Thursday, 22 June 2017

All change

Well after a not too successful handbag clear out and  change around in the wardrobe I am off to my first day in my new job.

All change in lots of ways.

 I am wondering if there will be changes to the Yorkshire team on Monday for the first official  day/night game against Surrey.

they lost to by an innings and 64 runs, to a depleted Middlesex team, a team that have been struggling of late.
What went wrong?

Well with the openers putting on 57 in both innings I think that this needs to be addressed.

The oldest bowler in the team making the same score in both innings as one of the openers!

The captain trying to make things right!

 only time will tell if we can sort this out.

As for Middlesex, some great batting in their one innings and Rayner and Ro-Jo being the scourge of my boys.

Onwards and upwards is the order of the day.

England were in T20 action against  South Africa last night, and to say that South Africa look out of form is an understatement. With Faf away on baby waiting duties ( he didn't time that very well) and Abraham Benjamin not looking too comfortable on the field or in interviews, they are not looking like too good.

And certainly they didn't play too well either with 142 on the board at the end of their innings, it was looking like a walk over.
Even Jason Roy managed to make double figures before he was out.
Jonny B came into bat and after having a particularly worrying 'funny turn' saw the team through to a win with 60* and Hales on 47*.

It was all over in less than 15 overs

Jonny was still very pale when he came off the field. he looked slightly better when collecting 'man of the match'

As I had a free day yesterday, I nipped up to the Riverside ground  to see jack Russell who has been there all week.
As we were in the middle of a thunderstorm I was very glad that Jack was under cover.
Brilliant to catch up with him again this summer.

Wonderful man, brilliant artist and an amazing wicket keeper.
Amazingly we discovered that we have something in common........technical drawing of all things!

well time to head off.

So I have my lunch packed, new pencil case, pens pencil and slide rule.

Off I go

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