Saturday, 15 July 2017

South Africa Saturday

Good morning from Nottingham, it's a tad windy but that's fine as long as it doesn't rain,because I'm off to the test match!!

Should be a good day,South Africa batted all day yesterday and even though Faf is already out I'm looking forward to some great cricket.

I left work and had a leisurely drive down yesterday and found my way to Sophie easily enough.

I met the very lovely Jess who is now fully aware that I have a large number of tennis balls in my handbag.

We watched the Yorkshire T20 game, Sky were showing TNSLJL a lot as he was fielding on the boundary.

As Yorkshire went into bat the heavens opened  the umpires kept them on for longer than usual but to no avail.
We are not having such a good  time at the moment.

However a good time is what I intend to have today.

I am currently  listening to the chatter of magpies and cooing of pigeons,whilst debating whether or not to get up.

If there are any typos I apologise in advance. I am doing this on my phone without my specs on.

Well time and South Africa wait for no lady.

Have  a great day, I know I will

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