Thursday, 15 June 2017

Thursday already

I struggled to get out of bed this morning, all this 'having a lie in' nonsense is taking hold and I need to get back to early morning ways. I'm becoming a bit lazy!

Lazy is something that Yorkshire 2nd XI have not been, as they posted 436-6 against Lacs "nd XI at Scarbados.
The young players of Yorkshire are excelling.

I have to say that the although much had been said about Yorkshire playing such  a young team on Tuesday it was  refreshing to see.
Yes we lost to Surrey, but we got to see the future of the club taking their first real steps.
We are looking at great things to come.

Which sadly was not what is coming for England, after finally deciding to play Jonny B and drop Roy, we lost to Pakistan, and lost in spectacular fashion as they won by 8 wickets.

I am sure we have all read every pundits version of what happened so no point in  rehashing it here.
Time to move on and sort the team out properly.

There is no county cricket this weekend as  my boys will be trundling 'darn sarf' to start play on Monday at Lords.
 sadly due to the looming new job I will not be able to go, but no doubt I will be getting 'Yupdates' form 'James Bond' whilst I am back at the office being 'Miss Moneypenny'.

For those of you who are off to Birmingham today for the India v Bangladesh clash, have a brilliant time and a safe journey.

I am cutting this short as I need to be out the door and off to work.

have a great Thursday, the weekend is getting closer!

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