Friday, 30 June 2017

Cold, wet Friday

well it is cold and wet here in the North East of blighty, however down in the South nothing is raining on Dame Didi's parade as she prepares to board the shuttle and head off to her new life in France.
Yes today is the day that she arrives back on French soil and starts her life of leisure.................I will be there sooner than you think Didi!!!

Roll on Paris and Christmas!

The rain which is making England green again and causing my lawns to sprout too quickly, has also affected the 'pink ball' game very quickly.

My boys drew with Surrey in a horribly rain soaked game, Monday being the best day of all.

Hampshire and Somerset drew too in a very wet match.

However where they managed to play there were some outstanding events.

Essex were hosing the 'trophy sitters' Middlesex and with their South African bowler Simon Harmer taking 9-95, they are racking up the points at the top of the table.

In division 2 Northants had an amazing 2 two run win and deserved a massive pat on the back.

This weekend though is all about finals...........One day final, when Notts and Surrey come head to head.

I cannot wait !

There has been a lot commented on the 'pink ball' game, very much like the advent of coloured clothing into the sport. I remember it well and the fuss that it brought about. What I do know is that we don't like change, sometimes I think that we just have to 'suck it and see'.

today will be mostly about visiting friends and trying to get sorted for some decorating over the weekend ( with cricket thrown in for good measure).

And just to say thank you to everyone who commented , tweeted and retweeted yesterdays blog.

I have to say that Clare is an outstanding ambassador for both cricket and CWB, she is also a funny and kind hearted person, who I am proud to call a friend.
I for one will be backing her all the way in her fundraising to go back out to Africa next year.

Well time to wend my way to the office, but it is Friday and it is a half day...................what could be better!

see you tomorrow, keep fry and warm

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