Friday, 30 June 2017

Cold, wet Friday

well it is cold and wet here in the North East of blighty, however down in the South nothing is raining on Dame Didi's parade as she prepares to board the shuttle and head off to her new life in France.
Yes today is the day that she arrives back on French soil and starts her life of leisure.................I will be there sooner than you think Didi!!!

Roll on Paris and Christmas!

The rain which is making England green again and causing my lawns to sprout too quickly, has also affected the 'pink ball' game very quickly.

My boys drew with Surrey in a horribly rain soaked game, Monday being the best day of all.

Hampshire and Somerset drew too in a very wet match.

However where they managed to play there were some outstanding events.

Essex were hosing the 'trophy sitters' Middlesex and with their South African bowler Simon Harmer taking 9-95, they are racking up the points at the top of the table.

In division 2 Northants had an amazing 2 two run win and deserved a massive pat on the back.

This weekend though is all about finals...........One day final, when Notts and Surrey come head to head.

I cannot wait !

There has been a lot commented on the 'pink ball' game, very much like the advent of coloured clothing into the sport. I remember it well and the fuss that it brought about. What I do know is that we don't like change, sometimes I think that we just have to 'suck it and see'.

today will be mostly about visiting friends and trying to get sorted for some decorating over the weekend ( with cricket thrown in for good measure).

And just to say thank you to everyone who commented , tweeted and retweeted yesterdays blog.

I have to say that Clare is an outstanding ambassador for both cricket and CWB, she is also a funny and kind hearted person, who I am proud to call a friend.
I for one will be backing her all the way in her fundraising to go back out to Africa next year.

Well time to wend my way to the office, but it is Friday and it is a half day...................what could be better!

see you tomorrow, keep fry and warm

Thursday, 29 June 2017

A wonderful adventure part 2

A wonderful adventure part 2

Back at the beginning of the year, i told you about my friend Clare who was off to do some amazing work with the children in Uganda.
Clare, an out and out cricket fan, wanted to use her love of the game to spread important information,

I recently had a proper catch up with her about her adventure.

Clare it’s been a couple of months since you got back from your brilliant adventure in Uganda
Tell me what your initial reaction to the country was, that feeling when you stepped off the plane
Well, it was 4am when we landed, so it was dark – but very warm. I could hear crickets in the background but other than that I kind of felt that I could be anywhere warm. Once aboard the team bus we set off on the drive to Kampala and it was still dark. I remember feeling a little disappointment that I couldn’t really see anything and didn’t get any sense of what the country was like.
What was your first job when you got there?
Our first job was to drive to the Ugandan Cricket Headquarters in Kampala – to the Lugogo Cricket Ground to collect our CWB t-shirts. When we arrived it was still dark, no-one was about and I still couldn’t really see anything – apart from the turnstile at the gates – it was one of those golden-oldie traditional types – lovely. Anyway we waited a while, until the T-shirts turned up on a moped and we hit the road again.
However, our first real job – after driving ‘the World’s most dangerous road’ from Kampala to Masaka and booking into our rather lovely hotel – was to deliver our first coaching session. Talk about in at the deep end!!
Safe to say I slept that night!!
Tell me what a typical day was like
Hmmm, a typical day…. Although the schools and areas changed a typical day was every day apart from our one day off!
Team breakfast – toast, eggs (however you like them), fruit and coffee between 7 and 8am.. Team talk, malerone reminders, plan for the day
Head straight out to a school or a local recreation ground ready for coaching from 9am… with flexibility for what is commonly known as ‘African time’
Sometimes there would be 100s of children ready and waiting and other times we would be hanging around – or playing various versions of golf or cricket
Sometimes we would split up to cover more schools
Sometimes we may have 3 or 4 schools at a time
Sometimes we would have 2 schools and then another may arrive, and another
Lunch – anytime between 12 and 2pm – light snacks/ street food and water!
Afternoon sessions ran from post lunch as long as the schools were available. Sometimes 4ish, even up to 6ish
Return to hotel – group chat – what worked well and what could we do better (inc 90 second restricted feedback from Manny – our local Ambassador and Ugandan cricketer – he could talk for hours)
shower and change, dinner, chill out and bed by 10 most nights!
We saw that you visited an orphanage whilst you were there, what were your feelings when you got there?
I prepared myself to cry buckets. I did not. I guess I thought I would find a desperate environment, filled with sadness, hopelessness and poverty. Poverty is a really strange concept and is hard to evaluate
How well do you think using cricket to get your message across to children is?
Cricket’s inclusivity makes it a perfect vehicle for getting the ABCT messages across to children. The way the training is structured, each cricket skill links to a part of the message, for example
A is for Abstain – in cricket when we are bowling we Abstain from bending our arm…. What things in life could we abstain from in order to keep us safe and healthy?
Participants then have the opportunity to practice their bowling action and volunteers reinforce the Abstain message throughout the session.
So the messages are clear, they are linked to a cricket skill and all participants have the opportunity to test their skills and knowledge – perfect!!
How hard was the HIV/ AIDS/ FGM message across?
In Uganda we did no work around FGM
I guess what I quickly realised (and I changed my emojis accordingly) is that the AIDS and HIV messages are the most important part of what we do. They are embedded into every part of our introductions, wrap-ups and throughout and during the coaching – the raison d’etre. So in this way it was not hard to get across. We had to get used to shouting condom and talking about AIDS and HIV – I think it was more challenging for us than the children. And because the way the coaching is structured – each cricket skill is linked to one of the A, B, C, T messages – it is unavoidable
Were the children aware of the issues?
Yes, some of the children were aware of the issues and the ABCT messages; however, our M&E figures clearly demonstrate the increased awareness of the issues post-sessions compared to pre-session.
How cricket aware were the children?
Most of the children have heard of cricket and some had played before – some had no knowledge at all – what was evident was the amount of fun they had learning about the great game!
You got to meet members of the Ugandan national cricket team, what were they like?
It was a fabulous end to our trip. The last day followed a night of thunderstorms and began with torrential rain – and it was chilly. We went to the school where I final festival should have been only to find that the Head teacher would not let us use his facilities – that, coupled with the rain seemed to spell a rather disappointing end to our trip; however our local Ambassador Manny, would stop at nothing to ensure the festival went ahead.
As luck would have it, the Cranes (the national team) should have played at The (Entebbe) Oval on that day too, but a hole in the covers meant that the wicket had a puddle in the middle of it so the game could not go ahead.
So we held our final festival day at the Oval – and the players supported us to deliver the sessions. They were great – they gave tips on skills and teamwork and provided hands on support with batting grip etc. They were down to Earth, helpful and keen to give something back to the youngsters. This provided the perfect conclusion too my trip.
Have you been bitten by the bug (no!!! not the one that did really bite you), the CWB bug?
In a word – Yes. I have already applied to go back next year and am planning (in my head) my fundraising ideas in preparation
It’s funny but when we went on the training weekend – the organisers talked about being part of the CWB family; and at the end of our 2 weeks, Greg reminded us of that and now you have mentioned it – I must say that I do feel part of the CWB family – I have defo been bitten by the bug.
How many words would it take you to sum up your 2 weeks in Uganda?
One, two a few or a book…
Totally awesome
Best 2 weeks of my entire life so far.
Challenging, inspiring, fun, rewarding, and motivating: I learned a lot about myself and the world around me and shared some of my lived experiences with others. I loved feeling satisfied and tired at the end of the day. The weather was just about right for me (hot and sunny). I have made some friends for life
And next year?
If they’ll have me I’d love to go back to Uganda and do it all over again

