Friday, 7 July 2017

Ahhhhhh cricket day

It's Friday
Its's 6.30
AND IT'S T20!!!!!!

Well it will be later, and I am up with the larks, the sun is shining and I am getting myself organised!

I am meeting with the gang  and its a full on members evening out.With an 'Outlaw' thrown in for good measure.

I cannot wait!!!!

However lets have a peep through our fingers at what happened yesterday.

Well we lost,

and in  pretty spectacular fashion too,

by 179 runs.4 men down before 8 overs were bowled!

We didn't play well, and with the continued insistence of playing a sub standard opener who is obviously struggling, I think that they need to look long and hard before the next County Championship game.

The bowling is excellent but the batting is letting us down really badly!

England were in action yesterday and a certain Yorkshireman, now England captain  only went and scored 184 and will return this morning to the crease. My 'boy' Jonny B did not fair so well and went for 10.
It should be an interesting morning.

Over in 'La belle France' Dame Didi was out watching 'Le Tour' as it spend through her new home town, she had some fab photos which were evidence that she had not spent the morning at the local champagne house. She has been looking forward to this since they announced the route!

And so after torrential rain last night and thunder, today is looking calmer and much more like cricket weather, and so although this is short I am heading off to finish doing all my things before work.

Please be aware that the blog may not be posted until well into the after noon tomorrow.

Have a great Friday

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