for us all.
However when money takes over from the 'honour' of playing for your country I worry!. ( although in HWMNBNITB's case any money, any country, and that is the last dig I promise).

Talking the honour of playing for your country the 'Jonny B ' thing is flying around again.

Old 'dolly hair' Vaughan has been asking if England realise how good our boy is.

well of course they do, but for some reason they will keep him on the side lines and out of the Yorkshire team.

Talking Yorkshire, the boys are in action today at home against Leicestershire.

I expect nothing less than a win, I will be trying to keep up in Twitter

and I am doing too much talking and not enough working so I am off for a coffee and to get things in order.

have a good Tuesday

Monday, 15 May 2017

My favourite things

Raindrops on white  roses
And whiskers on Leaning
Bright copper red heads and batting with meaning
The thrill of a   run chase and all that it brings
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream-colored clothing  and cable knit sweaters
No balls  and slow balls
LBW  in big letters

Curly haired bowlers at the end of their innings
These are a few of my favorite things

Girls on the boundary cheering and clapping
Sun, hale and wind in appropriate ‘wrapping’

meeting and chatting, new friendships springs
These are a few of my favorite things

When the rain falls
When work calls 
When I'm feeling sad

I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don't feel so bad

Sunday, 14 May 2017

There's cricket today.....

......and we have had some more rain overnight, the lawns are looking less parched and I will have to check the water butt ( which was nearly empty).

The hydrangeas are looking better for the  having some rain water splashed on them.

Beds are stripped and the machine is on as I type, so I am sort of back to normal.

Yesterday I got washing done and then had a 'nap', before knocking up two curries and some flatbread.

I then settled down to watch DVD's before heading off to bed.

Quite restful, and what I needed.

Today though there will be cricket resounding through the Chateau and  I need to get the hoovering done before 11.00am.

I will be cheering my boys on as they face Warwickshire.

I will also be cheering  Kent, who can't go through now, so need a bit of cheering.

I have lots of things to do today too, which will included, putting more junk on eBay,

'how much more is there' I hear you all say,

well there is a lot I can tell you.

I am sure that the 'junk' fairies come when I am at work  and leave things, I wish the cleaning fairies would come instead!

it would make my life so much easier!!!!!

Well time to get on, chickpea patties wont be making themselves.

I am also working on some new vegan recipes so my 'testers' at cricket had better watch out.

have a peaceful Sunday

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Its rest weekend

Well I have been up since normal time as I still have tasks to complete before I can wind down and try to get some rest.

Last night was a busy old evening in the Chateau as I went to  'Narnia' (under the stairs) to get out some of the things that I need to put on ebay. as well as getting the gas meter reading ready to put on line.

At least there is a walkway now into the back of Narnia, so I must be making progress with the clearing out.

And I have seen the carpet in the dressing room for over 2 months now that must be a record!

And then there was cricket and firstly some good news.

Jason Gillespie has been appointed coach of Australia A, this has made me happy as I was getting a tad worried that he had thrown the towel in at Yorkshire, gone back to Oz only to  become a 'nomad' temporary coach.

Very good news and well deserved.

Not so good news on the One day match for Jason's team as they were beaten by Surrey...............they should have thrashed them.

Hampshire lost to Glamorgan despite James Vince hitting a club one day record 178. The match was a last over thriller.

Essex beat Middlesex, and appear to be on a roll now that they have their Captain back.

Worcestershire beat Warwickshire and continue their march to a Semi final place. I was disappointed that 'Commando boy' did not take a wicket.

So as there is no cricket today I had best get on.............. although as I have a super busy week next week with lots going on, I think that I may just nip back to bed for an hour and  get some rest.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Its the end of a very exhausting week

Right Friday lets get today done and dusted and let the weekend begin. And I am going to try to have a relaxing one.

I have washing in the machine now so that I can hang it out before I go to work . One less job for tomorrow.
I spent last night trying to sort out things to go to the charity shop so that I could drop them off today ( one  less weekend thing to do).

Today is also a day to get things organised in the office as I have a busy week next week, with a couple of days out.

I know that I need to slow down a little but I am totally unable to work wise at the moment.

Archiving will have to wait though as I have neither the will or the inclination to even begin to do this batch.

So  what has been   occurring in cricket?

 well I've actually doing a round up of the week to find out who was 'in' and who was 'out' of the One Day Competition so far.

