Friday, 9 June 2017


Well now, who would have thought it?

1800 blogs!!!

1800 days of my inane ramblings.

I wonder how many more I churn out?

Obviously with the new job coming up soon and having a slightly earlier start than at present and a slightly longer journey to work, timings for the blog may vary. I say may, we will have to see what happens once I am insitu.

So what is the 1800 blog about then?

Well firstly it is about  saying goodbye to our beloved Jason Gillespie who is departing our island today to fly back to his.

I wish him a safe journey and all the best in his role with Australia A. He will be brilliant and we all know the magic that he can perform.

I will be keeping an eye on this next month.

 We had an election and as usual some of the country are happy and some are disappointed, some of course don't care as they couldn't be bothered to vote.

However it sits for you, its done, and we now have to get on.

To be honest its a shambles whatever colour you are!

And then there is cricket.

Well done to Yorkshire 2nd XI who despite the rain and Middx 2nd's having Nick Compton on their team, won the 2nd XI trophy.

First Silverware for the season!

And then there was Sri Lanka  who pulled off a brilliant win against India. That was a great game.

And then there was Abraham Benjamin, who had a tight hamstring and may not play in their game  against England tomorrow, I will be very sorry about that I can tell you even though his form is poor at the moment.
However it looks like Jason Roy will be in the England  team as he is being bigged up by Paul Farbrace now.
I have no idea what they are seeing, because it certainly isn't what the rest of us are????

And now I am off to work and as I have only 6.5  working days left I feel a very happy dance coming on!

Have a wonderful Friday, it is nearly the weekend.

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