Thursday, 1 June 2017

And now its June

White rabbits!

Can you believe that it is June already?

Where has this year gone?

We are now into the cricket season good and proper and today see the start of the Champions Trophy. England are in action  against Bangladesh  at The Oval.
I will tuned into t'wireless  at 10.30am.

All talk seems to be about the injury that Ben Stokes has a fitness test this morning will determine how much he will bowl!??
Surely he is either fit to bowl his allotted overs or he is not fit to play.
this makes me wonder if they are relying on him too much.
And so Andrew Strauss, as I have said previously is the IPL before any series for England, really a good idea????

Lets see how today pans out.

I managed to get more done at the Chateau last night and  feel better for it.

I also managed to structure my last 3 weeks in the office, this was relatively easy as 'Pony Paul' is on holiday this week, however that may change next week when he returns as he thinks that I am his PA and believe me he is in for a shock when they get my replacement.
I have actually rewritten the job spec and  brought it more into line of what it should be and not all the other things that I do.

Thank you all for the comments on yesterdays blog.

It was lovely to see that sometimes you don;t mind me waffling on about other stuff.

And now time to head to the office.

Its June, its summer, have a wonderful Thursday

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