Monday, 3 July 2017

New week.......

Which for some will mean  a trip to Scarborough to see my boys in action against Somerset.

Lots of comments on the team list as Tom Kohler-Cadmore makes his debut for the first team, and Alex Lees appears to get another life!
Good news that TLJL is in the squad and our favourite wicket keeper 'Hoddy' is back.

This is a match that we need to win, not only for the points but I think to focus the team.

good luck lads I will be keeping an eye on the scores.

There seems to be a lot of reshuffling at Worcestershire , after the departure of Tom Kohler-Cadmore , they released Alexei Kerveeze, who had been  with the club for 11 seasons. No mention of where the 27 year old is off to though.
They had better not be looking to get rid of 'Commando Boy!' or I may be on the march to New Road!

Yesterday I managed to get some jobs done here at the Chateau although I have a 'to do ' list for when I get home tonight and am determined to get through it.

As I was sorting out the 'stuff' to go on ebay, I found lots more that I decided to clear out.. Next stop the garage as there is quite a lot of stuff in there that needs to either go to the tip ( job for next Sunday) or be found a new home.
I am sure that when I go to work someone comes in and leaves things in my house!

it is well documented on here, my loved of shoes, handbags and coats/jackets, well after delving into the drawers under the spare bed, I realised that dresses where also a bit of an obsession and some that I know where not worn last year, so with complete brutality they too are now on ebay.

The exciting news of the day ( well it is to me ) is that I have finally found a window cleaner!!!
No longer will I open the blinds and think it is foggy!!!
I want to be positive about this one, but as I have been let down so many times I will just wait to see if he turns up.

And now?

well time to head off up the A167 and get myself to work.

Happy Monday!

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ricky said...

How's the new job ?