Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Cricket Wednesday

Yes it is cricket Wednesday but it has also been washing Wednesday,  and it is all out on the line in the early morning sunshine.

You may wonder why I am washing midweek?

well as I have 2 weeks before I have any cricket, I am going to use the next couple of weekends to  hopefully get some of the patio laid and some more of the railings painted. Lots to do and I intend to try to at least get the ball rolling  on it.

Now yesterday, Twitter  was full of 'stuff' about Jonny Bairstow and the fact that 'Captain' Morgan had said that he didn't see him as part of the Champions Trophy team.

I find this  strange that someone who is available for England, made runs for his country ( quick fire 72 to steer to a win last weekend),has been excluded.
Funny that those who went off to find their fortune in the IPL are straight back into the team.

Is there some dark secret that we are not privy to?

All I know is that sometimes you wonder what goes  on in the Captains head ( well actually I don't the look on his face is enough).

Today is a full on cricket day with my boys having a day/night game at Northampton.

I will be keeping a very watchful eye on this game.

Whilst over in Harrogate, Yorkshire 2nd XI is looking very good with HRR, Brooksy and Patto in the line up!
I wish I was there to see that!

I am gearing myself up for a long day as Trill boy is back after 2 days holiday which included his eldest daughters birthday.
Ah the joy of hearing very detail and a full run down of the menu from the party and how many cans he drank in the evening.

Yes its going to be a long day.

Well best head off to face it

Oh and the sun is shining so lets hope that it stays that way.

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ricky said...

Nice one lainey BTW do you ever stop and rest