Wednesday, 12 July 2017


It's mid week and strange things are afoot here at the chateau,......the washing machine is on already!!

well I need to be prepared for the weekend and my trip to Trent Bridge. The bag is waiting to be packed and I have sorted out the food that I need to take wit me, so i am a little bit prepared.

The  early morning washing is a must, and tonight..........well lets see what happens when I get home

Now to last night, I set off home in glorious looking forward to a quick dinner and then cricket........and how disappointed was I when the rain at Northampton put paid to any chance of men in blue heading out onto the field.

I can only keep my fingers crossed that  things get better  for Friday.

Still no news on the Australia pay talks, I find that as we are now in the middle of July and no deal is in place it must be  beginning to get a little worrying down under.

My twitter feed was full of HRR last night,  he had only been  doing a spot of modelling!
yes indeed, the curly haired on had been following in my footsteps and was looking very dapper i have to say.

New career?

Well he needs a few lessons in deportment before then, I am available for a small fee!

The sun is shining and the sky is blue here in Ladylaineyvile and I need to keep this short as I am going to hang my 'smalls' on the line before I head off to the office

I have a to do list as long as my arm ( and thats long) and just can;t seem to get anything ticked off it.

Hopefully today........

Have a great Wednesday

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