Monday, 5 June 2017

Monday again !

yes you know that after the weekend, Monday arrives and you have to drag yourself out of bed and head to work..

However lets look back at yesterday.

I toddled round to the ground and took my seat, had a quick catch up with Ray.

I got very flustered when HRR wandered over to the boundary after his first over and spoke to me, I quickly checked behind me to make sure that it was me that he had spoken to !

Olivia arrived and we watched the last of the Lancashire wickets tumble.It took just over an hour and a half for the match to be over.

HRR with figures of 6-60 and Ben Coad with a career best ( and its  only just started) of 8-59, a 10 wicket win was just what we all needed.

A couple more of those under our belts and we will be looking good!

Worrying read this morning, that Hampshire are looking to not renew the lovely Michael Carberrys contract.
Michael is a great servant of the county, and I am shock and appalled if this is true.

I am sure that he will be snapped up by another county.

Even worse news that old 'rubber ball boy' Steve Finn, who just keeps bouncing back into the England team, is replacing the injured Woakes.
Ah yes this is the opportunity for another long winter holiday for Finn.

Today in Champions Trophy land, Australia are taking on Bangladesh at The Oval, this is a day night match, so I will be tuning in a 1.30pm.

In Ladylainey land, as one chapter has finished and I turn the page , I have just over 2 weeks until I start a whole new book.

I just have to make it through the 2 weeks!

Have a great Monday

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