Thank you Clare for sharing your wonderful experience with us.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

rain, rain and some more rain

well the rain yesterday was so persistent that I decided to head home just after (normal) lunchtime and spend the afternoon with Dame Didi., which we did watching DVD's of 'Wallander'!!

Yorkshire did get out to play an hour later than expected time, and Kumar Sangakkara passed his FC 1,000 runs for the season with  a knock of 180*

In reply it will be a struggle for Adam Lyth to hope to get that amount of runs at the moment with his form being very up and down.
The same can be said for Alex Lees, our openers seem to have lost their way slightly.

At stumps my boys were 27-1

So will the pink ball, flood lit games take off?

Well for me to get to them is pretty much the same as a normal county match, I would have to take holiday, I am still undecided about the late finish.

Its also not great for children, as it may be past the bedtime for some kiddies.

We will have to wait and see what the ECB decide.

News from Yorkshire that Will Rhodes is moving to Warwickshire.
we wish him the best of luck with that.

It is grey and overcast here in Ladylaineyville today and I am back to work.

it is the last day that Dame Didi is with me as she now begins the full on move to France, tonight Scarbados, tomorrow Folkstone and then the Champagne region.

Yes things are changing. Doors are firmly closing and we are moving onwards.

I am moving towards the door to head off to the office.

Until tomorrow keep warm and dry

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


So yesterday, I got up and headed down theA1 to Headingley and went off to the EGM, where we were informed of the latest information on the money for the new stand.

I met up with 'Grandad' John to hear the latest from the 2nd's, John is a great member and true to the club, watching not only the 1st team but suppporting the 2nds and the Academy.
He also keeps me up to date with how TLJL is doing!

So back to the meeting and the stand, which  is needed to bring Headingley up to ICC specifications, and so ensure that we will be hosting international cricket for years to come.

It is also important for the new T20 franchise scheme, but to most members the money, debt and time scale are the most important things.

Steve and Mark laid it out as concisely and clearly as they were allowed to do ( some details they could not disclose and will be available in a few weeks), there were a few surprises re the catering, which if you are not involved in Yorkshire CCC will mean nothing to you, but to members it is a bit of a touchy subject.
And finally after questions (ZZZZZZZZZ) from the floor it was time to take my seat in the soon to disappear 'Lainey Corner' ( as named by Will Powell) and be joined by Mark and then Gary and Jim.

The gang were gathering, but sadly Clare was working and Christine had a migraine, we wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her soon.

It was time for the first day/night county championship game............................and HRR was the water boy!!!!


He is not cut out for this job and has to be the most overly qualified water boy ever!

Surrey won the toss and decided to bat.

Stoneman was gone  in just over 10 overs and Borthwick by the 21st but Burns was just chipping away ......slowly.

Roy hit 87 before being bowled by Brooks.

Burns was slowly heading to 90 before he was gone.

To say that it was slow going for the Yorkshire bowlers is an understatement.

Surrey finished the day on 374-6

As a spectator it was a strange experience to have 'lunch' at  4pm and 'tea' at 7pm.
It was odd to have sat 'all day' and then be wrapped in a blanky  at 9pm when I am usually tucked up in bed with a cuppa and a good book!

Oooohhh and talking good book, we had a chat with John from 'Cricket Yorkshire' and we were chattering about his great book .All wickets great and small', we are all looking forward to his next one.

Jim and I were the last 'men 'standing  over at 'lainey corner' until I finally gave in and saw the last 2overs from the warmth of The Headingley Lodge.

Today it is wet and miserable, however anything could happen before 2pm!.

Thanks to everyone for making the day such great fun.

I am now off for a wander around the ground and a trip up to the shops.

Have a great day.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Bye bye AB, AB bye bye

..................very nearly in the words of the immortal Bay City Rollers!

yes Abraham Benjamin has left our shores and that will probably be the last time that we ever see him play here. He has gone back to South Africa as he is not taking any part in the test series.

So lets talk about the final T20 which took place in Cardiff yesterday.

England took to the field and after Roy had gained his 'get out of s**t'  card in the last match, he lasted less than 2 overs.
In came Dawid Malan  and hit an outstanding 78, the highest scorer by a country mile and the possible contender for the openers spot I would think.

England posted  181-8.

South Africa came out and Hendricks was  gone again in less than 2 overs, he is the Roy of the South African team I fear.

Just after 10 overs Abraham Benjamin had gone and they were 4 down with  another 91 runs needed.

Well it wasn't to be their day, despite  spirited performances by  Moselie and Phehlukwayo.

Now it is onto the test series now and I will be heading off to Trent Bridge very soon.

Today sees the start of pink ball cricket, as we venture into the realms of day/night cricket.

How will this take off we ask ourselves?

well lets see how this week unfolds.

I have lots to do this morning, including attending a meeting!

well best to get a wriggle on.