Well the holders Warwickshire are out, knocked out by Derbyshire ( the Jeevan fan club from Sunday will have been pleased with his 44 from 23 balls)

it looks as if Nothants are out of the competition too.
Kent are also out.

its all hotting up as there will be no QF it will be straight in to a semi.

Notts were taking on Durham and as I was listening to the commentary a very strange thing happened,Dave Bracegirdle was in full fun mode and Alex Hales hit a six which went straight through the window of the comms box.
The team were true professionals and kept talking however I am guessing that they were trying to get under the desks!
Sadly Notts lost but its all to play for.

Today we again have a full on cricket day so I will be listening in.

Im backing Worcestershire, Hampshire, Middlesex and Kent in their matches.

So I am spreading the cheering out.

Well cheering is one thing I am doing today, as I am 7 hours away from the weekend.

have a fab Friday

Thursday, 11 May 2017

I need a holiday

As I struggled to open my eyes this morning I realised that I am running on empty. I need a holiday, however I am looking at all things and think that this may not happen until Christmas.

I don't even think my days at the Scarborough Festival will count, as I rarely get any sleep thanks to the seagulls.

I have to have a think about what to do, I'm still trying to get my energy levels back to normal after having mumps at the beginning of the year.

I am always on the go and rarely slow down.

I am finally admitting that I am exhausted.

I need to formulate a plan.

But until that's done I suppose I will carry on as normal.

well my boys had a cracking win yesterday which was not what I was expecting after the first over, having lost Lyth. It wasn't long before the England captain followed suit.

now this got me thinking, his form for the county has not been too great whereas the former England Captain is on fire, is there some truth in the weight of responsibility?

And then Captain Ballance stepped up and knocked all those thoughts out of my head, with another cracking 'captains' innings. 152 not out.........................he is really stepping up to the mark and leading by example.

So after being 73-4 they finished on 300-6.

My 'spy' in the ground was sending me regular 'yupdates' ( like an update but about Yorkshire).

I said that the bowlers needed to come out revved up.......................and boy did they!!!

My poor 'James Bond' couldn't type the fall of wickets in quickly enough. No sooner did he send one then  another had fallen. 11-4 before the 3rd over!!!

Northants rallied but were all out after just over the half way mark.
a cracking win by the lads.

However I started to think that the closer we get to a possible final the closer we are to the ECB snaffling half the team back!

poor Kent lost after a valiant try.

what I will say is that there has been some high scoring in this competition so far and centuries have been hit in every game. It had made for good cricket so far.

I am now off to the office and that is definitely not cricket.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Cricket Wednesday

Yes it is cricket Wednesday but it has also been washing Wednesday,  and it is all out on the line in the early morning sunshine.

You may wonder why I am washing midweek?

well as I have 2 weeks before I have any cricket, I am going to use the next couple of weekends to  hopefully get some of the patio laid and some more of the railings painted. Lots to do and I intend to try to at least get the ball rolling  on it.

Now yesterday, Twitter  was full of 'stuff' about Jonny Bairstow and the fact that 'Captain' Morgan had said that he didn't see him as part of the Champions Trophy team.

I find this  strange that someone who is available for England, made runs for his country ( quick fire 72 to steer to a win last weekend),has been excluded.
Funny that those who went off to find their fortune in the IPL are straight back into the team.

Is there some dark secret that we are not privy to?

All I know is that sometimes you wonder what goes  on in the Captains head ( well actually I don't the look on his face is enough).

Today is a full on cricket day with my boys having a day/night game at Northampton.

I will be keeping a very watchful eye on this game.

Whilst over in Harrogate, Yorkshire 2nd XI is looking very good with HRR, Brooksy and Patto in the line up!
I wish I was there to see that!

I am gearing myself up for a long day as Trill boy is back after 2 days holiday which included his eldest daughters birthday.
Ah the joy of hearing very detail and a full run down of the menu from the party and how many cans he drank in the evening.

Yes its going to be a long day.

Well best head off to face it

Oh and the sun is shining so lets hope that it stays that way.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

some sad news

Well I got the sad news last night that Peggy the little Border terrier who 'works ' at the local bike shop has passed away.
This little lady would wait at the door with her 'brother' Mickey' for hugs and kisses. She was a grand old lady of 14 and up until the day she passed away was still bouncing around.

