Saturday, 13 May 2017

Its rest weekend

Well I have been up since normal time as I still have tasks to complete before I can wind down and try to get some rest.

Last night was a busy old evening in the Chateau as I went to  'Narnia' (under the stairs) to get out some of the things that I need to put on ebay. as well as getting the gas meter reading ready to put on line.

At least there is a walkway now into the back of Narnia, so I must be making progress with the clearing out.

And I have seen the carpet in the dressing room for over 2 months now that must be a record!

And then there was cricket and firstly some good news.

Jason Gillespie has been appointed coach of Australia A, this has made me happy as I was getting a tad worried that he had thrown the towel in at Yorkshire, gone back to Oz only to  become a 'nomad' temporary coach.

Very good news and well deserved.

Not so good news on the One day match for Jason's team as they were beaten by Surrey...............they should have thrashed them.

Hampshire lost to Glamorgan despite James Vince hitting a club one day record 178. The match was a last over thriller.

Essex beat Middlesex, and appear to be on a roll now that they have their Captain back.

Worcestershire beat Warwickshire and continue their march to a Semi final place. I was disappointed that 'Commando boy' did not take a wicket.

So as there is no cricket today I had best get on.............. although as I have a super busy week next week with lots going on, I think that I may just nip back to bed for an hour and  get some rest.

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