See you all later

Sunday, 25 June 2017

I'm feeling very achy today

Well I struggled to get out of bed for two reasons this morning,

firstly  I finally got more that 2 hours sleep and I  feel as if I have taken the strongest sleeping pill in the world (please note I did not take a sleeping ill at all).

secondly, I set too and mowed the lawns at the front of the chateau .....and in a record 1.5 hours too, normally it takes me a week of doing little bits every evening...............which with hindsight is probably the best thing to do as I ache in places that you shouldn't ache my thumb!!!! WTH!!!!

Ah well it is done although I am going to give it a quick run over again today and then tackle to bushes  which need chopping back.

Then the Dame and I are heading to Tesco ( oh we have such exciting plans for today) before heading home to settle down for the cricket.

It is the last few days of the Dame staying with me before she heads off to France and a whole new life.
She is looking forward to becoming part of a small community  and entering into local events. She is already lined up for a Portuguese evening at the end of this week!!!

I meanwhile am heading  off on a mini holibob this week and hoping to make up for lost sleep, as well as catching up with friends.

It is going to be a difficult wee  also, in more ways than one, but that is ahead of me and not for right now.

so with out further ado I will go and strip the beds, sort out some breakfast,  and  get out in the garden to do 'stuff'.

there may also be a bit more cooking going on too.

Righio, time to head off.

Until tomorrow.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Another early start

well another morning of seeing the dawn, I have once again been up since just after 2am and  now ( just after 4am) I am here typing away.

At some point this weekend I think that I may just crash........................which is what my phone did on Thursday lunchtime.
I was unable to get anything sorted until yesterday afternoon when the very lovely man in the Vodafone  shop sorted the whole thing out for less than 10 minutes, and told me what to do in the event that it happens again.
Ah technology, great when it works, irritating when it doesn't.

And then there was a little matter of T20 cricket and I was watching with the now 'expert' Dame Didi.

Yes we are the same stock, the same cricket family, but somewhere along the years she has been ensnared by F1.
however she seems to have started to remember all the things that were instilled in us as children.

Yes she does know a 'wide', 'LBW' and how to heckle the players just like Uncle Jack!!!

And so we settled down to watch the game.
South Africa went in to bat and with Abraham Benjamin and Smuts being the highest scorers for their side they closed on 174-8.

Tom Curran made his debut and took 3 wickets as well as doing his aeroplane impersonations.

The dame was not impressed.

England went into bat and Billings and Roy ( who is now on his 29th life ) were opening , Billings did a Roy and was out before the 2nd over.
Roy however managed to stay  to put on 67 before obstructing the field and being given out.
There is a lot being said about this being a controversial decision, however   it was obvious to see and, he was gone.

It started to look a little bit as if England might be in trouble after they seemed to be coasting to victory.

and when Captain caught Captain it was looking even more as if S A were on the fight back.

Now if Carlsberg did catches ........................................

And you didn't have to be able to lip read to realise that AB  was not expecting it!

This will go down as one of my all time favourite cricket moments.

If you didn't see it then I am sure that it will be on You Tube  and is well worth watching especially the look on AB;s face!

then it was all over and South Africa had won by 3 runs!

It was a great game and now the Dame and I are looking forward to Sunday!

I am looking forward to getting the washing on shortly and getting myself organised for the  coming week.

But first I might see if I can get an hours more shut eye.

Ooooohhhh and before I forget .............................

Happy Birthday to our Chairman, I hope that you have a brilliant day.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Friday already

Well its that time of the week again, yes it is Friday and nearly time for a long weekend, and all the 'excitement' of the last few weeks I am in need of it I can tell you.

I will be hurrying home today from work to get settled for the next T20 against South Africa, the Dame will be watching whether she want to or not!

What we will be watching in future is test cricket with Ireland and Afghanistan as they have both been awarded the status......................... does this mean that we will see a certain Captain jump ship ( again)???

In the County Championship Division 1 there has been a lot of movement this week, Lancashire have now moved up to second position after totally thrashing Hampshire, despite losing to Middlesex, Yorkshire are in 3rd place but they need to get some points as they are 25 behind  Essex who are top.

we need a couple of good wins over the next few weeks!.

Stuart Broad is looking doubtful for the first test against South Africa, as he is being closely monitored with a hell problem.............

oh dear dropping like flies again.

Worcestershire were back to winning ways and in second place behind Notts in Div 2 table.
They are 26 points behind Notts and I can see this hotting up over the next few weeks.

So  the weekend cricket watching involves tonight and Sunday before a couple of days at HQ  hopefully in the sun!

Right I have places to go this morning so will catch you tomorrow!

Have a fab Friday

Thursday, 22 June 2017

All change

Well after a not too successful handbag clear out and  change around in the wardrobe I am off to my first day in my new job.

All change in lots of ways.

 I am wondering if there will be changes to the Yorkshire team on Monday for the first official  day/night game against Surrey.

they lost to by an innings and 64 runs, to a depleted Middlesex team, a team that have been struggling of late.
What went wrong?

Well with the openers putting on 57 in both innings I think that this needs to be addressed.

The oldest bowler in the team making the same score in both innings as one of the openers!

The captain trying to make things right!

 only time will tell if we can sort this out.

As for Middlesex, some great batting in their one innings and Rayner and Ro-Jo being the scourge of my boys.

Onwards and upwards is the order of the day.

England were in T20 action against  South Africa last night, and to say that South Africa look out of form is an understatement. With Faf away on baby waiting duties ( he didn't time that very well) and Abraham Benjamin not looking too comfortable on the field or in interviews, they are not looking like too good.

And certainly they didn't play too well either with 142 on the board at the end of their innings, it was looking like a walk over.
Even Jason Roy managed to make double figures before he was out.
Jonny B came into bat and after having a particularly worrying 'funny turn' saw the team through to a win with 60* and Hales on 47*.

It was all over in less than 15 overs

Jonny was still very pale when he came off the field. he looked slightly better when collecting 'man of the match'

As I had a free day yesterday, I nipped up to the Riverside ground  to see jack Russell who has been there all week.
As we were in the middle of a thunderstorm I was very glad that Jack was under cover.
Brilliant to catch up with him again this summer.

Wonderful man, brilliant artist and an amazing wicket keeper.
Amazingly we discovered that we have something in common........technical drawing of all things!

well time to head off.

So I have my lunch packed, new pencil case, pens pencil and slide rule.

Off I go

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

One chapter closes

And another one starts....................well not today, as I am having a mini holibob and then going in to new job for 1.5 days.