There were lots of tears, as you would expect.

She will be missed so much.

cricket was not happening yesterday and I realised that it is over 2 weeks until I get to see my boys in action again..........................or is it?

I have spotted a 2nd XI fixture which I might just head off to next week.

Talk is now turning to the Champions Trophy, which  begins on 1st June. I'm not going to see any of the matches I had already made that decision, however that's not to say that I wont be taking a great interest in  it.

Ttoday  some   teams will be heading off on travels ready for tomorrows one day matches.

My Boys are in Northampton and I am hoping for a win there against the T20 champs.

Kent are in  Bristol taking on Gloucestershire.

And I will be in the office tuning into any coverage that happens to be on't wireless

Ah well back to today and I will be off out the door shortly to have a day of peace and quiet..............not.

have a great Tuesday.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Back in the real world

Well I finally thawed out about 2am with the help of the electric blanket which I am still loathe to remove from my bed. It was a cold one at HQ yesterday to say the least.

I arrived in time to have a wander round the ground and to get myself sorted in my seat, have a chat with John and Michael and Ray before Christine arrived.

Clare was hoping to join us later  after she had already put in  a very eventful morning.

Yorkshire were batting and as I said yesterday, they needed to get runs on the board.
Lyth and Lees set the ball rolling ( or off to the boundary).

Lees went first which brought TLJL to the crease, and shortly after Handscomb was in.
I was willing TLJL to a good innings and he hit 39, however Handscomb hit  140 and there was much whooping in 'Cow Corner'
Clare arrived with Ellis and after all having lunch Yorkshire were racking up runs. finishing their 50 overs on 349

the interval saw a display of cricket from local children, some of whom had been sitting with us and had taken a shine to Derbyshire's Jeevan Mendis.. Poor bloke everytime he was near the boundary a chirp of voices were yelling 'Jeevan Jeevan' They kept the face painting lady busy as they all had 'Jeevan' painted on their foreheads!

I was going to join the queue to have 'TLJL' on mine!

Yorkshire took to the field and we were willing wickets.

Then disaster stuck, TLJL went to get a ball on the boundary and went down like a ton of spuds. No one went to help.

I was nearly over the fence before anyone went to see if he was alright.

After a few pats on the back from his team mates ( is this the new 'magic sponge?) the 'Fizzio' decided to take him off the field  so as not to over excite 'Her Ladyship' by exposing Jacks leg.

!0 minutes later he was back  and obviously the 'Mr Bump' plaster did the trick as he took an outstanding catch just by us.
Oh how we cheered.
However we were starting to get twitchy as Derbyshire were piling the runs on.

it was a close one, Derbyshire finished on 334 in their overs.

What a day!!!

Fun, food and friends.................and great cricket from our boys.

And now, well, building, boys and boredom, thats what I have to look forward to!

have a great Monday whatever you are doing.

The question on everyone's lips though is 'Where's Hoddy?'

Sunday, 7 May 2017

up before the larks this morning

I've done the food, the flasks are ready, I just have to throw myself into the shower and get dressed and then out the door and off to HQ.

Another Sunday another one day match., today against Derbyshire.

Kent are taking on Middlesex so I will be keeping an eye on the score there.

However back to yesterday, after going out with my home made weedkiller very early,  by 10am the weeds were looking decidedly unwell. shop bought killer normally takes days to work and then you can only use it if there is no chance of rain.

What I did notice is that the combination of washing up liquid and salt coats the leaves of the weeds which makes me think that if it is rained on it will be 'reactivated'.

I will have to wait and see

So that was a result.

I also cracked on with restocking the freezing, some cauliflower korma and  pav bahji  for the next few weeks.

Then I noticed that I still had some rhubarb left over from 'gin' making last week.

Ah yes, Date and rhubarb chutney rustled up in less than an hour.

I think I need my cafe/restaurant in France very soon so that I can 'create to my hearts content!.

However back to today, I am hoping that they keep TLJL in the team. And I am expecting some big hitting.

my advice, don't let the visitors bat first, you've had two run chases in  the last week.

I know this is short but I have to get on the A1.

see some of you later ( usual spot on the boundary)

A bientot

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Weekend and up with the larks

And the Blackbirds, pigeons and Magpies!

