Friday, 21 July 2017

Its FRIDAY!!!!


Time to don your cricket tops and head off to T20......................well if you have a T20 match tonight it is.

We have a T20 weekend going on as my boys take on Birmingham Bears tonight and Worcestershire on Sunday.
Its going to be a busy weekend.

I am feeling for all my Notts friends who are still reeling after the news that there will be no 'Big Lukey' for the rest of the season, and that Michael Lumb has retired, they have now lost Greg Smith who has taken the decision to retire from cricket.

I am willing them to have some good luck in the next few weeks. a great team with great supporters and one of the most lovely grounds.

The run of sleep disturbance continues, as the 'man' across the road is back in full engine running mode when he comes home.
He goes in and out of his house frequently between the hours of 10pm and3am, and when he parks up outside the house he leaves the engine running  ( and has  now has added 'Nutty and Bonkers' music just to add to the insult), usually for about 5 minutes but sometimes as long as 20 mins.
I know this as when he wakes me up I then do nothing but clock watch!

I fear that the curse of the red hair may soon take over as I am not good when deprived of sleep.

Everyone is on holibobs but me,Dame Didi is staying with her friend in another part of France and Kiki is packing to go on a cruise ( not sure where,)

 However another couple of weeks and I will be packing my case, putting my bucket and spade in the boot of the car and knotting my hankie ready for Scarbados.
I have a full time of it, as I am meeting eldest monster nephew for a coffee, and then spending Sunday at cricket with Jimbo, heading off out to the quiz on Sunday evening, then more cricket.

I'll need a holiday when I get back!

Well it is nearly time to head off on the A167 and work, its a short day today as I finish early.


Come on you VIKINGS!!!!

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