Today I have woken to rain and grey skies which sort of  knocks the lawn mowing on the head, it also may knock on the head the plan to go up and see the wonderful Jack Russell who is at The Riverside this week with his fabulous paintings.

Hopefully it will brighten up and I will get a chance to go and see him.

What I am not liking the thought of is what is occurring at Lords!

What on earth are the boys doing?

Firstly I have to say I was shocked that TLJL was dropped and is currently with the 2nd's and doing pretty well too.
Alex Lees continues to be 'cat like' but I 'm not sure how many lives he has left.

after Middlesex were bowled out for 446 ( HRR 3-69), Lyth and Lees took to the field and although it was nearly 8 overs in,Lees was gone for 4.
His scores are not great in CC at the moment, is it time to give him a rest?
Lyth only managed 37 and seems not to be able to maintain good scoring.

We are trailing by 260 runs and since we are starting today with Ballance on  53 and HRR on 3 well........ much as I dearly love HRR and would love him to hit a double century in his last season,I think that we are in for a good spanking by the Middx boys.................and yes I know there is another innings  but it is Wednesday and unless it starts to rain and snow I fear that nothing will save us.

Many thanks to 'James Bond'  who is keeping me up to date with everything,keep up the good work 'James'

COME ON YORKSHIRE do something amazing!

And then there is Nottinghamshire, more to the point there was Samit Patel who hit 247 ( we could do with that figure!) and have nigh on demolished Leicester who were all out for 134 and follow on 414 runs behind.

What great cricket this has been

Right well the sun appears to be trying to break through so I had best get a wriggle on.

See you tomorrow very bright and early!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

well now then...................

its a lot cooler this morning which is good after the most 'meltiest' day yesterday, and a couple of very uncomfortable nights too.

How very British, complain when its cold, complain when its hot!!!!
I have to say that I do prefer to be lying next to the sea or a pool if it is hot!

Right on to cricket things as I am pushed for time this morning,

Great news that 'HWMNBMITB'  has said  that he will not play in England again, after his stint for Surrey in the T20 blast.
he is going to continue as a 'T20 specialist' ( not my words!) and is also going to be spending more time on his conservation work!

He feels that the has paved the way for young English players in the IPL and is proud of that.
Ah well you just knew that he would have to big himself up somehow.

I hope that he enjoys his last summer playing here in the UK.

Now to my boys,

Middlesex were batting and double centuries by the struggling 'trophy keeper warmers' thwarted my boys. Middlesex were  337-4 at stumps
HRR took a wicket which made my day.

today they need to go out with determination, they can beat these southern softies and to be honest they need to, having been beaten by them twice last season.

'James' was keeping me in touch with all that was going on before he headed back to the hotel to prepare for a 'secret' mission last night ( not really so secret as I saw the pictures ).

So today I expect nothing less than grit and determination and the rest of the wickets tumbling early!

I tell you Notts are on a flipping massive roll,

Samit Patel!!

What a lad he is, 157* ,taking Notts to 345-4 at stumps.

Just brilliant!

right I am off.

Have a great day,

Monday, 19 June 2017

2 days and counting

No looking back now, I am only 14 working hours from leaving Super Swanky Lady Lainey office for ever. Yes I am sad to be leaving the job that I essentially love, and had for many years, but the situations that have developed over the last 3 years have made every working day intolerable and so I will be glad to close the office door tomorrow night and know that it  I will not be subjected to any of it again!

However I still have 2 more days of it before then!

Lets go back to yesterday.

Washing was merrily waving on the line and  Dame Didi and I were ensconced in 'le jardin' sunning our selves, it was glorious, and for once quiet as the neighbours had not managed to get themselves out of bed.

The vine in the garden has once again started to form grapes and  one of the Dames hydrangeas ( which she cannot take to France with her ) is showing some real promise after being   given a brutal trim.
In fact all but one of the hydrangeas in the 'nursery' are doing well, the one in question has fabulous leaves but is showing no signs of flowers...................this is the one that was very very dark purple last year.
I like to think that it is saving itself for next year when it will give me nearly black flowers.

So with   cricket on the radio it was a very lazy and peaceful day in the sun, I say peaceful, the noise from the Oval in the Champions trophy final must have been deafening.
India v Pakistan.

Well if you had asked me yesterday  morning the outcome, I would have given my winner...................and I would have been very wrong!

Pakistan put in a great innings and then completely took India down in the bowling stakes. when I realised that they were  54-5 I knew that they were in trouble.

it was a great match made better by scenes of both fans taking pictures for and with each other.
Pakistan are champions but on the day cricket won!

Today my boys are at Lords, I am devastated not to be there for even one day but the new job is looming and I have to put this to the forefront

I am hoping to be getting my 'Yupdates' from 'James Bond' ,The spy at Lords for me  ( see what I did there!!!??)

I will be keeping up with this on't wireless too.

And now time to put on some slap and head off to the coal face.

Happy Monday one and all

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Super sunny Sunday

What a glorious morning, the coffee is brewing I am about to strip the beds and then I am going to sit in the garden for the rest  of the day and listen  to cricket.

Yesterday did not quite go as planned as somehow I had managed to hurt my back, which meant that I was struggling to do anything, so I decided to 'binge watch' the series that I had downloaded from Sky.

Then I went  out for lunch with Dame Didi and returned to watch some of the cricket, but sadly my heart was not in it as I saw that Worcester where not going to be able to  get through to the final of the one day cup.

So its  Notts v Surrey final, well you know who I will be cheering for and it they don't have a feather on them!

today sees the final of the Champions Trophy which I will listen to as I am soaking up the rays in the garden,

I have a lot of things that I should be doing but today I am giving it all up..............mainly because my back still hurts and I do not see me lugging the hoover up and down the stairs!

Tomorrow see the start of the County Championship match at Lords and my boys should be there, getting themselves in shape to make us proud.
I am devastated that I cannot be there, but obviously this week is quite a turning point in my  life and  as such everything else has to go on a back burner.

I am hoping that my 'James Bond' is able to give me 'Yupdates'  it will be the only thing that will make my last 2 days in super swanky Lady Lainey office bearable!

So I am keeping this short as I go and prepare some breakfast and  the chores list*

* it reads, lie in the sun

have a peaceful Sunday and Happy Fathers Day to all the Daddys.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

And breathe

........................well only 2 more work days to go and then I am out of it.

