Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Cricket news

After waiting all winter to be able to get out to cricket I have suddenly realised how little I do actually get to see, not that it matters as any is better than none in my books.

I missed a very brilliant game at Headingley yesterday, which dispute being rain affected still went to the wire and also had a lot of Notts fans on the edge of their rain sodden seats, after their match against Northants was washed out.

Back in Leeds, captain Ballance continued his run of form and hit a brilliant 71 which took him over the 1000 runs mark, so early in the season too!
They made a respectable 258-7 in their 45 overs
after taking a Leicestershire wicket  in the opening over Leicestershire steadied and Notts fans were beginning to worry ( well El Tel was by all accounts).

However my boys did good and saw the Foxes all out  for 238.

Worcestershire continued their run of great cricket which means that the North group are sorted for the knock out round and will feature,
Worcestershire ( top of the board)

Well played boys, you are doing  brilliantly.

The South group will be decided today.

End of this week sees us back in County Championship mode as we head 'over the hill' to  face Lancashire.

strange to be back to 4 day cricket.

I am back to trying to sort out my desk and get things in order, which  really is easier said than done.

And we have had some much needed rain, which has revived all the hydrangeas here at the chateau, and talking hydrangeas, they have multiplied after I took in some soon to be orphans from Dame Didi.

I am busy feeding them coffee grounds as apparently they are ..........................PINK!!!!
I may have to put up with that for this year.

Right enough of the 'Percy Thrower' , time to turn into 'Wonder Woman'

See you tomorrow

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