Friday, 28 July 2017

Ahhhh Friday my best friend!

I am not sure where the weeks are going but one thing I do know is that they fly by in the cricket season and drag in the winter.

So its a case of making hay while the sun shines although in truth we have not seen much of the sun!

And the same could be said yesterday as rain affected  both the Test  and the televised T20.

the Test.....well I was tuned in at 11.00am and by 11.15am was tearing my hair out.
Keaton Jennings out for a duck. I have nothing against the lad, but he is taking a place in the team and not performing.
South Africa must be looking and thinking that they had a lucky escape.

I think that he should go back to Durham, and bat and bat. At the moment he is disappointing in the England squad.
Malan was also a disappointment with 1, although former Captain, Cook is on 82 not out.

Rain cut the day short and so it was onto T20.

So here is my version of the game, according to the Sky pundits.

SP    'Welcome to Canterbury for tonight's T20 match between Kent and Somerset, we have a whole host of hitters here tonight '


SP ' yes we will be seeing these batters doing their stuff this evening'

LL ' non merde Sherlock! that's usually what they are paid to do'

SP ' and Somerset are playing Roelof van de Merwe, what kind of spelling is that for a name?'

LL ' the kind his parents chose you ignoramous'

SP ' well the fieldsmen are out on the field'

LL 'Fieldsmen?'

SP It's going to be a great game'

LL 'its going to be the longest game of my life'

mutes the sound.

rain stopped play and Kent won on the Jack and Vera

Now I know I am a bit picky with all things cricket but this is how it is.

Batsmen  not batters ( Aussie slang creeping in) or hitters

Fielders not fieldsmen

I have had to mute the sound on Sky more and more, the commentary is frankly 'common' and the 'banter' is banal to say the least.

Oh dear its Friday and I am on a rant........I must be feeling better.

Have a cracking day.

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