Sunday, 23 July 2017

Sunny Sunday

well it is suny(ish) here in the North East of blighty but the weather forecast for HQ is not great so I have had to take the decision not to go to the game ( if it is on that is). I am gutted!!!

I set off home yesterday thinking about all the things that I had to do once  I got there, and 3 HOURS later I finally arrived, hot and angry!
Why did it take 3 hours?

Well the Highways agency have thought that having another set of roadworks in both directions of the A1 would be a super fun idea, combine that with the 13 mile stretch that have been there forever ( due to finish Spring this year, now due to complete in WINTER, there has been some tea brewing on this job I can see).
Add to this roadworks on the bridge over the A1 at Scotch Corner which causes tailbacks on the slip road ( and onto the carriageway which is down to 2 not 3 lanes)  you can see that it is total chaos.

The school holidays have not helped either.
So I got home in the worst temper ever!

There was cricket on which was a relief........until it rained and put a halt to that! However Notts won on the Jack and Vera!

yes it was a great day!

and the evening turned out to be an absolute belter, blistering sunshine. What is going on?

However my jaunt around the charity shops before coming home was not in vain, as I managed to get my hands on a Le Creuset salt pig for the princely sum of £1, well that was a result!

so today I have to rejig what I was going to do and I may find myself painting in the 'throne room' and bathroom and if I have time repainting the boot room ceiling.
Washing is to do and beds to strip so  I will not be idle that's for sure.

I now have nearly 2 weeks without cricket as my next game is the T20 at Chester le Street before the Lady Lainey roadshow set off on holibobs to Scarbados.

I might finally get to tick some jobs off my list in the next 2 weeks........................then again.

well lets see how the weather pans out this morning I may reverse my decision.

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