I am going to have a weekend of rest and relaxation to try to get myself ready for the new job..................well I will have some R & R after the washing and housework is done.

However, I got home last night to the start of the Notts innings in the One Day Cup and after Essex had posted a  370 it was a tall order for Notts to chase a record target of 371.

I busied myself in the kitchen listening to the action on TMS and as I began bottling the elderflower champagne, Lumb fell for 11.

Hales and Wessels followed and it was time for Samit to step up. The little chubster put on 122 carrying his bat back to the pavilion with his head held high.
Why? well I am sure that everyone knows that with a 111 from Mullaney and Read seeing the Samit through to the 49.3 over win with a score of 373-5

for goodness sake these boys are brilliant!!!

I tell you I would have loved to have been at that game, right down to the last over!

Yesterday also saw an interview with HRR, he talked about his recent run of amazing form but reiterated that he has no intention of going back on his retirement plan.

much to my absolute distress!!!!

Even worse news for moi, that my new pet bowler Mitchell Starc is not playing in the tour of Bangladesh and is being rested ahead of the Ashes series this winter.

Starc will take part in the India series  in September in the build up to the Ashes.

And so today we see the other semi final as Worcester take on Surrey.

Well the sun  is shining and I am about to put the washing out on the line and I will tune into TMS whilst sitting in the garden, I really am trying to get some rest as I think that my tank is very nearly empty.

Right off to hang out my smalls and my larges

Have a super Saturday, its a big cricket weekend, enjoy!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Finally Friday

Yes its Friday and no ordinary Friday either, its my last Friday in this office!
To say that I am glad is an understatement as working my notice has been harder than the last 3 years here.

I hope that they treat my replacement ( when they find one) better than they have treated me.

 If you actually know me then you will be aware of the problems that I have had since the arrival of Trill Boy. I am not a push over or a shrinking violet, but to say that  I have over 3 years had to take a lot of nonsense which even when reported, has not been tackled,  does not bode well for the new person.

I am hoping that once I am out of this, I will be able to pull myself together and feel more like 'me'.

Onward and upward!

Well then lets see what  has been happening in  the ICC Champions trophy.

India and Bangladesh were head to head yesterday at Birmingham. I was tuned in and ready at 10.30am.
from all accounts and form listening it was a loud and lively crowd.

Longish story short, as expected by most people India won and are through to the final to meet Pakistan on Sunday.

Scotland have been hosting Zimbabwe and had a win against them yesterday. It was their first  ond day international win against a test nation.

news from Yorkshire is that Josh Shaw has gone to Gloucestershire on  a months loan.
this gives the 21 year old a chance to get some first team  experience and hone his skills.

Tomorrow sees the semi final on the One day cup, when I will be donning my Worcestershire top and cheering on 'The Pears'.
If I believed in omens, then the dead pigeon on my front lawn does not bode well for Surrey!

as I don't we will have to see how that game pans out.

On the famalam front, I went out to dinner last night with my Dame Didi and my cousins Paul & Diane. to say that we laughed the whole time is an understatement. Between tales of travel and a waiter who was Spanish, making us speak French, it was a brilliant evening.

Right now I am off to the orifice, for the last Friday.

have a good day!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Thursday already

I struggled to get out of bed this morning, all this 'having a lie in' nonsense is taking hold and I need to get back to early morning ways. I'm becoming a bit lazy!

Lazy is something that Yorkshire 2nd XI have not been, as they posted 436-6 against Lacs "nd XI at Scarbados.
The young players of Yorkshire are excelling.

I have to say that the although much had been said about Yorkshire playing such  a young team on Tuesday it was  refreshing to see.
Yes we lost to Surrey, but we got to see the future of the club taking their first real steps.
We are looking at great things to come.

Which sadly was not what is coming for England, after finally deciding to play Jonny B and drop Roy, we lost to Pakistan, and lost in spectacular fashion as they won by 8 wickets.

I am sure we have all read every pundits version of what happened so no point in  rehashing it here.
Time to move on and sort the team out properly.

There is no county cricket this weekend as  my boys will be trundling 'darn sarf' to start play on Monday at Lords.
 sadly due to the looming new job I will not be able to go, but no doubt I will be getting 'Yupdates' form 'James Bond' whilst I am back at the office being 'Miss Moneypenny'.

For those of you who are off to Birmingham today for the India v Bangladesh clash, have a brilliant time and a safe journey.

I am cutting this short as I need to be out the door and off to work.

have a great Thursday, the weekend is getting closer!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A very late night for me

So I got to Headingley after a very good drive down the A1 even through the roadworks! Parking however was another matter, but I eventually got sorted and was in the ground before1.30pm.

Met Grandad John and had a quick catch up and then.......................over toddles Adam!, he is in charge of 'bangs and whizzes' and music and all things that jazz up one days, T20's and Tests. I haven't seen him since T20 finals day last year, we now think that we can catch up at Trent Bridge for the South Africa test.
Brilliant news.

so Surrey won the toss and decided to bat first, 'Olivia' arrived and we set about making inroads in coffee and 'vegan quiche'.
Stoneman and Borthwick  opened the batting and we knew that these two needed to be gone pretty quickly.
Stoneman fell to Ben Coad within 4 overs and the crowd went wild! ( well over in cow corner they did).

Sangakarra came to the crease and set about racking up runs......121 of them!
He score his 100th  100 which was a pleasure to see but would have preferred it at another ground against another team!
Surrey posted 313-7 a the close of their 50 overs.

Gary came over to visit, and Steve and we all had a good catch up.

Gary then sent me a photo of my 'favourite' (not) player who was  fielding in front of him, yes it was none other than 'felt tip boy' himself. Jade Dernbach.

We had all discussed that Lyth And Lees needed to put us in a good position.......................well Lees fell on 9 which takes his run of poor batting  to silly figures.

In came  TLJL. All was quiet at Cow Corner  whilst I waited for Jack to get safely off the mark. He did, but I was gutted that he didn't make his half century, falling on 42.

Handscomb and Ballance tried to pull it back,  60 and 36 respectively.

However the shiniest star in the Yorkshire team  last night had to be Matthew Waite, who after his brilliant debut at Taunton with his bowling, hit 34, which brought up the numbers but sadly we fell short. This boy is seriously good!

