Thursday, 25 May 2017

oh what a beautiful morning

Its 5am and I am sitting here listening to the blackbirds singing, the sun is shining and everything is completely peaceful. It really is a lovely morning.

Yesterday was warm and sunny and we are basking in some early summer sun, which always makes you feel better.

I ran the gauntlet of questions from the office boys regarding my reason for leaving. To be honest their response to the news was quite overwhelming. However my decision is made and we are all about to move on to a new chapter. Four weeks today I will be getting ready to head to my new office.

At 11am yesterday I tuned into the commentary on the Durham match against Sussex, who after an outstanding innings of 668 sent  Durham back north being beaten by an innings and 177 runs.

I quickly nipped to Laura Ashley and got some more wallpaper ( yes there is going to be a lot of stripping and sticking going on) and then settled down to listen to the One Day  commentary.

I was receiving pictures of the lovely Abraham Benjamin from Clare and swooning!.

I commented to young Tommy Gun

'I am getting picture sent to me of Abraham Benjamin'

TG. 'Abraham Benjamin? is he that violinist, the one that we worked on  the school named after him?'

Me with a puzzled look, then a realising what he was talking about

'No Tom'

Abraham Benjamin the world famous violinist and conductor!

Yehudi Menuhin world famous South African cricketer!

Its going to be a long four weeks!

England were in good form for the match with Captain Morgan hitting a century and leading the boys to a 72 run victory.

It was lovely to see the crowd cheering and clapping Jonny B when he was running round the boundary on drinks duties.
Yes once again he was omitted from the team.

The teams now move on to Southampton for Saturday.

I am moving myself in the direction of the shower, got to get to work.

Have a good Thursday.

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