Thursday, 18 May 2017

Now we know!

Well it is all sorted for the play offs and we are facing Surrey at home.

Ah I bet the 'angry little man' from down south is gutted that they didn't get Somerset! He could have renewed his 'friendship' with Peter Trego!

The winners of this match go to Worcester.

Notts are away to Somerset and the winner plays Essex.

Well its hotting up and so early in the season.

Sensibility returns tomorrow as we are back in County Championship action.

Proper cricket!

I am back to reality in the office as another project has 'plopped'  on my desk, by the looks of what I am juggling at the minute, we appear to be rebuilding London.

Yesterday however saw the opening of one of our new projects by none other that the Earl of Wessex.
yes, it was all go down at The Worshipful Company.
This was a difficult job as there was an old church 'in the way' and the building was not allowed to touch it in any way, well I guess a 3in gap was enough.................I joke!

However onward and upward and by upward I mean another BIG build.

The sun is shining again and hopefully we have seen the last of the rain, I might even make some cricket before the end of the week.

Now I have to get a wriggle on as I have a 'secret mission' later today, so time to get myself prepared.

more tomorrow

Happy Thursday

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