Saturday, 1 July 2017

Late today

I have just woken up!!!

I am not really being a lazy thing but I had gone to bed early last night as I was exhausted and then the eldest sister phones and wakes me up! after nit picking  for an hour and some she went off the phone to go to bed, leaving me  wide awake!

Ah family ????
the other bit of the family finally arrived in her new home village in France, and is getting her feet under the local bar table as we speak. Its sooo exciting for her.
I'm actually contemplating buying the village bar.

Now onto important things, my bestie mates Sophie and Terry  (and LL)  are on the way the way to Lords for the one day cup final, all my plans of things to do today have gone out the window as I know that I will be settling down at 10.30am to have a day of cricket.
I have to say that I am backing Notts and Pink Hippo is duly adorned in his Notts jumpy for the occasion.
I have champagne in the fridge ( any excuse).

talking about Pink Hippo, he is one lucky boy, as he always manages to get a 'like' from Big Luke Fletcher for his tweets!.

Champagne is not something that the Aussie team will be sampling at the moment as a lot of them are out of contract and the pay talks still rumble on. I find it hard to comprehend that they have got to this stage.
I have to say that I love the rivalry that is between our two countries, I hope that it is sorted soon.

After his amazing bowling display at Essex, Simon Harmer has been talking about how he will be bowling on a 'road' when he gets back to South Africa and being hit all over the place. I love that he is has just taken his achievement as a one off. How refreshing!

And cricket is heading back to terrestrial TV if the news is to be believed!

Ah yes just like the old days of watching with my Daddy and Great Uncle Jack ( without Great Uncle's  'colourful'vocals though). I may save myself a fortune on Sky payments!

And now to the sky, strangely, as I look out of the home office window I see a ball of yellow!
This is something that I cannot recall seeing for a while, I think that I had best head outdoors and top up my vitamin D levels

Have a great day and come on Nottinghamshire.

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