Have to say that we also were on TV a few times yesterday, thank you to all who sent us snaps of that.

I headed back to the car and finally fell into bed after midnight, hence very late blog.

The boys didn't get through but they were winners in my eyes.

And if news is to be believed Jonny B will be given a spot in the Semi final of the ICC trophy...................

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Seriously!!! Not good for my heart

Well its Tuesday and I am totally of the belief that Yorkshire are going for it!

After a cracking win over Somerset yesterday, a mad dash back home, they are today in One Day action.

Its all going off!

Yesterday by lunch I was feeling decidedly sick, it was going down to the wire at Taunton and I was not liking it, actually 'James Bond' and I were not liking it, so much so that he was keeping up with it all from the comfort of the 'Aston Martin'

He said, it'll be over one way or another by 3pm and sure as eggs is eggs ( or as a vegan, sure as chickpeas is  chickpeas), it 3 runs!!!

the bowlers were the the backbone of the team even with Captain GB and his 98.

Outgoing HRR in such great form that we are all wondering can we not have him for another season, just home CC games????

Incoming Matthew Waite, who judging by the smile on his face in lots of pics on Twitter had a 'fairytale' start to his 1st team career.

And of course Patto who just goes in ,does the job and then keeps his head down.

I tell you, do those boys not know that they have to be kind to this old dear?

Everyone of those boys put their all in to that game and they deserved the win.

They must have had a jolly journey back home...........................but most of them are on duty today!

I had a lie in today as I  am on holibobs and have been a little tired of late, so just taking it easy.

I say that, but I have washing in, as by all accounts it is going to be a nice day so might as well make the most of it.

And the lads are back out on the field later  against Surrey.

Well best go and make myself some sandwiches and coffee

have a cracking day.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Another week begins

Time to polish off the tiara and get myself off to the office for the penultimate on earth has that come around so quickly????!!!!

June is not being very 'flaming' here in the North East at the moment and it is another cold and chilly one so I am preparing for arctic conditions in the office, that is something that I will not miss at all!

Yesterday was a cricket Sunday and to be honest I am thinking that if like me you were backing South Africa you will have been very disappointed!.

They just did not seem to play with any kind of determination. My beloved Abraham Benjamin also continued with his run of poor form. I am reading today though that he wants to remain as Captain. I am thinking that he needs to step up now!

Well done to India  who played a blinder.

And talking about playing a blinder, down in Taunton, the Yorkie boys were doing their stuff. Captain GB nearly got another century but ran out of partners on 98,  this however put them in a good position.
Patto then stepped up to the mark and took 3 wickets before stumps, Matthew Waite taking another to add to his FC haul.

Somerset need 160runs to win and we need 6 wickets.

come on you boys!

Today I can listen to Sri Lanka v Pakistan whilst I am working through the O & M's! at least  it will drown out the continued arguing of the office boys.

I am hoping that my 'spy' at Taunton keeps me up to date with what is happening.
And that's it for today!

I am heading off to the A1 now.

Have a great Monday

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sunday and I'm busy already

Well its a cool and windy day here at the Chateau, I already  have the washing and the dishwasher on, so only the housework to start to tackle.
I am going to try to get ahead with the food for this week, as I am away Tuesday at cricket  and  will have a lot on at work as I try to get loose ends tied up before I leave on the 20th ( however as I tie up one loose end, office boys unravel another!).

Right lets see what was going on yesterday.

Well my own personal 'James Bond' at Taunton was keeping me up to date with what was going on( thank you James I will buy you a 'martini' when I next see you), and boy were things going on!!!!!

HRR only went and got his 750th FC wicket,  so maybe my 775 prediction for the end of the season is not asking too much. With an (up to now) season best of 5-56, he is still showing the youngsters how to do it.
The 5- for was his 30th!!
How on earth can he be replaced!
He may break down occasionally, but he always manages to come back stronger.
Its hard to think that the day is getting closer when he leaves the club.

It has also been brilliant to see Matthew Waite getting 2 wickets, the future is looking very bright ( regardless of what I wrote above)with the young bowlers, I am sure that HRR  knows the time is right for him to go and hang up his box!

So in summery. Somerset were all out for 224 a lead of 22.
Lyth and Lees went relatively early, and it took Peter Hanscomb with 57* to see us through to stumps with Captain GB.

It is building up for an exciting one I can tell.

So England were playing Australia yesterday, it was not raining at the start so that was  a boost for Australia.

England were bowling and with the early wicket of Warner it was down to Finch to hold the fort.
When he was gone, I was hoping for a Head and Maxwell show, but Maxi went for 20 whilst Travis made it through to the end scoring 71,

Apparently the catch on the boundary by Jason Roy was outstanding sadly........

In went Austalia and England were 3 wickets down when they were saved by rain ( 35-3). Roy was out 2nd ball for 4.
And still in the team???!!!

By  the time the rain had gone England came out fighting and won.
Well done to the boys.

However I do feel for Australia who have had all their matches spoilt by rain.
Well it is England and it is summer so there you go.

And go I must as I have lots to do.

Have a brilliant Sunday

and come on you Tykes!!!!!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Weekend and no rest for the Lady

Yes it is the weekend and I already have some  washing done ( the first load was done last night).

I have shopping to do and then try  to sort out the honeysuckle which has decided to remove itself from the wall and is currently lying face down on the lawn!

This however may or may not happen as it is absolutely hosing it down!

And then I will settle down for knitting and cricket

However lets look at what was happening yesterday.

Well my boys were not looking to be having a good time down at Taunton, my own personal 'James Bond' was sending me 'Yupdates and it was not good reporting either.

At 95-6 I told him to get padded up as they looked like they might need him.
Luckily a brilliant knock by.................................

.....................HODDY!!! brought us back into the reckoning, and Carver and HRR gave a very respectable performance before  we were all out for 202.

This being the second highest 1st innings score at Taunton this season ( as my  James Bond told me).

Jamie Overton was the nemesis of the Yorkshire batsmen, however when Somerset when into bat we unleased HRR, the Rolls Royce of the team, the curly hurler, who then  took 3 wickets leaving the hosts 41-3 at stumps.

Come on you Yorkies!!!