And boy have they been exercising their vocal cords this morning.

I have made some weed killer and been out to tackle to paths  ( white vinegar, salt and a dash of washing up liquid). Only to be used where you never want anything to grow again according to 'Pinterest'.
Mind you it would take all the salt in the North seas to kill the chuffing lawns here!

Washing is done and ready to be hung out, ahh the joy of housework.

well the car came home last night all fixed, it was only a prob with the oil filter which is good news and everything replaced and new. So that's a huge relief..

I have checked the weather forecast for tomorrow and it is not too warm so I think that soup may once again be the order of the day, I will be getting that sorted very soon

now to cricket.

My boys had a trip to Worcester.And once again were involved in a mahoosive run chase as Worcs posted 342 with Kohler-Cadmore  hitting 118.
Yorkshire gave it their best with Lythy hitting 59 and 'downunder Tyke ' Peter Handscomb hitting 88, but sadly it was not their day.

never mind lads onward and upward.

Kent also lost by 6 wickets to 'Suck eggs', so they need to regroup too.

Notts beat Warwickshire with the 'other' Root boy hitting a century.

England beat Ireland in about 20 seconds or so it seemed.

Don't think Captain Morgan will be jumping ship just yet.

Today is quiet on the cricket front as its a full programme tomorrow.

I, meanwhile am going to hang out my smalls and larges and get creative.

Yes its all going on in the chateau today.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Hurrah for Friday

and I am heading for another cricket long as the car comes out of the garage fully mended!

I have everything crossed, I will be one very disappointed Lady if I cannot get to any cricket.

Well now  lets talk fashion, well the New England kits!

Firstly I did not know that Stevie Wonder liked cricket let alone taken up as a designer of sportswear!.

The Test shirt is cream and the  usual style, but for the love of dogs! The T20 shirt!
I tell you its a good job they don't play tests in Margate because those boys could be mistaken for  deckchairs!

Truly awful.

However less of the 'Trinny and Susannah' and more of what is happening today.

Well my boys are down in Worcestershire today in One Day action, whilst those Kent boys are facing 'Suck eggs' .
Pleased to see that Durham are supporting the county of their name...........not!!! As they play their match in Newcastle upon Tyne.
Must be a good golf course close by!

Yesterday saw Essex win over Gloucestershire with 'Captain' Cook hitting 127, I tell you there have been some super big scores this week in the cricket.

I was listening on the radio yesterday  and had to chuckle at lunch time as they were talking all things Ireland.
Apparently they would welcome 'Captain Morgan' back with open arms, well lads if it all falls apart for him here believe me he'll be on that P & O Ferry quicker than you can say 'Finnegans Rainbow'

The domain name for the website has finally been decided on and should be applied next week and the website is go!

I also have acquired a new piece of furniture and am deciding whether to  pass it on OR up cycle it.

Oh will I have the time to do this?

Well I will have to wait and see.
What I do know is that I have to run, as  I am being chauffeured to work today  and must not be late!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

It's Thursday

but its not just any Thursday....................................its a winning Thursday!!!

Yes indeedy!

So yesterday morning was about work and worry, it was a good job that I had cried off going to Headingley as I discovered that the limo has a little oil leak, trip to garage and its booked in for tomorrow.

Radio was on at 10.55am and I was working through my in tray listening as 'Bambi boy' racked up runs for Durham. He was the one that everyone was watching when in fact they should have been keeping an eye on Cook and Richardson who both got centuries after Bambi fell for 72.

Durham  put on 335-5, quite a score and one that was going to take some chasing.

Lyth and Bairstow opened and when Adam went for 16, Jonny changed gears and went for it.
he got his century just before I left the office, I went to the post office and quickly to the garage and by the time I got home he had hit 174 and was out! He had really put his foot down!.
Root and Ballance did there thing but it was down to 'little Timmy Bresnan' and 'downunder Tyke' Handscomb to finish the match.

A brilliant win with 6 wickets in hand.

There was much yahoooing in the chateau I can tell you

So Jonny B 174 off 113 balls, yes I can see it now, I love it when he steps up. He is the nemesis of the Durham side in the short form of cricket.

What a boy, however the rest of the team made their contribution too and it was a great game with a thrilling run chase.

Elsewhere  Middlesex beat Hants ( much to my disappointment) and Northants and Worcestershire  tied their game.

