Friday, 5 May 2017

Hurrah for Friday

and I am heading for another cricket long as the car comes out of the garage fully mended!

I have everything crossed, I will be one very disappointed Lady if I cannot get to any cricket.

Well now  lets talk fashion, well the New England kits!

Firstly I did not know that Stevie Wonder liked cricket let alone taken up as a designer of sportswear!.

The Test shirt is cream and the  usual style, but for the love of dogs! The T20 shirt!
I tell you its a good job they don't play tests in Margate because those boys could be mistaken for  deckchairs!

Truly awful.

However less of the 'Trinny and Susannah' and more of what is happening today.

Well my boys are down in Worcestershire today in One Day action, whilst those Kent boys are facing 'Suck eggs' .
Pleased to see that Durham are supporting the county of their name...........not!!! As they play their match in Newcastle upon Tyne.
Must be a good golf course close by!

Yesterday saw Essex win over Gloucestershire with 'Captain' Cook hitting 127, I tell you there have been some super big scores this week in the cricket.

I was listening on the radio yesterday  and had to chuckle at lunch time as they were talking all things Ireland.
Apparently they would welcome 'Captain Morgan' back with open arms, well lads if it all falls apart for him here believe me he'll be on that P & O Ferry quicker than you can say 'Finnegans Rainbow'

The domain name for the website has finally been decided on and should be applied next week and the website is go!

I also have acquired a new piece of furniture and am deciding whether to  pass it on OR up cycle it.

Oh will I have the time to do this?

Well I will have to wait and see.
What I do know is that I have to run, as  I am being chauffeured to work today  and must not be late!

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