Today England take on Australia and the 'Roy love in ' continues as Captain Smug Mug backs him to return to form.
Well lets see what happens then.
The only form I am thinking of is his P45.

Well rain and wind will not deter me in my mini venture to Tesco, and then home to make 'Lainey;s vegan' pizza for tea.

Have a great Saturday I hope that it is fry where you are.

Friday, 9 June 2017


Well now, who would have thought it?

1800 blogs!!!

1800 days of my inane ramblings.

I wonder how many more I churn out?

Obviously with the new job coming up soon and having a slightly earlier start than at present and a slightly longer journey to work, timings for the blog may vary. I say may, we will have to see what happens once I am insitu.

So what is the 1800 blog about then?

Well firstly it is about  saying goodbye to our beloved Jason Gillespie who is departing our island today to fly back to his.

I wish him a safe journey and all the best in his role with Australia A. He will be brilliant and we all know the magic that he can perform.

I will be keeping an eye on this next month.

 We had an election and as usual some of the country are happy and some are disappointed, some of course don't care as they couldn't be bothered to vote.

However it sits for you, its done, and we now have to get on.

To be honest its a shambles whatever colour you are!

And then there is cricket.

Well done to Yorkshire 2nd XI who despite the rain and Middx 2nd's having Nick Compton on their team, won the 2nd XI trophy.

First Silverware for the season!

And then there was Sri Lanka  who pulled off a brilliant win against India. That was a great game.

And then there was Abraham Benjamin, who had a tight hamstring and may not play in their game  against England tomorrow, I will be very sorry about that I can tell you even though his form is poor at the moment.
However it looks like Jason Roy will be in the England  team as he is being bigged up by Paul Farbrace now.
I have no idea what they are seeing, because it certainly isn't what the rest of us are????

And now I am off to work and as I have only 6.5  working days left I feel a very happy dance coming on!

Have a wonderful Friday, it is nearly the weekend.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Election Day

Where is this month going, and so quickly too.

Today is Election Day, I shall be going down to cast my vote after dinner tonight ( which is exactly what Mum and Dad used to do). And that is my one and only political statement here on the blog.

Lets get down to important things, I do vote that rain should never be allowed at Champions Trophy matches.
Once again it poured and resulted in South Africa losing their match against Pakistan on the 'Jack and Vera'.
I was devastated especially in light of Morne Morkels  3-18 ( I do love a good bowler).

Where  SA right to bat first?

Well that is a question that will haunt Abraham Benjamin for quite a while I think...........

Today I will be listening at my desk to India v Sri Lanka live from the Oval. It does make for the day going quicker and drowns out the noise of the office boys.

The sound of Graeme Swann however is another thing that irks me.
It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have to listen to his constant referrals to his cricket career.

My boys will be on their way to Taunton today for the County Championship match.

We are without Bressy who is waiting to be a Daddy for the 3rd time.

HRR is there and I am hoping that he will add to his 745 FC wicket haul.
I had been hoping that he would hit 800 before he retires, but even I know this is too much for the 'Rolls Royce'.

So I am setting the mark at 775.
No pressure there HRR!!!

We have no rain today but it is on the chilly side so I am  wrapping up warm ( after having the electric blanket on 2 nights running....................yes in June too), and heading off to the office now.

have a brilliant Thursday, and if you are at cricket today , enjoy.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Only a headline

Twitter lit up yesterday lunchtime as The Yorkshire Post ran an article about our beloved Jason Gillespie and how he had said ' never say never' to a return to Yorkshire.
A very mixed bag of reaction to this article I have to say!

Right lets look at the facts.

Jason left us  to go back home and be with his family, coach the Adelaide Strikers and do some work with Australia.

Jason would not have left Yorkshire if he hadn't felt that the time was right.

He came back to the UK on a short term contract to coach Kent, this filled a void until he is away with the Australia A team.

We have a great coach in Andrew Gale, we are going to be great again and as for Australia A, well with Jason on the coaching team, they will do brilliantly.

We all loved him when he was out coach, taking us to the greatest heights, and we all respected his reasons for leaving, We all know deep down that he will not come back to us.

Best to ignore attention grabbing headlines.

And now onto other things

England had a good day against New Zealia, sadly Roy still cannot show any kind of form, but still manages to hold a place???

Regardless of his poor form the Captain still backs him saying that 'it doesn't change much'!!!!


We need an opener who can stay at the crease!

Joey Root was the highest scorer on  64 and the team managed to post  310 all out.

in reply New Zealia , were one man down before the end of the first over, which boosted England.
Teeny tiny Kiwi, Kane Williamson was their highest scorer on 87............

............... but the day in my opinion went to the Liam Plunkett.
After  being brought back into the England fold, from  the cricket wilderness, he never fails to deliver.
4-55, not bad that boy!

Well time and rain wait for no lady, so I will take myself and my seriously out of control , orange afro ( my hair no likey this weather), to the office.

have a great Wednesday whatever you are doing.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Rain rain go away!

Well its Tuesday and its rain sodden, yes I know we needed it , but its getting on my nerves now, the house feels damp and cold, its June and I really don't want to put the heating on ( there's the Yorkshire coming out).

It needs to cut this out now and bring back some sunshine.....................or even just dry days.

Australia must be heartily sick of the rain now as their second match against Bangladesh was abandoned yesterday at the Oval. They are next in action against England........

.....who are in action today against New Zealia, starting at 10.30am, so I won't be moving far from my radio in the office today.

Meanwhile back in the County Championship, Hampshire are soaring away on 82 points, which means that my boys need to get a wriggle on and win some more matches. They are off to Taunton this weekend.
So I am expecting nothing more than a great win and lots of  'Yupdates' from my 'spy' at the ground.

Durham just can't seem to get themselves going they are still in minus figures and were beaten at home  by Northants.
I do fear the worst for them, especially as many supporters were relying on the 'magic touch' of Beefy to get them going.
sadly as previously reported he is hardly at the matches  ( well obviously, he is contracted to sky), and has no remorse about this either.

It makes me realise how lucky we are at Yorkshire to have a Chairman  who is around at matches and also highly visible on Twitter where he interacts with Yorkshire fans and members.

And so I have another 'fun packed' day in the office, as the 2 week mark approaches.
Since i have been awake since 2.30am this morning I think that you will guess that the notice period is not exactly plain sailing for me.

