Wednesday, 31 May 2017

WOW it's Wednesday already!

half way through the week, and now not a Bank Holiday in sight until nearly the end of summer............... but lots of other things going on before then.

The  boiler was serviced and all OK there, the engineer was trying to get me sorted with a smart meter, but true to form the first date that they could come to fit it  was 22nd June .....the day that I start my new job!

Well that was a no no from the start then!!!

I managed to make a lot of headway in the house, although not much decorating was going on Glad to say that a suitcase full of 'stuff' headed to the charity shop and out of my life forever.Some of the things that went have been in my life for  years and had been kept for 'sentimental' reasons.

One thing I have learnt of late is that sometimes you hold onto things just to 'remind' yourself of happier times,  or a special person. This is not always productive to your life as you spend half your time in the past.
There are always new memories in the making.

So new broom and all that. I can't however manage to clear out all my cricket 'memories' ( ticket stubs, programmes, scorecards.......)

I have been continuing with my 'random acts of kindness', this is not something that I have talked about, but I try to do at least one a week, not to make me feel better but to try to make someone else feel that they are loved/appreciated or just in someone thoughts.

Try it, it doesn't have to be anything expensive, it could just be calling on someone you know with a small gift ( flowers are good). Just to see someone smile is the best thing in the world.

Now if I  can summon a smile as I head off to the office that would be wonderful and only 3 weeks more!!!.

Before I go though, I was just reading about England being the favourites in the Champions Trophy, well we will see whether this is true in the next few matches.

So sorry that there was more 'me' stuff today and less cricket.

Until tomorrow.

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