Tuesday, 30 May 2017

I have had another lie in

Well it is Tuesday, I have the gas boiler service today and I am also trying to get things  sorted in the house ( still).
I don't even want to think about the garden, as the rain has only  brought about grass growing of gigantic proportions.

However back to other things.

England took a complete beating by South Africa yesterday despite the heroic attempts of Jonny B and Toby Roland Jones.
It was fair to say that Jason Roy once again disappointed all but the Sky pundits who were still singing his praises, and talking about how he has been so good for the team!

It is totally obvious that they are all totally anti Jonny B who when he has been allowed back in the team has always played a blinder.
I am not saying that he is the only one, it took 'team Yorkshire' to steady the ship with David Willey  hitting  26 which managed to halt the wicket fall for a time.

When you go to hang washing out and are only gone 5 mins and come back to 20-6 you know there is something amiss.

I am sure that the post mortem of the match was interesting.

They may have won that series but were well and truly whipped in the last match.

 Onward now to the Champions Trophy and it was widely referred to on Sky yesterday that Roy is in and Bairstow will not be.

Are the pundits now the selectors?

We will just have to see how England fair.

And I am off to do 'stuff',  I have taken a days holiday today as I am  on countdown to moving to my new job.

Imagine no more 'office boys' and their antics?

Until tomorrow

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