Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Rain rain go away!

Well its Tuesday and its rain sodden, yes I know we needed it , but its getting on my nerves now, the house feels damp and cold, its June and I really don't want to put the heating on ( there's the Yorkshire coming out).

It needs to cut this out now and bring back some sunshine.....................or even just dry days.

Australia must be heartily sick of the rain now as their second match against Bangladesh was abandoned yesterday at the Oval. They are next in action against England........

.....who are in action today against New Zealia, starting at 10.30am, so I won't be moving far from my radio in the office today.

Meanwhile back in the County Championship, Hampshire are soaring away on 82 points, which means that my boys need to get a wriggle on and win some more matches. They are off to Taunton this weekend.
So I am expecting nothing more than a great win and lots of  'Yupdates' from my 'spy' at the ground.

Durham just can't seem to get themselves going they are still in minus figures and were beaten at home  by Northants.
I do fear the worst for them, especially as many supporters were relying on the 'magic touch' of Beefy to get them going.
sadly as previously reported he is hardly at the matches  ( well obviously, he is contracted to sky), and has no remorse about this either.

It makes me realise how lucky we are at Yorkshire to have a Chairman  who is around at matches and also highly visible on Twitter where he interacts with Yorkshire fans and members.

And so I have another 'fun packed' day in the office, as the 2 week mark approaches.
Since i have been awake since 2.30am this morning I think that you will guess that the notice period is not exactly plain sailing for me.

Oh well I guess I can have a sleep at lunchtime.

I'm off to face the music...................and the tuneless singing!

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ricky said...

You should be in bed by now 7.29 pm lol