Sunday, 9 July 2017


I am up but not functioning properly today and nothing to do with drink.

Firstly, the events of last nights T20  kept me up way past my bedtime.

Birmingham Bears v Notts.

Notts batted and we settled down to watch the second innings with them bowling.

less than 4 overs in the lovely Luke Fletcher took the full force of a ball on his head.
I'm not going to rehash it as it was too awful for words.

however he was off the fields and being treated in moments.
the shock of the players was evident to see.
the match was finished after a break in play.
Bears won, but that is real matter.

Luke is apparently fine, after suffering a concussion, he was tweeting at midnight, so that was a relief.

The tweets of well wishes from players, clubs and supporters was amazing.
Firstly it showed what a well thought of player Luke is.
It showed that where ever your allegiance lies in cricket at these times, cricket is one big family.

After all this I went off to bed at midnight.......................

just in time to hear my neighbours come in from an evening out.

Ah yes true to form within 10 minutes the peace was shattered and war had broken out.

This continued for well over 1.5 hours!

So this morning I am struggling to do anything.

I do know that I have washing and housework to do as well as running some errands for my 'french' sister.

I suppose I should get on.

and so I am wishing Luke a speedy recovery and hope to see the big fella back on the field soon.

Right off I go

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