Thursday, 11 May 2017

I need a holiday

As I struggled to open my eyes this morning I realised that I am running on empty. I need a holiday, however I am looking at all things and think that this may not happen until Christmas.

I don't even think my days at the Scarborough Festival will count, as I rarely get any sleep thanks to the seagulls.

I have to have a think about what to do, I'm still trying to get my energy levels back to normal after having mumps at the beginning of the year.

I am always on the go and rarely slow down.

I am finally admitting that I am exhausted.

I need to formulate a plan.

But until that's done I suppose I will carry on as normal.

well my boys had a cracking win yesterday which was not what I was expecting after the first over, having lost Lyth. It wasn't long before the England captain followed suit.

now this got me thinking, his form for the county has not been too great whereas the former England Captain is on fire, is there some truth in the weight of responsibility?

And then Captain Ballance stepped up and knocked all those thoughts out of my head, with another cracking 'captains' innings. 152 not out.........................he is really stepping up to the mark and leading by example.

So after being 73-4 they finished on 300-6.

My 'spy' in the ground was sending me regular 'yupdates' ( like an update but about Yorkshire).

I said that the bowlers needed to come out revved up.......................and boy did they!!!

My poor 'James Bond' couldn't type the fall of wickets in quickly enough. No sooner did he send one then  another had fallen. 11-4 before the 3rd over!!!

Northants rallied but were all out after just over the half way mark.
a cracking win by the lads.

However I started to think that the closer we get to a possible final the closer we are to the ECB snaffling half the team back!

poor Kent lost after a valiant try.

what I will say is that there has been some high scoring in this competition so far and centuries have been hit in every game. It had made for good cricket so far.

I am now off to the office and that is definitely not cricket.

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ricky said...

You need to put the handbrake on lainey ! Slow down take a breather