Its hotting up.

I'm stepping up  a gear now for another day of 'fun' in the 'oriface'

And then home to finish the garden and get sorted.
it is nearly another cricket weekend.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Wooohooo it's Wednesday

Well it is Wednesday the sun is out and I am nearly ready for another day at 'the coal face'.

I say nearly.....I am having to drag myself around this morning as enthusiasm is something that I am lacking.
I put in a days holiday for today to go to cricket...............and then decided to pace myself and wait until Sunday.

I will keep up to date with the scores and expect nothing more than a win.

Yesterday Somerset had a cracking game with old ' crayon boy' Trego hitting  135 to  beat Kent by 4 wickets. Trego is an outstanding player.

Notts also had a 4 wicket win over Derbyshire ( good news for us for Sunday). Samit Patel the roly poly boly got his 200th one day wicket.

Leicestershire beat Warwickshire which will have knocked the stuffing out of the Bears slightly.

whilst Essex beat Surrey which made my day ( very unsportsman like).

So today it is all to play for as Hants take on Middlesex, Northants take on Worcestershire and we take on the ' ( not )Likey lads'.

Game on!

I managed to get the front lawns done ( well half of hem hey are a 2 day project)  if it stays dry i will tackle the back lawn tonight and then get on with some housework which has been on a back burner.

I really am running late this morning and not sure why, so I had better get a wriggle on.

More tomorrow

have a terrific Wednesday

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A perfect day

Well after a fairly quiet drive down the A1 yesterday morning I arrived at Headingley bright and early and parked in my old nemesis CAR PARK F!!

I had a quick change of clothing ( I had taken clothes for all eventualities) in the car  and eealised that there was a drone hovering around and wondered if my strip would be on Sky!
I unloaded the bags and like a Sherpa contemplating Everest, loaded myself up and headed up St Michaels Lane.
I met up with 'grandad' John who I have to say is looking very dapper with his new beard, then into the ground to dump my bags ( base camp).

I nipped up to the Long Room and then headed back out, only to bumped into our Chairman and the lovely Jemima. I got good news. The wonderful Carole would be in attendance today, wish I'd brought the chutney!

Back to 'base camp' and  had a quick chat with Michael and Steve, before Mark arrived. The gang were gathering.
Clare and Christine arrived shortly after followed by Jim.

we got ready.

Yorkshire were batting and we needed to go big here to keep the 'dark side' in check.

Lythy and Jonny B opened and put on some tuns before Jonny fell for 28.

Little Joey Root came out to his usual 'theme tune' 'ROOOOOOOOTTTTTTT' and hit  21. Captain and 'oveseas' Tyke them put on a brilliant batting display ( 85 & 86 respectively).

We were merrily munching through soup and croutons, sandwiches, bean patties and slurping coffee.

I have to say it was a tad ( like Himalayan !) cold at times, but  when the sun came out it was time to strip off the layers and bask in it.

We closed the innings on 296-1 slightly short of what we had had been banking on but no worries.
We saw the 'Dark side off ' with  some brilliant bowling and fielding, even though  Lythy got sent to 'Coventry ' ( football stand end) for a miss! He made up for it within two balls.

We then met up with Dave who came over for a chat and after a few years of   tweeting each other we had finally all got together.

Then it was time to go home, but not before a quick visit to the VIP room for a  chat and hug with Carole,and then back to  hit the A1 and home.

That was one tired Lady Lainey last night.

What a perfect day with friends.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Cricket Monday

Ah yes the bags are full to groaning and I am just about ready to head off to HQ and the members forum. I just have to try to wedge all the bags in the car.................

I am keeping this super short as I really need to get out the door and on the road, and it is Bank Holiday Monday.

Quick round up of yesterdays cricket

Worcestershire won against Leicestershire, with the legendary 'Commando Boy' taking  3-64, and Moeen Ali hitting 90.

Somerset beat 'Suck eggs' in a match that was rain affected and relying in the 'Jack and Vera'

Gloucestershire beat Middlesex.

And Rockerfeller CCC beat Glamorgan.

All in all a busy day yesterday cricket wise.

today we will all be on TV.  By all I mean Headingley

which is where I am heading now.

I really could do with going back to bed for an hour or 4

see you later, or tomorrow.