Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Busy, busy

Ah it is now very stupid o'clock and I am up and running, I have a lot to complete today before I head home.

Why does everything seem to come at once?

I can have a few months of relative calm and peace  ( at work) when I get things sorted, arrange for archiving to be sent 'darn sarf', have the O & M's started and get through the daily work in no time, and then there are times like now when you need to be in 4 places at once and don't seem to be making any progress on any of your work.

I know that it will ease off.....................well I think it will but  looking at the programmes for the next 6 months................actually it doesn't bear looking at!.

right on to other things.

It seems that it is not only me that is dissatisfied with my work lot,

It looks as if the Aussie cricketers are prepared to go on strike!!!

'What the Donald Duck?' I hear you all shouting,

Firstly let me just say that 'HWMNBNITB' got his two penneth worth in on Twitter, he is obviously hoping that he can qualify to play for them now as he'll be there for any old money.

Right got that dig out of the way and now onto the how's, what's and why's.


In March cricket Australia announced wage increases for men and woman, but it would mean that players no longer got a percentage of CA revenue.
This offer was rejected, and CA said that they would not pay cricketers after 30th June.
There is still a stand off on this and it is unknown if Australia will have a team to play in any matches after that.


This could have direct impact on the Ashes as the end of the year ( although knowing how competitive the Aussies are I cannot see this happening)


I am guessing that as always money is the root of all evil, but it pays the bills and is a necessary evil for us all.
However when money takes over from the 'honour' of playing for your country I worry!. ( although in HWMNBNITB's case any money, any country, and that is the last dig I promise).

Talking the honour of playing for your country the 'Jonny B ' thing is flying around again.

Old 'dolly hair' Vaughan has been asking if England realise how good our boy is.

well of course they do, but for some reason they will keep him on the side lines and out of the Yorkshire team.

Talking Yorkshire, the boys are in action today at home against Leicestershire.

I expect nothing less than a win, I will be trying to keep up in Twitter

and I am doing too much talking and not enough working so I am off for a coffee and to get things in order.

have a good Tuesday

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