Oh well I guess I can have a sleep at lunchtime.

I'm off to face the music...................and the tuneless singing!

Monday, 5 June 2017

Monday again !

yes you know that after the weekend, Monday arrives and you have to drag yourself out of bed and head to work..

However lets look back at yesterday.

I toddled round to the ground and took my seat, had a quick catch up with Ray.

I got very flustered when HRR wandered over to the boundary after his first over and spoke to me, I quickly checked behind me to make sure that it was me that he had spoken to !

Olivia arrived and we watched the last of the Lancashire wickets tumble.It took just over an hour and a half for the match to be over.

HRR with figures of 6-60 and Ben Coad with a career best ( and its  only just started) of 8-59, a 10 wicket win was just what we all needed.

A couple more of those under our belts and we will be looking good!

Worrying read this morning, that Hampshire are looking to not renew the lovely Michael Carberrys contract.
Michael is a great servant of the county, and I am shock and appalled if this is true.

I am sure that he will be snapped up by another county.

Even worse news that old 'rubber ball boy' Steve Finn, who just keeps bouncing back into the England team, is replacing the injured Woakes.
Ah yes this is the opportunity for another long winter holiday for Finn.

Today in Champions Trophy land, Australia are taking on Bangladesh at The Oval, this is a day night match, so I will be tuning in a 1.30pm.

In Ladylainey land, as one chapter has finished and I turn the page , I have just over 2 weeks until I start a whole new book.

I just have to make it through the 2 weeks!

Have a great Monday

Sunday, 4 June 2017

what a day

Well finally I have Wifi and am trying to get this posted asap,

its Sunday I am at HQ and Yorkshire look in a good position as we go into day 3.

The sun is shining and it looks to be a good day.

But lets back track to yesterday

I arrived at Headingley after a good drive down the A1 even with the roadworks.

The sun was shining as I took my seat and as I was trying to grab a cup of coffee one of the Lancashire coaches nipped over to the boundary to say good morning........very nice that was too!

The match started and Lyth and ballance resumed their innings, only for Captain GB to fall pretty soon.

I was full of expectation as TLJL took to the crease and he did his job as he helped Lythy onward.
Sadly no century for him but Lythy got there, slowly and then fell to Clark, Although it had been Mahmood who had been the scourge of the Yorkshire players.

Clare,Christine and Ellis came and full cricket mode was the order of the day.........along with lots of laughter and selfies.

Clare got a selfie with her all time hero Shiv Chanderpaul,
I got to view the posterior of my all time hero HRR at very close quarters.
And as Lancashire closed on 141-4 ( with HRR taking another wicket) I wandered to my hotel in a haze of fun and food.

It was a great day spent in great company.

And today is heading the same way.

And Hampshire are lookingvery strong too in their match!

On a sad note, I have to say that I am saddened that  a friendship that had been longstanding has been ended. This does make me feel very deflated, but I know that I will bounce back ( and the roundness of me makes bouncing very easy!).

I am moving onward.

And finally
Often when things are not looking good on the cricket front, I am sure that I am not the only one to 'walk a wicket'.

A new phenomenon occurred yesterday though ,as we found that it is possible to 'wee' a wicket!

best fill up on water before the start of play!

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Another cricket weekend

Well its early Saturday morning and I am preparing to head off on another cricket weekend.

I have the flasks made and I have a 'put together' picnic due to being very tired when I got home last night. I am sure that I will not die of 'hungeration' if I don't have much. Like an animal in hibernation I will resort to my fat reserves.

The weather is being undecided but no change there, the one good thing is that I have a room with a bath tonight so I will be having a long old soak after the game.

Yesterday the lads played a blinder with HRR taking 3 wickets  and his FC wicket haul even higher.

However the golden boy of the team this season, Ben Coad took an outstanding 6 wickets what a boy.
Rain was a problem but they saw Lancs off for 123 all out and at stumps Yorkshire were 93-2 with Lees continuing his run of poor scoring.

time for a mix up in the opening I think.

I will be there to cheer them on later .

And then there was champions trophy action, which was to Australia's relief rained off.
New Zealia's Kane Williamson hit a century, but the rain came down and halted the Australia innings.

Today South Africa are taking on Sri Lanka at The Oval, I am charging up my radio as we speak to be able to tune into that.

And that is that for this morning as I have to head off down the A1 to HQ.

I am making sure that Pink Hippo is safely tucked into my bag today , I cannot have a repeat of last week.

Finally, I got a message via FB from in lady in Ladylaineyville asking if I was interested in any cricket equipment, her son was clearing out and there was a bag with some things in.

So I headed round after work and came home with some kit which I can now pass onto Clare for use by Cricket without Boundaries.

Random acts of kindness are spreading!

have a super Saturday where ever you are.


Friday, 2 June 2017

Just like buses........

you have no cricket news for a couple of days and then it all comes at once!

So what has been going on,

Well the interesting/shock news for all Yorkies is that we have signed Tom Kholer-Cadmore.
This story was circulating on  Wednesday evening when  it was revealed that he had been dropped by Worcestershire because of the imminent signing.
It was confirmed by Yorkshire yesterday  morning that he will start with the team in 2018........................

.........only thing is, that he is not bringing Commando Boy with him.

HUGE disappointment!

It will be good to have some new batting talent  in the side..............not that I am saying anything about the boys that we have but, sometimes  you need to shake things up a bit.

And then there was the England v Bangladesh match at The Oval.
As expected Jonny B not in the side but as players were dropping like flies, he was on fielding a lot.

Ben Stokes true to prediction by 'mystic lainey' had problems with the knee problem that he has been nursing. then managed to develop 'gob strain' from so much sledging!

Bangladesh posted 305-6.

Jason Roy showed that consistency is his middle name , getting out before his dressing room seat was cold.

Root, hales and 'Captain Smug mug ( CSM) had great knocks of 133* ,95 & 75*

So England won their first match.

But what is wrong with the team?

Woakes injured, Stokes injured, Bairstow only good for water boy?

Lets see what the next match brings.

Today I can tune in to Australia v New Zealia,  well it beats listening to Trill Boy waffling on about how much I will miss him when I leave!

It is also the start of the Roses clash at Headingley.

So come on you white roses.

Good to see Hoddy behind the wicket again!

Right got to fly.

Its Friday so I should be happy.